8 Best CPU Coolers for i7-9700K (Air and AIO)

The Core i7-9700K is the penultimate offering in Intel’s current gaming CPU lineup.

The 8 core/8 thread processor is a powerful gaming beast. It’s great for any type of gaming and is usable for productivity-related tasks. If you need a machine that will be used only for gaming and light tasks feel free to get this one. Regardless of which category you fall under though you’re gonna want a good cooling setup to compliment it!

Best CPU Coolers for i7-9700K – Our Picks

Best CPU Coolers for i7-9700K – Our Picks
Best Overall Air Cooler for i7-9700KNoctua NH-D15 Noctua Nh D15
Best Budget Air Cooler for i7-9700KThermalright Le Grand Macho Thermalright Le Grand Macho
Best Silent Air Cooler for i7-9700Kbe quiet! Dark Rock PRO 4 Be Quiet Dark Rock Pro 4
Best Low-Profile Air Cooler for i7-9700KScythe Big Shuriken 3 Scythe Big Shuriken 3
Best Budget AIO RGB Cooler for i7-9700KEVGA CLC 280 Evga Clc 280
Best Budget AIO Cooler for i7-9700KFractal Design Celsius S24 Fractal Design Celsius S24
Best AIO Cooler for i7-9700KNZXT Kraken X62 Nzxt Kraken X62 1
Best Silent AIO Cooler for i7-9700KCorsair Hydro Series H150i Pro RGB Corsair Hydro Series H150I Pro Rgb

Best Overall Air Cooler for i7-9700K

Getting an air cooler for your i7-9700K over an AIO system doesn’t mean settling for less. Top air coolers are pretty capable. With a top of the line air cooler, you can OC the CPU and run it without issues, all that while paying way less than for an AIO solution.

Air coolers are also much easier to set up. They also cannot leak and ruin your machine. Finally, if you’re moving your rig all the time, the only real choice is to get an air cooler.

Noctua NH-D15
Dimensions160 × 150 × 161 mm
Number of Fans2
Advertised Acoustical Noise24.6 dB(A)
Max Fan Speed1500 RPM

The Noctua NH-D15 is the best air cooler for Core i7-9700K, period. This mythic beast is still the best air cooler around. And remember, Noctua released this one way back in 2014. This cooler is great both for running stock clocks and for OC. There’s also a black version if Noctua’s brown and beige color palette doesn’t suit your gaming rig. If you want an even sleeker look you can opt for some heatsink covers specially made for them.

It can come very close to AIO systems while keeping the noise lower than any AIO cooler out there. Under load, it can reach about 35 decibels. It’s a complete package with its price being high but completely worth the performance. The thing is though the NH-D15 is pretty massive. This can cause problems with RAM sticks that feature tall heatsinks.

It also covers a large chunk of the motherboard preventing you from easily accessing motherboard. If you want an alternative, get the NH-D15s version of the cooler. It features one fan instead of two found in the regular version. It’s also displaced enough to prevent any issues with RAM heatsinks.

Noctua NH-D15s
Dimensions160 × 150 × 135 mm
Number of Fans1
Advertised Acoustical Noise24.6 dB(A)
Max Fan Speed1500 RPM

Performance-wise the NH-D15s is almost as good as the original. Temperatures will be a couple of degrees higher while the noise will be lower. The 15s is also a bit cheaper. It’s up to you which one to pick since they both are fantastic coolers. The NH-D15S doesn’t have a black version so you have to resort to getting the NH-D15 and removing the side fan if this is a priority for you.

Best Budget Air Cooler for i7-9700K

Thermalright Le Grand Macho
Dimensions150× 146.5 × 159 mm
Number of Fans1
Advertised Acoustical Noise20 dB(A)
Max Fan Speed1300 RPM

Thermalright Le Grand Macho is a sound alternative to the Noctua DH-15 it’s a bit cheaper while providing almost the same performance. This one is a bit quieter, which is a definite plus. Under load, it can reach up to 33 decibels. A great result when we introduce performance into the equation.

Further, Le Grand Macho has a bit smaller footprint compared to the NH-D15. Overall, this is another superb air cooler that will be capable of keeping thermals under control even if you plan on overclocking.

