Heroes of the Storm tier list 2023

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Game developers would definitely want to make us think that all heroes in the game equally as good. This may be the idea they wanted to portray but we all know that, in Heroes of the Storm, some heroes are definitely better than others. We categorized them in five tiers: S Tier being the strongest, and D Tier being the weakest tier.

Note that this Heroes of the Storm tier list is our personal opinion based on our experience with the game. If you have some things you would change, let us know in the comments! Check them out below!

S Tier


Make your enemies’ life a living nightmare with Living Bombs. He will make your enemies disperse and apply pressure to them using Gravity Lapse and Flamestrike. However, if you decide to choose Kael’thas for your next fight, you should know that your positioning game needs to be strong!

His strongest suits would be burst AoE damage and wave clearing. Being able to disperse and stun enemies, Kael’thas can definitely make the difference in many fights. However, you should know that he’s quite slow and somewhat ineffective against bulky tanks. Many gamers might disagree with this choice but we dare them to a fight!


Even though his powerful abilities take a while to channel, team fights are where Deathwing shines. A large health pool and armor make him difficult to take down. He was long-awaited by the Heroes of the Storm community. He’s also quite a unique hero with interesting strategies you can use to outwit your enemies.

His biggest strengths are his huge number of hitpoints and strong armor plates. He is permanently Unstoppable (immune to enemy CC) but he also can’t be affected by allied powers or items. On the other hand, he can be poked easily and cooldown for his abilities takes a while.


A strong hero who is all about team fights. His powers can turn around the course of the match. There is no better team fight initiator with his two stuns, life siphoning, and his ability to control the team fight using Overpower (flipping over an enemy hero).

If you’re planning on playing Diablo soon, the key is to know when to attack and when to retreat. He possesses a Trait that reduces his death timer so dying is not the end of the world. On the other hand, he can hardly escape if flanked and he’s quite immobile. His powers make him the best ally with Garrosh!


Choosing Anduin for our highest tier might cause some controversy but we just love him. The major reason for this choice is that Anduin is an awesome all-around hero. He can heal himself, follow up with CC, and target a single enemy using Flash Heal. If your friends start getting too far or if they get flanked, you can use Leap of Faith to transport them to your location immediately. Despite being a good all-around hero, he is still slow to get around and his Trait has quite a long cooldown.


It appears that all heroes in our S Tier are quite slow! Garrosh is slow but dangerous. His passive ability makes sure he gains armor as he loses health. He has a stun and slow via his Groundbreaker ability and Wrecking Ball makes enemies go wherever you send them. All of this makes Garrosh excellent for players who are looking for a challenge. Combining his abilities into a deadly combo is a challenging task. Garrosh can be easily harassed by ranged heroes and you will have to pay attention to your positioning. Each game with Garrosh is something new and challenging but the best players will find that he’s quite rewarding! Make sure you try combining Garrosh with Stitches for an awesome duet!


Tyrande is a superb Support hero. Your friends will definitely be thrilled when they see you pick Tyrande. Besides healing, she can use a powerful stun and boost your team’s damage significantly for a single target. She’s very fun to play with and each time will feel like the first. Basic attacking is important as it will reduce the cooldown on her healing powers. Note that she’s also quite slow and you’ll probably be out of mana all the time during the early stages. Recent updates have nerfed her a bit but we still consider her to be S Tier-worthy! Tyrande’s stun combined with Kerrigan can lead to some amazing combos!


By definition, Maiev is a chaser. Her role is to slow down, chase down, and punish fleeing opponents. It’s a powerful role to play and Maiev might be the perfect choice for players looking for such gameplay. She’s a melee Assassin but she can be a threat even from a distance. She’s a relatively new hero and she offers a fun experience for everyone. She’s a counter to both Genji and Tracer but she struggles against agile ranged heroes such as Lunara. When it comes to allies, try Deckard or Kel’thuzad!

A Tier


Destroy your enemies or saving your ream, Blaze can definitely pull it off. He’s self-sustainable with powerful abilities like Oil Spills and Combustion. Not the best damage dealer but he’s a lot of fun to play with! He’s an all-around hero offering sustain, area denial, and utility. On the other hand, ranged heroes are his weakness and his Trait as a long cooldown.


