Hit It Rich! free coins — daily links for January 2023

Have you ever looked for a way to get free coins in Hit it Rich, only to come up dry? Not anymore!


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With a large number of slot games and an addictive style, Hit it Rich! is a fantastic gambling game that will give you a complete experience if you want to see what the real Las vegas strip is like. It has over 150 slot games that range in themes from Game of Thrones all the way to Farmville.

Players compete for coins that they can use to play the games and win big. But what do you do when you run out of coins and need more? That’s right, you come to us. We have a wide range of Hit It Rich! free coins, mostly in the form of daily links, but also developer-intended methods of acquiring coins you can use.

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Hit It Rich! free coins daily links January 2023

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Hit It Rich! free coins November 2

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Hit It Rich! free coins November 1

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How to get Hit It Rich! free coins

Since Hit it Rich! is an incredibly popular game, the developers have made it clear that it is very important for their players to be able to get extra coins at all times, so they’ve added some interesting methods of getting free coins. These methods are quite simple and easy to execute, as you will see.

Follow Hit It Rich! on Facebook

Like many other games in this genre, you are free to follow the game on Facebook so you can keep track of all of the promotions, giveaways, and updates to the game. Simply checking in from time to time will let you snag some extra coins every now and then.

2-hour bonus coins

One of the simplest ways of getting free coins is to simply play the game and check in on the main menu every 2 hours. All you have to do is click on the button that the prompt gives you, and that’s it. Literally no effort needed.

Connect your Facebook account with the Hit It Rich app!

Connecting your Facebook account with the Hit It Rich! app will reward you with 10,000,000 coins upfront.

The joy of gift-giving

If you’re one of those people that like to connect with their friends while they play games like this, you can send each other free gifts every day. You just have to stay consistent and you’ll start seeing progress.