Best PS4 Controller Shells – Find The Perfect One For You

So after years of looking at the same PS4 controller you’re probably looking to spruce things about a bit. Or maybe you raged so hard and threw the damn the thing and now need a replacement shell. 

Well over the years Sony has released plenty of colors and some minimalist designed controllers like this subtle blue camouflage one. But the thing is though you’re buying a new controller altogether and that can get expensive real quick if you want plenty of options.

What you really want are PS4 controller shells. Get bored with one? Just swap it with another. No need to shell out on an entirely new controller. 😛

To help you out with that we’ve compiled the nicest looking PS4 controller shells currently out there.

All the PS4 controller shells that we’ve linked to are incredibly easy to put on your controller. They come with everything you need to quickly change to your new shell. Each one has a screwdriver and 8 screws you will require for replacing the default shell.

The Classy Minimalist Shell

Look at that rich mahogany wood grain, the artisan finish. So classy and subtle. Hell you can make your PS4 controller a work of art with it. This really is the best shell if you want to class it up a bit.

Don’t worry about splinters. It and like the rest of the shells we mention are made of ABS plastic.

Dexter's Personal PS4 Controller Shell

Ok, if Dexter wasn’t so busy chilling on his boat and with his other “hobbies” he would totally be rocking this blood splatter shell.

If you’re a fan of the show then you’ll feel right at home with this one. Even if you aren’t and you play any FPS then you will anyway.

The "I Wish My Car Had This Paint Job" Shell

Yeah, it’s ridiculous. Yeah, it’s like something out of Pimp My Ride. But this chameleon controller shell is what you’ve secretly always wanted.

A little bling bling on the coffee table never hurt anyone. On the plus side you will never lose your PS4 controller… then again it is chameleon so…

Transparent "Look At My Circuits" Shell

Transparency great isn’t it? Now you’re PS4 can be to. If you grew up with a transparent Gameboy when you were growing up then this will feel like time machine back to the good old days.

BTW for this transparent shell there are a bunch of different tints available so go crazy with it.

The Obligatory Carbon Fiber Shell

So this one is pretty self explanatory. Like racing games? Then get a carbon fiber shell. Just don’t expect to go any faster in-game with it.

Not real carbon fiber of course, but it’s fun to pretend.

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Dan Alder
Dan Alder
Dan's logged far too many hours in CS 1.6 and reminisces about LAN parties back in the good ol' days. He's also an engineer that's interested in anything to do with tech.

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