How to play Tower Battles — become a pro and win

With our detailed Tower Battles guide, you're strategy is sure to win you many rounds of this epic adventure.

Tower Battles is an extremely popular game on Roblox. The purpose of the game is similar to any classic tower defense game: defend against zombies attempting to raid your base, however, the game uses this retro concept and revitalizes it to captivate the gamers of today. Perfect for game lovers of all genres and skill levels.

The game can be a little confusing to figure out on your own, especially in the beginning when there are better players out there, but don’t lose faith! Our in-depth Tower Battles guide will help you strategize to the best of your abilities and ensure that you’re one of the strongest players around!

Tower Battles game mechanics

At the heart of Tower Battles are… well… ‘towers’! Towers are objects that a player can organise on their ‘battlefield’, or ‘map’, in order to defeat the Zombies. You purchase each tower with ‘credits’ to unlock from the shop, and ‘cash’ to place on the battlefield and then to upgrade them. Most towers have 5 levels, that is to say they can be upgraded five times to increase their stats or improve their capabilities. These ‘towers’ can be anything from soldiers to aviators, cliffs to mortars.

These towers are essential because you’ll need them to fend off the ‘Zombies’. These are the main opponents in the game. They begin the game at the entrance and slowly begin walking towards your base, traversing the route of the path. If they manage to survive the journey, or if they have enough health to survive your attacks, they can begin to damage your base. Just because they’re called “zombies” doesn’t mean that they’re all simply the undead. Enemies in the ‘zombie’ class include monsters, mummies, necromancers, normal humans, demons, golems, spirits and four different bosses.

The route the zombies are to traverse is known as the ‘Map’. Many argue that map choice is one of the key distinguishing factors in success, with different strategies fitting each map. Maps are pre-built environments with different lengths, locations for towers and routes. There are a lot of maps in the game, which range in length from ‘Dead End Valley’ with 90 ‘studs’ (or locations where towers can be placed) to ‘Borderlands’ with 269. Each map also has its own theme and design, so you’ll cycle through a few of them as you play through the game.

There are also a variety of different game modes in the game, including multi-player versus, survival and custom. Survival mode is one of the two main game modes, where the goal is for a group of players to work together to reach the highest wave possible. There are four sub-game modes in the game: Quad-Op (four players), Tri-Op (three players), Co-Op (two players) and Solo (one player). This means you could also play this round solo, with the same opportunity to earn Credits, making it a top choice for those looking to grind for currency. The larger team-based modes start you off with less cash and less space to place towers.

On the other hand, Versus is a Player-versus-Player mode where two teams of players, red and blue, compete to survive the longest against the coming waves of zombies. Best of all, in this mode you can pay cash to send extra waves of zombies at your opponents, which makes for some real mayhem. Finally, you have the opportunity to enjoy a number of seasonal Events, with exclusive towers, zombies, maps and game modes.

Making smart purchasing decisions in Tower Battles

In terms of currency mechanics, the two most important are ‘Cash’ and ‘Credits’. Lets take a deeper look at both of them:


In terms of in-game currency, Credits are the most significant. Credits are the reward currency in the game, and are used to unlock towers, the 5th tower slot, and a variety of other in-game cosmetics and features. Winning a Versus game will award 100 Credits while losing a Versus game will lose each player 5 Credits. Beating Wave 40 in a Survival game, each player will receive 150 Credits. After losing a survival game, you stand to lose significantly more.


On the other hand, Cash is an in-game currency that everyone starts off with at the beginning of the match. The amount of Cash you begin with will depend on which game mode you’re playing. There are five ways to get excess cash. First, excess cash is given to all players at the beginning of each wave. Farms also give more cash at the beginning of every wave, as do Tweeters and Huntsman. You can also sell pre-existing Towers to get some of your cashback. Finally, you can get some amount of money from dealing damage to zombies.

Tower Battles codes & freebies

Tower Battles codes are special words or phrases a player can type into the code box in the lobby in order to receive bonus rewards. These codes are revealed on Planet3arth’s Twitter page, but to make things easier for you we keep our Tower Battles codes article up to date with new codes when and where they become available! These codes help a whole lot when one is just beginning and are a key secret in doing well at the game, so redeem some ASAP.

Codes sometimes reward towers or cash, for the most part, they’ll offer Credits. As discussed above, there are a whole lot of ways to receive further Credits. The most prominent way to earn credits is by winning games: 100 for winning a Versus game between Wave 8 and 40, 25 for winning a Versus game between Wave 1 and 7, Beating Wave 40 in Survival or Versus or Beating a ‘Special Event’ for which every player will receive 100 Credits the first time and 150 every time after.

Although the chances aren’t too high that something could go wrong, earning Credits this way can be risky. If you lose any game, you could lose between 5 and 100 Credits. For this reason, some players opt to purchase Credits with Robux, ROBLOX’s inter-game currency which can only be acquired by spending real-world money. Credits can be purchased at a rate of 100 Credits for 15 Robux, 500 Credits for 75 Robux, 1000 Credits for 150 Robux, and 5000 Credits for 750 Robux.

This may seem like a fair trade-off, but it isn’t. At this rate, it would cost you almost 6000 Robux, which is roughly equal to about $75 USD, to unlock every Tower in the game. No one should have to spend their hard-earned cash to get ahead in Tower Battles. Instead, you should make good use of promo codes to unlock extra Credits and employ a proper strategy in Survival mode so that you can get to Wave 40 every single time.

That’s all, folks! Using this strategic guide, and making good use of Tower Battles codes, will put you on track to becoming the best player out there. If you liked this guide, check out similar guides that we’ve come up with for other Roblox games: Mad City guide, Texting Simulator guide, God Simulator 2 guide. With all this information, you’ll be topping the leaderboards in every game you try!