Best Silent Air Cooler for i7-9700K

be quiet! Dark Rock PRO 4
Dimensions145.7 × 136 × 162.8 mm
Number of Fans2
Advertised Acoustical Noise24.3 db(A)
Max Fan Speed1500 RPM

be quiet! Dark Rock PRO 4 is the best silent air cooler for the i7-9700K. It’s quieter than all three coolers mentioned above. Under load, it barely goes over 30 decibels, which is amazing. Thermal performance isn’t at the same level as our previous picks. It is good enough to provide solid thermals for both stock clocks and moderate OC.

Best Low-Profile Air Cooler for i7-9700K

Scythe Big Shuriken 3
Dimensions122 × 122 × 69 mm
Number of Fans1
Advertised Acoustical Noise2,7 - 30,4 dB(A)
Max Fan Speed1800 RPM

If you’re building a mini-ITX rig, get the Scythe Big Shuriken 3. This low-profile cooler provides outstanding performance in its category. It won’t get near the performance of top air coolers but for a low profile one, it rocks. You will be able to overclock your Core i7-9700K, just make sure your case has good airflow.

While not being the thermals champion, the Scythe Big Shuriken 3 is exceptionally quiet. Again, not the best compared to regularly sized air coolers, but great for a mini-ITX build. With noise levels never going north of 35 dB(A), this is one quiet low-profile cooler.

The cooler has some clearance issues with RAM sticks featuring high profile heatsinks. If you’re planning on getting this one, make sure your RAM sticks don’t feature tall heatsinks. Or, that those heatsinks are removable. You can also try rotating the cooler 180-degrees. Again, the Scythe Big Shuriken 3 is a prime choice for Core i7-9700K-based mini-ITX builds.

Best Budget AIO RGB Cooler for i7-9700K

AIO liquid cooling kits have a few advantages over air coolers. While both AIO and air coolers provide solid job of cooling CPU while idle and under stock clocks, the best AIO coolers achieve better results under load and when the CPU is overclocked.

On the other hand, contrary to the popular belief, AIO coolers can be louder than an average air cooler. If they’re running with fans and the pump at high speeds, the noise can be very perceptible, distracting even. Also, liquid AIO coolers are noticeably more expensive than air coolers.

You also need lots of room for them. 240mm and 360mm models demand space not all PC cases offer. So, make sure you have enough room for one before pulling the trigger. If you plan to overclock your Core i7-9700K from day one and don’t plan to move your rig around all the time, getting an AIO CPU cooler is completely justified.

Dimensions280mm (312 × 139 × 27 mm)
Number of Fans2
Advertised Fan Noise Level39.5 dB(A)
Max Fan Speed2200 RPM

The EVGA CLC 280 is an excellent liquid cooler that won’t break the bank. It provides excellent results even under low fan speeds, in line with much more expensive models. The noise can be loud, but only when fans are running at top speed. At 1050 RPM, which is enough for most users, the noise will reach around 37 decibels.

The cooler offers great performance to price ratio. It’s pretty cheap compared to the competition while trading blows with top choices, such as the NZXT Kraken X62. If aesthetics are important to you, this model comes with full RGB support. Overall, this is an excellent choice that performs amazing, isn’t too loud, supports RGB, and sports a competitive price.

Best Budget AIO Cooler for i7-9700K

Fractal Design Celsius S24
Dimensions240mm (284 × 122 × 31 mm)
Number of Fans2
Advertised Fan Noise Level32.2 dB(A)
Max Fan Speed2000 RPM

The Fractal Design Celsius S24 is another budget choice on the market. It achieves excellent thermal results, in line with more expensive models. Noise levels are also pretty impressive. At 50 percent fan speed (which provides excellent cooling) noise reaches 37 decibels. The same as the EVGA CLC 280.

The Celsius S24 is the right choice for those who’re not looking for fancy RGB coolers. This one looks kinda boring but still provides excellent performance for the price. If you’re on a budget and want RGB, get the EVGA CLC 280.

Best AIO Cooler for i7-9700K

NZXT Kraken X62
Dimensions280mm (315 × 143 × 30 mm)
Number of Fans2
Advertised Fan Noise Level38 dB(A)
Max Fan Speed1800 RPM

The NZXT Kraken X63 is arguably the best liquid cooler for your CPU right now. It isn’t too large with its 280mm radiator so it can fit in most regularly sized PC cases. Next, the Kraken X63 achieves superb thermal results no matter if you’re running your CPU at stock or OC clocks.

Next, the performance is pretty solid at low RPM while keeping the noise low. At 1050 RPM you can expect about 35 decibels while at 1500 the noise can go north of 45 decibels. Not perfect but even 1050 RPM can provide more than satisfying thermal results, even when overclocking.

