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Best Open Air Case
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5 Best Open Air Cases For Maximum Airflow

If you want to show off your PC getting an open-air PC case seems like the best idea. Further, open-air cases have the best possible airflow thus the best possible thermals. There’s the small issue of dust accruing all over the components but if you don’t mind that, or have found a way to solve it that doesn’t include daily dust wipes, getting an open-air PC case will give you the best…
Best Unique Pc Cases
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These Are The Best Unique PC Cases To Stand Out

Today, we’re covering the best unique PC cases you can buy right now. These aren’t just distinctive in terms of visual design; we’ve also included a number of cases that come with unique features. Be that the ability to relocate the motherboard tray, or put a humongous 360mm radiator inside an ITX case. When it comes to prices, we don’t have many budget cases but if you’re looking for a…
How To Reduce Cpu Temperature On Laptop
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How To Reduce CPU Temperature On Your Laptop

Unlike desktop PCs, cooling setups on laptops are restricted by inherent design restraints due to the limited space. This leads to higher average temperatures when compared to (most) desktops. And on many models, CPU thermals can reach or even surpass 90 degrees Celsius. Inadequate thermal setups could lead to thermal throttling. This happens when the system reduces CPU and/or GPU clocks…
Pc Parts In A Computer And Their Function
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These Are All The PC Parts In A Computer And Their Function

Today, we’re talking about the main PC parts and their function. We’re going to list major components found in every PC, and explain what it does. We also have a ton of comparisons between PC parts and the human body. After all, our bodies are biological machines. They’re made of many parts that need to work together in order for the whole machine to function, just like computers.…
Best Nas Case
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8 Best NAS Cases For Sleek At Home Storage

So, you’ve decided to build a DIY NAS. And when building a NAS, aside from the motherboard and storage drives, the case is the most important piece of hardware. It has to be spacious enough to house the board and other hardware, it has to have enough storage bays for your current needs and (possibly) for future storage upgrades, and it needs to fit into your budget. Well, below you’ll find…
Best Thermal Pastes
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This Is The Best Thermal Paste For Efficient Cooling

Thermal paste, thermal grease, thermal compound, or whatever you want to call it, is not a hugely popular part of the DIY PC market. After all, most CPU coolers either come with a pre-applied thermal paste or with a small amount of thermal grease to apply over the CPU. But if you’re rocking an older PC or a laptop that started showing thermal issues, a new layer of thermal paste could put…
Best Pink Pc Case
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These Are The 5 Best Pink PC Cases You Can Get

If you want to build a full-on pink setup, getting a pink case is the first step of the journey. There aren’t that many pink cases but still, picking the right one can be a pain since there’s lots of similar designs out there. Today, we’re showing you the best pink cases you can get, in five different categories. Most of the cases feature two-digit price points, making them perfect for…
Best Budget Pc Cases
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These Are The Best Budget PC Cases For Economical Builds

There’s a ton of different PC enclosures out there and, even though the best models can cost more than a capable gaming CPU, there’s a great selection of budget PC cases. These won’t cost you an arm and a leg while offering pretty solid specs for the price. Today, we will check out the best budget PC cases in 10 different categories.  Below you can find budget cases with the best…
Best Nas Motherboard
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The 5 Best NAS Motherboards For Plex & Home Theatre Builds

Building a DIY NAS is a simple and inexpensive way to store all your data without the need for a ton of external storage drives. You can even run a NAS and Plex server combo and offload your entire media library to a remote location where you can access it from every device you own. If you have an old board and a CPU that is suitable for this purpose, that’s great! But what if you need a…
Difference Between Memory And Core Clock Speed
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This Is The Difference Between Memory and Core Clock Speed

According to Google’s English dictionary (provided by Oxford Languages, the publisher of the Oxford English Dictionary) clock speed is the operating speed of a computer or its microprocessor, expressed in cycles per second (megahertz). Most modern CPUs, GPUs, or RAM chips have their clock speed expressed in gigahertz instead of megahertz. And this is quite easy to understand, at least when…