12 Best 75% Keyboards

Best 75 Percent Keyboard

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The mechanical keyboard market is very diverse. Aside from the ultra-portable 60% models along with a variation in the design that are 65% keyboards, you can also get so-called 75% keyboards. These are as rare as 65% percent models and the market is pretty niche.

There’s a fair share of awesome custom 75% keyboards, but we won’t deal with these today. This list includes the best 75% keyboards that you can find at large online retailers. Models featured here are available to everyone, you don’t need an invite, a group order, or in-depth knowledge about mechanical keyboards to find and buy 75% keyboards featured in our best 75% keyboards list. But before we share the first entry, let’s explain the 75% form factor.

Best 75% Keyboards – Our Picks

Best 75% Keyboards – Our Picks
Best Wireless 75% KeyboardKeychron K2 Keychron K2 Rgb
EPOMAKER Magicforce Smart 82-Key Epomaker Magicforce Smart 82 Key
Best Budget 75% KeyboardDREVO Gramr 84 Drevo Gramr 84
E-Element Z-88 E Element Z 88
Ajazz AK33 Geek Ajazz Ak33 Geek
75% Keyboard With Best DesignVortexgear Race 3 Vortexgear Race 3
EPOMAKER AKKO 3084 9009 Retro 84 Epomaker Akko 3084 9009 Retro 84
Keycool Race 84 Mini Keycool Race 84 Mini
Best 75% Keyboard With Topre-Like SwitchesEpomaker NIZ Plum 84 Pro Epomaker Niz Plum 84 Pro
Best 75% Keyboard For MacMatias FK303 Mini Tactile Pro Matias Fk303 Mini Tactile Pro
Matias FK303QBT Laptop Pro Matias Fk303Qbt Laptop Pro
The Most Affordable 75% Mechanical KeyboardVelocifire TKL78 Wired MK Velocifire Tkl78 Wired Mk

What Are 75% Keyboards?

In short, 75% keyboards are 60% keyboards with the added function row. While some models include almost every key found above arrow keys, most models include the following keys: Page Up, Page Down, Home, End, and Delete. These keys are tightly packed along with the arrow keys, to retain the portable design. This is quite different from TKL keyboards, which are much larger even though they have only a couple of extra keys compared to 75% keyboards. Now, let’s check those keyboards.

Best Wireless 75% Keyboard

Keychron K2 RGB
Dimensions (L×W×H)317 × 129 × 38.5 mm
12.48 × 5.08 × 1.52 inches
Switch typeGateron Blue, Brown or Red
ConnectivityWireless, Wired
Height AdjustableYes

The K2 from Keychron is an excellent wireless 75% keyboard, one of the best on the market. It features amazing build quality with metal frame and zero flex. The keycaps are a bit wobbly on the other hand, along with some weird feeling when typing thanks to the hollow frame of the keyboard. The design is excellent, with thin borders and pleasing color combinations. The keyboard should be great both for Windows and Mac users since it comes with two sets of keycaps for Mac OS-specific keys. Do note that the PBT keycaps version of the keyboard is selling separately. The regular version comes with lower quality keycaps. These feel nice but aren’t as robust as the PBT keycaps.

The wireless performance is excellent 99 percent of the time. Using Bluetooth connection will induce occasional moments of lag, but in the amount that shouldn’t be worrying. The RGB version of the keyboard has pretty dim lighting. This also stands for the single-color backlighting version. When it comes to battery life you can expect about seven days of usage before recharging. Finally, the keyboard is available in various Gateron switches, which feel pretty good but not as good as their Cherry MX counterparts.

EPOMAKER Magicforce Smart 82-Key
Dimensions (L×W×H)313 × 127 × 40 mm
12.32 × 5.00 × 1.57 inches
Switch typeGateron Blue or Red
ConnectivityWireless, Wired
Height AdjustableYes

Next, we have the EPOMAKER Magicforce, which is another wireless 75% keyboard that comes with Gateron switches. This one features a minimalistic design, sort of a low-profile design, with white and grey or pink keycaps, which is even better than the design of the Keychron K2. Build quality is excellent, with a metal frame and excellent keycaps stabilization. The typing experience on this keyboard is as good as it gets and the backlighting is brighter than on the K2. As for the wireless performance, expect excellent stability with very rare and very short moments of lag. Overall, this is another superb wireless 75% keyboard that sells for less than the K2 from Keychron.