NZXT Kraken X72
Dimensions360mm (394 × 120 × 27 mm)
Advertised Pump Noise Level20 dB(A)
Number of Fans3
Advertised Fan Noise Level36 dB(A)
Max Fan Speed2000 RPM

The alternative, if you have the room, is the Kraken X72. This one features a larger radiator and better temperatures. And all that with noise levels lower than 40 decibels. But, it’s noticeably more expensive than the X62 which also provides excellent results. Finally, both coolers come with full RGB support for lightshow goodness. 

Best Silent AIO Cooler for i7-9700K

Corsair Hydro Series H150i Pro RGB
Dimensions360mm (396 x 120 x 27 mm)
Number of Fans3
Advertised Fan Noise Level25 db(A)
Max Fan Speed1600 RPM

The Corsair Hydro Series H150i Pro isn’t the best AIO cooler around. It’s huge and very expensive. It doesn’t offer the best thermal results. But if you have the money and want to build a silent PC, go for it.

Since it’s so large, it performs excellent at both stock and OC clocks even with low fan (800 RPM) speed. That means noise lower than 35 decibels, which is an impressive result. This isn’t a price to performance champion but we have to recommend it since it is very silent while achieving lower temperatures than smaller and equally sized coolers. And yes, this one is full-on RGB.

About the i7-9700K

The i7-9700K is powerful but it can get pretty hot. Do mind that the highest temperatures are achieved by running stress tests that will push the CPU to its maximum. Real-world results are much better. If you’re planning on using the CPU exclusively for gaming it will run at pretty low temperatures even when playing the most demanding games available.

But that doesn’t mean any CPU cooler can tame this beast. The i7-9700K demands a quality cooling solution. If you’re ready to shell out lots of money for this CPU like a capable motherboard that supports LGA 1151 and a powerful graphics card then it’s worth investing a bit more in getting an adequate cooler. There are lots of capable coolers, both air and liquid, out there that can keep the Core i7-9700K thermals under check and avoid troubles. But only the best of the lot ended on this list.

Here you will find the best air and AIO coolers on the market. Each one of these is more than capable of cooling even the Core i9-9900K. You can run the CPU at stock clocks or you can overclock it, it doesn’t matter. These coolers will do their job great even if running at clocks around 5 GHz. Just remember that, in case you want to go into extreme overclock attempts (over 5.1 GHz) a custom liquid loop is highly recommended.

To delid or not to delid?

Before we delve into cooling solutions, let’s talk about deliding a bit. This procedure includes removing the CPU heat sink and then removing the IHS (integrated heat spreader). You would then coat the CPU with a thermal material that would better cool the PC.

Deliding the Core i7-9700K isn’t worth it in most cases. First of all, Intel made deliding the latest Core CPU generation much harder than before. The process is now very complex and can take hours of work. If you aren’t extremely careful there’s a high chance to ruin your CPU. Further, Intel returned to using soldered metal instead of thermal paste on its 9th gen Core CPUs. This means better thermals.

So, if you’re thinking about deliding the CPU, don’t. It’s complex, it can go south in many ways, and it won’t bring any major improvements. The only scenario where deliding is advisable is if you want to enter extreme OC waters. If you have an insufferable desire to reach 5.5 GHz with this CPU feel free to delid it.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does the i7-9700K come with a cooler?

No. Its cousin, the i7-9700 comes with one, but it’s really lackluster and shouldn’t be used. As the i7-9700K is meant for overclocking Intel left it up to you to decide how crazy you want to go with it.

Do I need a CPU cooler for the i7-9700K?

Absolutely. It doesn’t come with one, but even if it did you should replace with something more serious as the stock coolers you get with Intel CPUs aren’t anything to brag about.

How hot does the i7-9700K get?

As the CPU is meant for overclocking it can get pretty hot if your system isn’t optimized for airflow and you’re stressing it. Still the i7-9700K runs cooler than the i9-9900K for example as it doesn’t draw as much power. In the end it’s always safer to have more cooling than too little and have to deal with throttling.

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Goran Damnjanovic
Goran Damnjanovic
Goran is Levvvel's senior hardware writer. He studied psychology but found that video games and PC hardware were much more interesting. Over the years he's developed expertise in everything gaming tech related.
Goran Damnjanovic
Goran Damnjanovic
Goran is Levvvel's senior hardware writer. He studied psychology but found that video games and PC hardware were much more interesting. Over the years he's developed expertise in everything gaming tech related.

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