Ana is a real challenge for skilled players as good aiming is needed for both healing your allies and attacking your enemies. She’s a support hero and she needs to be positioned well if you want to stay in the fight. She’s vulnerable to crowd control and she depends on you hitting on each of her abilities. Her best ally would probably be Murky.


Your opponents will hate you if you pick Chen! He’s a powerful bruiser who can survive for a long time because of his mobility and sustainability. However, he doesn’t possess a strong burst of damage and you will have to disrupt enemies instead of going on a frenzy.


This is an awesome fight initiator as he can quickly pull in and out of the fight while boosting his allies and healing himself. You can already see why he’s one of the top choices by players worldwide. However, bad positioning will often get you killed if you aren’t able to escape. Try playing with Ana and Jaina!


Fenix is a ranged Assassin with high damage, an escape ability, and a shield. If you are looking for AoE damage, you have the Phase Bomb ability. His Heroic is the mighty Purification Salvo. He somewhat lacks in burst damage and he can’t heal himself.


Johanna is also an all-around warrior with great survival and crowd control capabilities. As most of the heroes in our top tiers, her pros come at the expense of mobility. Still, her stuns, pulls, and slows are enough to make her a tough opponent in any fight! She plays best with Abathus and Illidan.


Being a ranged Assassin, Hanzo is a damage-dealing hero with a low health pool and exceptional mobility. His Scatter Arrow ability is very difficult to perfect but it can deal so much damage when you finally master it.


HoS heroes don’t get more unique than Abathur. However, he’s quite challenging to master. You’ll have to possess high map awareness to use his Symbiote ability perfectly. Also, you’ll have to rely on your teammates if you want to get the best out of Abathur. His best teammates would be Johanna and Illidan.


If you’re going to play Gul’dan, be prepared to sacrifice your own health to deal damage and regenerate mana. He’s strong in wave clearing and AoE damage. Finally, he’s quite immobile, even for a mage.


Imperius is a powerful, damage-dealing, self-sustainable Warrior. You will have the ability to stun multiple enemies at once, even from a distance. Angelic Armaments, his Heroic, will definitely increase his damage and cause plenty of chaos for the enemy team. On the other hand, his wave clearing and mobility are some of his weak sides.


As a ranged Assassin, Raynor is great for first-time players as he has a fairly low skill floor. However, utilizing him perfectly will take time and experience. He has quite a health pool and he can also heal using Adrenaline Rush. He’s a damage dealer with low mobility and low wave clearing skills. Raynor combined with Tyreal and Morales can help you win the game faster than you’d expect! He can get along with anyone but the team should have a tank and a healer.


Despite not being good at crowd control, this Warrior can deal high damage to a single target. Leoric can also use Wraith Walk to chase down or escape enemies. With his Trait named Wraith Walk, you can harass your enemies even after you die in the battle! With Greymane and Kharazim, any target does down in no time!


Malfurion is a popular choice in various team compositions. He can easily adapt to any setting since he’s quite an all-around hero. Malfurion is a healer who can silence the enemies and provide your team with ridiculous healing capabilities. However, he’s quite immobile and you’ll need to have a good aim to be great with him. Make sure you play him with Stitches and Medivh.


Muradin is an old-timer but he’s still one of the most popular Warrior choices in Heroes of the Storm. He has it all: mobility, stun, and health regen. With Muradin, you can easily charge into a group of enemies, cause mayhem, and escape using Dwarf Toss. He’s still vulnerable to crowd control so don’t rush too fast if Dwarf Toss is on cooldown!


If you’re looking for fire support, Tychus and his minigun are at your disposal! Focusing on a single target and killing it successfully is what Tychus is all about. Despite being a ranged hero, he has a large health pool but his weak sides are low mobility, low wave clear, and short attack range for a ranged hero.


We are finishing the A Tier lineup with a highly mobile short-range assassin by the name of Genji. He’s not a burst damage dealer but rather a constant threat that can pull in and pull out of a fight whenever he wants to. Still, he’s quite vulnerable to stuns and slows and you’ll notice that missing with your abilities will see you killed in an instant. Try playing with Zarya and Nova for maximum domination! His best allies are Diablo and Varian.

B Tier

Deckard Cain
Li Li
Sgt. Hammer

C Tier

Lt. Morales

D Tier

The Lost Vikings
The Butcher

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