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Best Gpu For 1440P 144Hz
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These Are The Best Graphics Cards For 1440p 144Hz Gaming

So, you’ve got a new high refresh rate 1440p monitor? Then realized your current graphics card is capable of reaching the glorious 144Hz performance in exactly zero games? Now you need a GPU that will be able to render your favorite titles in 1440p resolution and above 100Hz, right? Well, don’t fret because we prepared the ultimate list of GPUs capable of providing a 1440p 144Hz…
Best White Graphics Card
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These Are The Best White Graphics Cards You Can Get

White graphics cards were always tough to find and were considered exotic items that carried a price premium. That is if you even could find a white version of the card you were interested in. These days, the situation is much better, at least if you’re after an Nvidia graphics card. And if you disregard the whole chipocalypse that makes most of the RTX 3000 and RX 6000 models next to…
Best Laptops Under 700
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These Are The Best Laptops Under $700 In 2021

Today, we’re listing the best laptops under $700; devices selling for less than $700 come with beefy specs (sans a beefy GPU), excellent build quality, and okay screens. An average $700 convertible features the latest Core i5 or Ryzen CPU (mostly low power versions), 8GB of memory or more, along with 256GB of fast SSD storage or larger. In other words, good enough hardware for almost any…
Does A Motherboard Matter For Gaming
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Does The Motherboard Matter For Gaming?

The graphics card is by far the most essential part of the equation when it comes to gaming. Then there’s the CPU, which shouldn’t bottleneck the GPU too much and allow for stutter-free performance. Finally, add a significant amount (16GB or more) of relatively fast memory, and you’re set. But what about the motherboard? With it being more or less the peripheral nervous…
Best Gaming Laptops Under 1000
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These Are The Best Gaming Laptops Under $1000 In 2021

At a casual glance, $1000 can get you an entry-level gaming laptop powered by the GTX 1650 or 1650Ti. But the reality is that, if you dig deeper, Amazon hides some excellent sub $1000 gaming notebooks. Depending on your priorities, you could either end up with a powerful gaming machine rocking an RTX 3060 that lacks other departments or a great all-rounder rocking an RTX 3050/3050Ti. But…
Best Custom Pc Builder Websites
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The 12 Best Custom PC Builder Websites in 2021

We love building PCs. There’s something magical in scouring the web for the best components and then patiently waiting for parts to arrive so you can start the best part of building a PC, actually making it. But some of us don’t have enough free time to bother with creating the best possible combo for the budget. Further, being a gamer doesn’t automatically mean being a hardware nerd. And…
Best External Gpu Egpu Enclosure
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6 Best External GPU (eGPU) Enclosures For 2021

While the new RTX 3000 mobile lineup looks rather interesting (especially if you like confusing naming schemes), mobile GPUs are still a far cry from the performance of their desktop counterparts. This is where GPU enclosures and external graphics cards come into play. Yes, they’re bulky and expensive, but get an external GPU if you want the absolute best gaming experience on a laptop.…