Best Budget 75% Keyboard

DREVO Gramr 84
Dimensions (L×W×H)320 × 134 × 37 mm
12.60 × 5.28 × 1.46 inches
Switch typeOutemu Black, Blue, Brown or Red
Height AdjustableYes

If you’re looking for a budget 75% keyboard, we’ve picked three models that sell at very competitive prices. The first one is the DREVO Gramr 84. It features the classic minimalistic design and is available in black or white color scheme. You can also pick between single color and RGB backlighting. The keycaps are made of ABS plastic but are double shot and should last for a long time. The build quality is pretty solid for the price. The base plate is made of plastic but it feels firm. The keyboard features Outemu switches and you can pick between black, blue, brown, and red switches. Overall, this is an excellent deal.

E-Element Z-88
Dimensions (L×W×H)310 × 102 × 37 mm
12.20 × 4.84 × 1.46 inches
Switch typeOutemu Blue, Brown or Red
Height AdjustableYes

Next, we have the E-Element Z-88. This is another 75% keyboard with Outemu switches and lots of color choices. It features RGB backlighting and ABS double-shot keycaps. The build quality here is pretty good. The base plate combines plastic and metal and is as firm as on much more expensive keyboards. Overall, this is another great deal but we prefer the DREVO Gramr 84 because we like its design more and because it’s cheaper.

Ajazz AK33 Geek
Dimensions (L×W×H)310 × 120 × 37 mm
12.20 × 4.72 × 1.45 inches
Switch typeOutemu Black or Blue
Height AdjustableYes

Finally, there’s the Ajazz AK33 Geek. As with the other two models, this one also features Outemu switches, but only in black and blue flavors. You can also pick between single-color and RGB backlighting, with ABS keycaps and metal and plastic frame that is pretty tough. The design is very similar to the previous two models and the price is in between the two previous picks. This is another great deal so, in the end, the decision on which of the three to get is up to you.

75% Keyboard With Best Design

Vortexgear Race 3
Dimensions (L×W×H)310 × 120 × 30 mm
12.21 × 4.73 × 1.18 inches
Switch typeCherry MX
Height AdjustableNo

For users looking for slick design and unique looks, we present three 75% mechanical keyboards that feature original designs. The first is the Vortexgear Race 3. We like its multi-colored design that combines variously colored keycaps into an attractive layout. The keyboard’s build quality is top-notch. Everything stays firm and without flex even if you put all your strength into trying to break the keyboard.

PBT keycaps feel great and the typing experience is very pleasant. Performance is great since we’re talking about Cherry MX blue switches here. The only negative is that they can be pretty loud, especially at night. Also, the keyboard doesn’t offer any backlighting, which is a definite minus for such an expensive keyboard. Luckily, you can get the RGB backlighting version on mechanicalkeyboards.com. Just be warned, the RGB backlighting is pretty bad since keycaps aren’t see-through. There you can also pick between various Cherry MX switches, you aren’t limited to Blue ones.

EPOMAKER AKKO 3084 9009 Retro 84
Dimensions (L×W×H)315 × 126 × 28 mm
12.40 × 4.96 × 1.10 inches
Switch typeCherry MX Blue, Brown or Red
Height AdjustableNo

The EPOMAKER AKKO 3084 9009 Retro 84 is another cool-looking 75% mechanical keyboard. It follows the minimalistic design found in many other picks on this list. The build quality is great and the PBT keycaps are made via dye sublimation, they feel great, and they are a joy to type on. The typing experience is pretty good and this model offers Cherry MX blue, brown, and red switches, offering something for everyone. Again, there’s no backlighting on this keyboard but at least this model is cheaper than the Race 3. Overall, this is a slick-looking 75% keyboard that has a solid choice of Cherry MX switches. Also, you can get this in various form factors if you don’t like the 75% size.

Keycool Race 84 Mini
Dimensions (L×W×H)314 × 125 × 30 mm
12.36 × 4.92 × 1.20 inches
Switch typeCherry MX Blue
Height AdjustableYes

The third model is the Keycool Race 84 Mini. This one features side-printed keycaps that look very cool. This allows the keyboard to sport minimalistic design that combines grey and black keycaps with red Esc key and it all looks rather nice. Build quality is great, as expected. With this keyboard, you’re getting high-quality PBT keycaps that are very comfortable to type on. When it comes to negatives, there’s no backlighting (expected due to the side printed keycaps). Also, the keyboard is available only with Cherry MX Blue switches. They feel great but are very loud.

