AMD’s FreeSync Coming To HDTVs And UHDTVs

Richard Huddy, the Chief Gaming Scientist at AMD, has announced that consumers could soon expect to see HDTVs and UHDTVs that are equipped with AMD’s FreeSync technology. Previously AMD had made it possible for new monitors to utilize FreeSync over an HDMI input which recently started rolling out, something which NVIDIA’s G-Sync has yet to be able to do.

AMD’s FreeSync will soon enable gamers to continue their stutter free monitor experience onto their TVs. FreeSync, if you aren’t aware, is a form of Adaptive Sync – technology that synchronizes the FPS output and display refresh rate for smooth gameplay – and is one that doesn’t need any additional hardware to be added to whereas NVIDIA’s G-Sync requires proprietary hardware to be bundled with the monitor, which ultimately means an increase in the price of a gaming monitor.

Huddy also said that AMD FreeSync TVs could come out this year. We should note that Huddy did not make the comments in an official capacity and later retracted them, adding that they were purely his personal speculations. Nonetheless, as a person within a high position at AMD, such claims are credible and it is indeed entirely plausible that FreeSync TVs could be right around the corner.

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