The Devil is a Part-Timer! Season 2: Release Date, News, and Rumors

The Devil is a Part-Timer!, also known as Hataraku Maou-sama! in Japanese, is originally an ongoing light novel written by Satoshi Wagahara. It has been adapted into an anime and an ongoing manga. It even has a completed spin-off manga called Hataraku Maou-Sama! High School! You can also see the main characters in the Dengeki Bunko games, including a recent mobile game. The books are published by ASCII Media Works and the anime is licensed by Funimation.

The first season was released all the way back in April 4, 2013. As a longtime fan, it certainly makes you feel older. Fans today are still waiting for the next season of this amazing anime. It is the anime that starts off with a dark and serious tone, but delivers quality comedy that drew in the viewers.

What was the first season all about?

The Devil Is A Part Timer 1

If you are reading this article you probably already have watched the first season, but here is a quick synopsis of the anime without spoiling too much.

The story revolved around Sadao Maou, who is Satan the demon king of a world called Ente Isla. He was the demon lord Satan and all he thought about was conquering that world. During one of his battles with the hero Emilia he fled through a gate that made him end up in modern day Tokyo, Japan. He and his loyal general Alciell, who ended up with him, now have to survive in this world they know nothing about all while trying to find a way back with their loss of magic.

In order to survive, he ends up working part-time at a fast food restaurant called MgRonald. We see the hero Emilia chase after him into this world and many other characters that come from Ente Isla appear. Their hilarious interactions and dilemmas start to change and develop the characters in this fantasy comedy.

Will the studio make another season?

The Devil Is A Part Timer 2

The anime adaption is made by the studio White Fox. They are busy with many other series such as the upcoming Re:Zero − Starting Life in Another World 2nd Season. They gave that anime second season because it’s sadly more popular and fresher in the eyes of the viewers. They need to be able to know for sure they will profit from it, because anime is a business. It is hard for a studio to give a new season for such an older anime; the first season was almost 7 years ago.

Although, we can also look at another series they have done called Steins gate. The two seasons have exactly 7 years difference. Sure, Steins gate is known to be an instant cult classic, one of the most highly rated anime out there. With the heavy hitters that White Fox has, we can see why it would be weary of giving a less popular show as The Devil is a Part-Timer a revival. However, maybe it won’t be White Fox that gives it another season.

The Devil is a Part-Timer season 1 was still very popular, currently holding a score of 7.91/10 on My Anime List and being ranked at #696. Now the show is being streamed on the biggest streaming service around, Netflix. It was removed for some time, but came back a year ago. Netflix is known to put a lot of money into their anime content. There has been no talk about it, but fans can only hope that Netflix will help make Season 2 of The Devil is a Part-Timer a reality.

Can there be a Season 2?

The Devil Is A Part Timer 4

There is more than enough material for a Season 2. The first season with the 13 episodes has only adapted the first 2 volumes of the light novels. There are a total of 24 light novels and still going, with 15 of them being translated in English.

That means there is a lot of content that can be adapted to multiple seasons of the anime. Even the ongoing manga has gotten to adapt a lot with its 15 volumes. The 15th manga volume is actually releasing its English version soon, on February 18 of this year. The anime has only left off around chapter 27 of the Manga. There are even some differences between the adaptations which makes it worth the read.

Is The Devil is a Part-Timer! Season 2 confirmed?

The Devil Is A Part Timer 6

Everyone hopes and wants a Season 2 of this comedy anime, nobody more than the author himself. Here is an old tweet from the author that still has people commenting they want another season. Sadly, it is out of the author’s hands. People who read the manga or do not read the manga both want another season. 

This is because the anime truly delivers on the comedy and interactions, from the voiced lines to the moving expressions. Either people only like to watch the anime or people want to see their favorite panels in animated form. It has been almost seven years now and still it has not been confirmed.

What will be the plot of The Devil is a Part-Timer! Season 2?

