How to get free diamonds in Free Fire


Free Fire has quickly grown into one of the most popular mobile games in the world. Its popularity has to do with all of the exciting content updates its developers at Garena have released. Players now have access to a vast selection of characters, weapon skins, costumes, pets, and emotes, allowing for nearly endless customization. While some of this content can be unlocked by completing missions and regular play, the very best items can only be obtained by spending Diamonds, Free Fire’s premium in-game currency.

Now, you might have to spend quite a bit to get enough Diamonds to buy the in-game item you’re eyeing. If you’re thinking of saving a few bucks in Diamond top-ups, here’s how to get free Diamonds in Free Fire.

Report bugs in the Advance Server build

Garena tests out their newest updates in the Advance Server before releasing them to the global servers. If you play on the Advance Server, you can help playtest early builds of the latest versions of Free Fire. Your feedback helps the developers identify and fix any major bugs before an update drops.

Garena offers huge Diamond rewards to players who find and report bugs in the Advance Server build. We’re talking prizes in the thousands here, so if you’ve got plenty of free time, it’s worth spending some time with the Advance Server build.

You have to sign up to request access to the Advance Server. Signing up doesn’t guarantee you’ll be granted access, though — Garena decides who can and can’t play their Advance Server build. The Advance Server build is currently only playable on Android (sorry iPhone users).

Redeem codes on the Free Fire website

The easiest way to get free Diamonds in Free Fire is by redeeming a giveaway code. Most of them are time-limited, so the codes you check our reward code list daily.

To stay on top of any newly released codes, you should follow the Garena and Free Fire Twitter accounts, as well as join any official forums. Sometimes, Garena partners will release codes on their social media accounts as part of a collaboration event.

To redeem a code, head over to the official Free Fire reward website. There, you’ll be asked to log into your Free Fire account. Once you’re logged in, you’ll be shown a text box where you can input any codes you want to redeem. The site will tell you if you’ve successfully redeemed a code. Any rewards will be instantly gifted to your Free Fire account.

Join content creator giveaways

Free Fire has a thriving community of content creators on YouTube and Twitch, and many of them regularly organize giveaways for their fans. If you consume a lot of Free Fire content, keep your eyes and ears open for opportunities to grab some free goodies, including free Diamonds. This means watching YouTube videos, Twitch streams, and following the social media accounts of your favorite creators. More prominent content creators might also have an official website, subReddit, or Discord channel where they interact directly with their fans, so try to join those, too.

The exact steps for participating and redeeming these prizes will depend on the content creator, so be sure to pay close attention to any rules about how to enter and claim your winnings.

Buy a VIP subscription

You may have noticed that the methods above all involve a bit of luck. Purchasing a VIP membership is the most cost-effective and surefire way to get Diamonds in Free Fire. Yes, this method will cost you some money, but you’re not technically paying directly for Diamonds, so we’ve included it on this list.

Weekly VIP plan

A weekly membership gives you 100 Diamonds at the start and an additional 60 Diamonds every day for seven days. That’s a total of 520 Diamonds, which is more than twice the number you’d receive if you spent the same amount of cash on Diamond top-ups. You’ll also get a Silver VIP Card icon on your account that lasts the whole week.

Monthly VIP plan

With a monthly membership, you instantly get 100 Diamonds and a 30-day gold-coated AK. You also get 60 Diamonds a day for 30 days. In total, that’s 1900 Diamonds for $8 — more than twice what you’d get with $8 in top-ups. Monthly VIPs also get a Gold VIP Card icon on their account for the month.

If you subscribe to both plans, you’ll receive a total of 120 Diamonds every day and a special S-VIP Card icon on your account.