4 Best 140mm Case Fans For Great Airflow


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While the 120mm case fans are by far the most popular case fan size, 140mm fans can also be pretty good for upping the airflow inside your case or cooling a 280mm AIO system. Lower demand does mean that finding the best 140mm case fan is a much easier task than deciding on the best 120mm fan (spoiler alert, it’s probably the Noctua NF-A12x25) since there are far less 140mm fan models to choose from.

That doesn’t mean the task is easy. There are dozens of different 140mm fans out there, many coming from respectable brands but also many being made by no-name brands that sell for some pretty attractive prices. After scouring the internet for the best 140mm case fans we’ve decided to create four distinct categories that include the best overall and budget regular and RGB 140mm case fans.

We could’ve listed more categories but, as you’ll see, there was no need. The best 140mm case fan is also the quietest 140mm case fan you can find while the best budget fan is pretty much the best bang for the buck 140mm fan you can find. These two are great both as case and radiator fans and, if your air cooler supports 140mm fans, they also work great with air CPU coolers. You also have the best RGB fans but here, we’ve looked at both the general aesthetics and performance. Okay, let’s begin.

Best 140mm Case Fans – Our Picks

Best 140mm Case Fans – Our Picks
Best Overall 140mm Case FanScythe Kaze Flex 140 Scythe Kaze Flex 140Mm
Best 140mm RGB Case FanCorsair ML140 Pro Corsair Ml140 Pro
Best Budget 140mm Case FanArctic P14 Arctic P14
Best Budget 140mm RGB Case FanDeepCool RF-140 Deepcool Rf 140

Best Overall 140mm Case Fan

Scythe Kaze Flex 140
Dimensions140 × 140 × 25 mm
Fan Airflow67.2 CFM
Max Fan Speed1200 RPM
Advertised Acoustical Noise19.4 dB(A)

While the 120mm version has pretty disappointing performance its bigger cousin, the Scythe Kaze Flex 140, is the best 140mm case fan on the market. It doesn’t have the hands-down best performance but it’s pretty close to the best one while being noticeably quieter. If you need the best 140mm case fan for silent performance the Kaze Flex 140mm is by far the best choice.

The fan’s also pretty good when paired with an AIO radiator, where its performance gets even closer to the best result while keeping the noise even lower. No matter if you need a powerful airflow fan or a high static pressure fan the Kaze Flex 140mm excels at both.

When it comes to the design the fan features Fluid Dynamic Bearing, which comes with great performance and a very low noise ceiling. You also get antivibration rubber pads for decreased vibrations coming from the fan and the Kaze Flex 140mm also supports PWN control. Best of all, its price is pretty competitive and just a few bucks higher than our budget pick.

When it comes to alternatives, the more expensive fans from in-house brands such as Noctua, be quiet!, or Corsair simply don’t offer the same level of performance while costing noticeably more than the Kaze Flex 140mm. That said, the performance difference isn’t that big so if you cannot find the Kaze Flex 140mm or just want a big brand case fan, feel free to get something like the Noctua NF-A14.

Best 140mm RGB Case Fan

Corsair ML140 Pro
Dimensions140 × 140 × 25 mm
Fan Airflow97 CFM
Max Fan Speed2000 RPM
Advertised Acoustical Noise37 dB(A)

When it comes to the RGB 140mm fans, Corsair just dominates in this market segment. Their ML140 Pro fans offer the best combination of performance and aesthetics. You can expect performance below the best 140mm fans but ahead of the majority of other models. Great performance is coupled with pretty solid RGB effects (each fan features 4 RGB LEDs) and long-lasting magnetic levitation bearing.

The main downside is the high price. You can get a full set (4 fans) of excellent 140mm fans for the price of two ML140 Pro that come with an RGB controller. But, compared to other top tier RGB choices, the ML140 Pro fans aren’t that much expensive.

If you want to go full-on RGB and get one of the flashiest fans around, take a look at the Corsair LL140 RGB fans. These have sixteen RGB LEDs mounted on each fan, along with the RGB ring around the fan and two separate light loops. You’ll get lower performance and noisier hydraulic bearing but the quality of the lightshow is far better than on the ML140 Pro.

Finally, for those who want the absolute best RGB case fan experience, there’s the Corsair QL140 RGB and the Thermaltake Riing Quad 140mm. The former comes with 34 RGB LEDs and four lighting zones on each fan alongside the RGB ring while the latter features 54 RGB LEDs on each fan coupled with four separate LED rings.

Best Budget 140mm Case Fan

Arctic P14
Dimensions140 × 140 × 27 mm
Fan Airflow72.8 CFM
Max Fan Speed1700 RPM
Advertised Acoustical Noise24.5 dB(A)

The Arctic P14 is the absolute champion when it comes to performance. It’s suited both for airflow and static pressure operations making it the best choice both as a case and radiator fan. Aside from its superb performance, the P14 is also pretty quiet, being just behind the excellent Kaze Flex 140mm. Design-wise you’re looking at a pretty basic-looking fan that features fluid dynamic bearing that generally brings lower friction, quiet operation, and pretty solid performance.

When it comes to its price, the P14 is just a bit cheaper than the Kaze Flex 140mm. If you have a beefy graphics card and CPU and need the lowest temperatures no matter the noise or just want a capable case fan that’s satisfyingly quiet get the P14. If you want the absolute silence combined with almost best in class performance, get the Kaze Flex 140mm.

As for alternatives, Arctic itself sells the BioniX P140 that has a pretty similar performance while rocking a more exciting design and a lower price. And if you want something even cheaper you can get the P14 version without PWM control or the F14 Silent.

Best Budget 140mm RGB Case Fan

DeepCool RF-140
Dimensions140 × 140 × 26 mm
Fan Airflow64.1 CFM
Max Fan Speed1200 RPM
Advertised Acoustical Noise24 dB(A)

If you’re looking for a budget case fan with solid performance and multiple RGB LEDs per fan but the rainbow effect isn’t important to you, the RF-140 from DeepCool is the best choice. These come in a pack of two alongside the fan controller and are great for the money. The price is the same as for the best non-LED fans and while performance is below them, you get pretty solid and pretty bright RGB effects.

Each cooler has six RGB LEDs mounted on it, is fairly quiet thanks to the anti-vibration rubber design and hydro (fluid) bearing. For those who want something subtler, there’s the Thermaltake Ring 14, which features LED rings in different colors that aren’t as bright or aggressive as LEDs mounted on the fan. Then there’s the Thermaltake Pure 14, which is noticeably more expensive than the RF-140, but the price difference nets you nine RGB LEDs on each fan, three fans instead of two, and the rainbow RGB effect.

We may earn a commission for purchases using our links. Learn more.

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