CES 2016: Here’s Which High Refresh Rate Monitors Were Revealed

Among the numerous technological achievements displayed at CES 2016 are many high refresh monitors that were announced by companies AOC, Dell, Lenovo, and Viewsonic:

MonitorSizeResolutionRefresh RatePanelAdaptive Sync
AOC C3583FQ35"2560 × 1080160HzVAFreeSync
Dell UP3017Q30"3840 x 2160120HzOLED-
Lenovo Y27g27"1920 x 1080144HzVAG-Sync
Viewsonic XG240124"1920 x 1080144HzTNFreeSync
Viewsonic XG270127"1920 x 1080144HzTNFreeSync
Viewsonic XG2703-GS27"2560 x 1440165HzIPSG-Sync

Earlier we reported that AOC had announced prior to the opening of CES that they would be debuting the AOC C3583FQ. The most distinct features of this monitor is its sleek curved display and its stand which acts an input hub. We noted that the monitor, with its 35 inch size and 2560 × 1080 resolution, offers a rather dull pixel density of 79 pixels per inch. Some redeeming features however are its 160Hz refresh rate, VA panel, and FreeSync technology. No word on possible pricing.


The Dell UP3017Q is the company’s second high refresh rate monitor to enter the market. It follows the Dell S2716DG. We consider the UP3017Q a show stealer as it’s the first 4k 120Hz monitor! A 4k resolution at 30 inches gives the monitor an astounding 147 pixels per inch. This easily makes it the most pixel dense high refresh rate monitor out there. Thanks to its OLED panel the monitor has an incredible 0.1ms response time which puts it ahead of TN panels that are traditionally favored for their speed. It doesn’t come cheap though as all this goodness will set you back $4,999.

Dell UP3017Q
Dell UP3017Q

The Lenovo Y27g is the company’s first high refresh rate monitor. It is a 27-inch curved monitor with an R1800 curvature and a 1080p resolution. It’s capable of a 144Hz refresh rate and includes NVIDIA’s G-SYNC technology. Amongst other specs it has an 8ms response time, VA panel, 300cd/m² brightness, and 3000:1 advertised contrast ratio. The company also revealed the Y27g RE which is a Razor edition of the monitor with an added Chroma lighting feature that allows you to customize what color to display behind the monitor. Both versions are expected to be released in June 2016 with the Y27g costing $549 and the Y27g RE costing $599.

Lenovo Y27g
Lenovo Y27g

Viewsonic is finally stepping into the arena of high refresh rate monitors with its XG series of gaming monitors and has announced three gaming monitors to spark the series. The Viewsonic XG2401 and XG2701 both sport a 1080p resolution, 144Hz refresh rate, TN panel, and feature AMD’s FreeSync technology. The only difference between the two is size. Both will be released this month with the 24 inch model costing $404 and the 27 inch model costing $529.

The dedicated gaming enthusiasts out there may want to wait until March 2016 when the Viewsonic XG2703-GS will be released. The XG2703-GS is a 27-inch monitor that will offer the same resolution as the previous two monitors, but with a higher refresh rate of 165Hz, a better IPS panel, and will instead include NVIDIA’s G-Sync technology. These extra luxuries don’t come cheap however as the XG2703-GS is expected to have a hefty price tag of $1,217. This puts it well ahead of similarly specced monitors such as the Acer Predator XB271HU and ASUS ROG PG279Q.

Viewsonic XG2703-GS
Viewsonic XG2703-GS
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