How to use Free Fire stylish names


If you play a lot of Free Fire, you’ve probably run into players whose names have crazy symbols and colors in them. You don’t need to look at your keyboard to know you won’t find ◢  or oͣ anywhere on there, and if you’re on a phone, there are even fewer options for you to choose from. So, how are these players putting all those weird signs in their names?

Lucky for you, we’ve put together this complete guide on how to use stylish names in Free Fire. Follow the steps below, and soon, your username will have others wondering, “How’d they do that?” Oh and be sure to check out Free Fire reward codes for a boost.

Generating a stylish username for Free Fire FF

Most crazy-looking usernames are generated using what’s called a “fancy text generator.” There are plenty of these available online, but the most popular tool is Nickfinder.

Using Nickfinder is a straightforward process. Just type in your username and click the “Generate Another” button. Nickfinder will automatically grab a bunch of wacky symbols together that spell out your name. Pick one from the list, then press the “Copy” button to copy the name to your clipboard.

If you need a little inspiration finding a username, Nickfinder can quickly generate some names for you based on gender or language. You can even take your current username and swap the letters out for symbols without having to mess around with a bunch of options.

Once you’ve chosen a name, you can always tweak it further by picking from the character list in Nickfinder. Just remember to click the Copy button when you’re finished.

Other popular browser-based tools that work similarly to Nickfinder are LingoJam and Fancy Text Guru.

If you’re on your phone and would rather use a dedicated fancy text app, there are several available. Two of the most popular options are the Stylish Text app on Android and Stylish Text – Fonts, Keyboard for iPhone.

Stylish Text on Android is a dedicated app for generating fancy text. Just type in the word you want to jazz up, and the app will spit out some options for you. It doesn’t have very many customization options, so you might not be able to get exactly the look you’re going for, but for most users, it will work just fine.

Stylish Text on the iPhone is a keyboard app that replaces your phone’s current keyboard. It’s a bit harder to use than Stylish Text on Android, but you can type straight into the game instead of having to copy and paste the text into Free Fire.

Editing your current username in Free Fire FF

Now that you’ve got your name all fancified, it’s time to jump into Free Fire and make the changes in your account. You’ll need a Name Change Card or 800 Diamonds to change your name in Free Fire. Follow the steps below to insert the fancy text username you created earlier into Free Fire:

  • Open Free Fire
  • Tap on your Free Fire profile in the top-left of your screen
  • Tap on your Free Fire username (it should be right beside your character)
  • Tap on the icon beside your username
  • Input your stylish username into the username text box. If you used Nickfinder, all you have to do is paste the name here. If your phone has a Stylish Text keyboard, you can type the name in manually.

Note that Free Fire usernames must be unique and no longer than 12 characters long. Once you’re ready to make the change permanent, complete the process by tapping the confirmation button to spend 800 Diamonds or a Name Change Card.

Garena really doesn’t want its players changing names freely, which is why they’ve made it so ridiculously pricey. Make sure you’ve typed in your username exactly how you want it — 800 is a lot of Diamonds, after all!

How to get name change cards in Free Fire FF

Name Change Cards can be purchased from the in-game shop for some Diamonds and Guild Tokens. However, if you’d rather not spend any real-world money, you can often get them for free once every Season.

Check your in-game Battle Pass to see whether you can get a free Name Change Card. In most cases, you’ll have to gather several thousand points to earn the free Name Change Card, so prepare for a bit of grinding.

You can speed up the process by playing lots of Regional Matchmaking and completing as many missions as possible.

Unfortunately, there’s really no guarantee that a Name Change Card is obtainable with a Free Pass. In many cases, Name Change Cards can only be one by those with Elite Passes, which will cost you nearly 500 Diamonds.