Best 75% Keyboard With Topre-Like Switches

Epomaker NIZ Plum 84 Pro
Dimensions (L×W×H)310 × 133 × 25 mm
12.20 × 5.24 × 0.98 inches
Switch type35-gram electro capacitive
ConnectivityWireless, Wired
Height AdjustableYes

We had the two Epomaker keyboards as our best Topre alternative picks in our list of best Topre keyboards and today, we have the Epomaker NIZ Plum 84 Pro. This is the 75% keyboard with Topre-like capacitive switches. These switches feel great when typing on them and are almost indistinguishable from original Topre switches. The design is pretty attractive. You have slim borders, blue and white keycaps made out of PBT plastic, and superb build quality.

The keyboard doesn’t offer any form of backlighting. Further, the switches’ actuation force is 35g, making them extremely easy to press. This should lead to less finger strain making this keyboard an excellent choice for typists who are hunched over their keyboard each day for hours on end.

Overall, this is an excellent 75% keyboard with electro-capacitive switches and it’s way cheaper than models with original Topre switches. Another nice thing about this keyboard is that, like many other models on this list, it uses regular Cherry MX keycaps stems. This means you can equip with any aftermarket keycaps that feature Cherry MX stems.

Best 75% Keyboard For Mac

Matias FK303 Mini Tactile Pro
Dimensions (L×W×H)337 × 165 × 35 mm
13.26 × 6.5 × 1.38 inches
Switch typeMatias Click Switches
ConnectivityWireless, Wired
Height AdjustableYes

Those looking for a 75% keyboard for their Mac computer should check out the Keychron K2. It’s a pretty good keyboard with wireless connectivity. But we think that the Matias FK303 Mini Tactile Pro is a better choice. This one uses switches made by Mathias, based on the legendary ALPS mechanical switches that are no longer in production.

The switches in this keyboard are based on the ALPS clicky switches, used on the legendary Apple Extended Keyboard. Overall, the typing feel is very similar to ALPS switches. It’s enjoyable and thanks to the actuation force of about 60g, these switches should be great choice for long typing sessions. They are both tactile and clicky, like the Cherry MX Blue switches.

The keyboard features a sturdy frame that won’t easily flex. The design reminisces the classic typewriter design, with an angled frame and that thick border on the top. The border isn’t just a fashion detail, it hosts two USB 2.0 ports, which can be handy to have for some users. The typing experience on this keyboard is pretty good. The keycaps aren’t made of PBT plastic but they feel nice under the fingers.

Matias FK303QBT Laptop Pro
Dimensions (L×W×H)337 × 165 × 35 mm
13.26 × 6.5 × 1.38 inches
Switch typeMatias Quiet Click Switches
ConnectivityWireless, Wired
Height AdjustableYes

It’s worth mentioning that the keyboard doesn’t come with replacement keycaps for Windows-specific controls so this one’s for Mac users only. The Matias FK303QBT is a wireless 75% keyboard that’s very similar to the FK303. The wireless version features black keycaps, silent switches also based on ALPS switches, and backlighting. The wireless performance is pretty good, but expect very rare (and very short) moments of lag. Next, the wireless version comes with a chunky battery rated at 1,600 hours of typing with the backlighting turned off.

The Most Affordable 75% Mechanical Keyboard

Velocifire TKL78 Wired MK
Dimensions (L×W×H)297 × 132 × 38 mm
11.7 × 5.2 × 1.5 inches
Switch typeOutemu Brown
Height AdjustableNo

Last but not least we have the cheapest 75% mechanical keyboard you can find. It’s about 25-30 percent cheaper than the cheapest pick in our budget category and for the money, you get a lot. First of all, this keyboard features brown mechanical switches (Outemu or Kailh) that are pretty comfortable to use, and that are great both for gaming and typing. Next, the build quality isn’t great but for the price, it’s sturdy enough.

You also shouldn’t expect PBT keycaps on this keyboard. The ones used are okay. They are pleasant when typed on but don’t expect them to last nearly as long as PBT keycaps. On the flip side, you can replace them with aftermarket keycaps since the keycaps used feature regular Cherry MX stems. The keyboard comes with blue backlighting, which is a huge plus at this price point. Sadly, its cable isn’t detachable, which is a feature we’ve found on virtually every other keyboard on this list.

Despite its lower portability than other budget models, the Velocifire TKL78 Wired MK is a nice budget 75% mechanical keyboard. The typing experience is solid and the keyboard is dirt cheap so we can wholeheartedly recommend this one for users who are just entering the world of mechanical keyboards. If they end up liking it well, there are plenty of cool 75% mechanical keyboards to pick in this list as an upgrade.

We may earn a commission for purchases using our links. Learn more.

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