The Devil Is A Part Timer 5

The first season was 5 volumes of manga and left off at a perfect place because the next thing that happens is a big change. If they make another season it will have to be a longer one, a 26 episode season rather than 13 to cover everything that the fan’s desire and cover the whole interconnecting story. The arcs that would be covered if it is another 13 episode season are the baby arc and seaside snack bar arc. These are great arcs. This will again go with the trend of adapting 2 of the light novels.

They will start off putting the characters straight into a dilemma in the baby arc, which covers all of volume 3 of the light novel. To put it simply, a baby comes into the mix. No, it is not anyone’s biological baby, but our demon king will be appointed father along with our hero being the mother. Sounds like it will be hectic and cute at the same time right? 

Poor Maou-sama who is making just enough to live by with his job at the MgRonalds, now has another mouth to feed. Although, due to circumstances he feels he must raise this baby. There will be more battles with angels over the baby and more hilarious antics will also ensue. It will set up the main plot that carries onto the next arcs.

Who will we see in Season 2?

The Devil Is A Part Timer 3

Whenever The Devil is a Part-Timer Season 2 does roll around, as it is still up in the air, we will get introduced to new characters to love, while still following the same characters we grew to love.

We still have the usual gang, including:

  • Maou Sadao: Our main character, the demon king, is still as funny as ever and trying to make it as an employee at md ronalds
  • Yusa Emi: Our heroine and hero of the story, always getting wrapped up in the silly events that happen and still wants to get closer to, who is supposed to be her enemy, Maou Sadao
  • Ashiya Shirou: One of the demon king’s generals that is forever loyal to his king and is still as much of a housewife as ever
  • Sasaki Chiho: Our cute and clumsy human girl who crushes on Maou continues to join in on their adventures
  • Urushihara Hanzou: The fallen angel demon general who became a NEET is still getting the gang into trouble and freeloading
  • Kamazuki Suzuno: Their neighbor from the Church Investigation Commission is also staying in the human world and helps out the gang

New characters we will get introduced to in a Season 2 include:

  • Alas Ramus: A cute baby from Ente Isla will show up right away to put the gang into a dilemma. Who is she and why did she appear in the human world?
  • Laila: A mysterious angel woman that is somehow related to Alas Ramus
  • Amane Ooguro: The niece of the landlord Miki Shiba and owner of the seaside snack bar.


The Devil Is A Part Timer 7

The first episode of Season 2 I expect to die of cuteness overload and feel that nostalgic laughter. We will experience the hilarious interactions between the characters in Season 2 as the comedy continues and the fans are crying out for it. Sadly, as of right now, there is no confirmation.

If you’re hungry for more from these characters and cannot wait for the second season of The Devil is a Part-Timer, then try reading the manga or light novel if you haven’t already. You can try the spin off manga as well. If you can understand Japanese then you can follow the author’s twitter. The author never gave up hope for the anime and the fans should not either.

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Amy Rice
Amy Rice
Amy is Levvvel's anime expert with over 180 days of anime watched. She spends her time weaving creative words, playing video games, and enjoying a variety of anime.
Amy Rice
Amy Rice
Amy is Levvvel's anime expert with over 180 days of anime watched. She spends her time weaving creative words, playing video games, and enjoying a variety of anime.


  1. I read the manga as well as light novels and I considered I shouldn’t reveal any spoilers here, because I have been reading these for almost 3 years and I can’t express how much I have been waiting for the second season.

    Oh by the way I liked your detailed informative article.

  2. Yeah I want another season because this first season was enjoyable and It was amazing I really enjoyed the whole anime … Also to think that the devil will be working at a fastfood place made me wonder … So I’m looking forward for a second season

  3. This is one of the best anime I ever see and I am desperately waiting for its second season.

  4. Hey, thank you for such a well informed article.

    This was a fun anime and would be very cool if Netflix picked up. They have picked up some real trash so it is very possible that they would seriously consider this as it has actual value.

  5. I love this anime I want season 2 I hope this year becuz the re zero seas2 is airing so I hope they will create seas2

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