Who is the Richest Noob in Free Fire?


An Indian court officially banned PUBG in September of 2020. Following the ban, Indian gamers seeking a substitute flocked to Free Fire, the military battle royale by Singapore-based Garena. This mass exodus of PUBG players to Free Fire led to an explosion in Free Fire’s popularity in India. The country’s biggest content creators quickly followed suit.

Among the top creators is Lokesh Gamer, a young man whose calm demeanor and shooting skills have rocketed him to the top of Indian Free Fire YouTube. His channel has grown on the back of his fearless approach to Free Fire, which makes for infinitely clippable videos. Lokesh’s high-risk, high-reward playstyle and enormous subscriber count has led fans to dub him “the richest noob in Free Fire.”

Quick rundown: Who is Lokesh?

Before we get into the history and stats behind “the richest noob in Free Fire,” here’s some interesting facts about the person behind the Lokesh Gamer brand.

Lokesh Gamer is an Indian YouTuber dedicated to Free Fire, a mobile battle royale shooter developed and published by Garena. His real name is Lokesh Raj Singh. Besides “the richest noob in Free Fire,” Lokesh is also known as Raj and “The Diamond King.” He was born and raised in Hyderabad, Telangana, India, where he resides to this day.

Lokesh is approximately 175cm tall with a weight of around 56kg.

Not much is publicly known about Lokesh’s family. From his streams, we know that Lokesh has a younger sister whose name and age he has not revealed.

Lokesh is not married.

Lokesh is Hindu.

Lokesh currently lives with his girlfriend, Nikita, who works behind the scenes for the Lokesh Gamer channel. Nikita also has her own YouTube channel, LR7 Moon, where she uploads Free Fire content and collaboration videos with Lokesh.

In streams and YouTube videos, Lokesh has expressed that he is a fan of Bollywood King Shah Rukh Khan.

Lokesh enjoys watching and playing cricket. He does not smoke or drink.

The Lokesh gamer YouTube channel

YouTube video

Lokesh created and uploaded his first Free Fire video on his YouTube channel, Lokesh Gamer, in 2019, more than a year before the court ban and subsequent player influx. Lokesh Gamer is among the oldest Indian YouTube channels dedicated to Free Fire. He has repeatedly called himself the first Free Fire YouTuber in India.

At the time of writing, Lokesh Gamer’s main YouTube channel has more than 12.5 million subscribers. That puts him in the top 100 most subscribed channels in India and the top five channels dedicated to Free Fire.

As of July 2021, content on the Lokesh Gamer YouTube channel has been viewed more than one billion times. Social Blade estimates the young man from Hyderabad makes up to $3 million a year from his YouTube earnings alone.

Lokesh also has a second, smaller YouTube channel where he streams Free Fire daily. That channel, LR7 Gaming, has 1.14 million subscribers and generates up to $7.8 thousand annually, according to Social Blade.

The truth behind the nickname

Despite his nickname, the “rich noob”’s Free Fire statistics show that he plays at an elite skill level. Lokesh has thousands of games in the solo, duo, and squad game modes, and his win rate is significantly higher than your average player.

As of August 2021, Lokesh Gamer’s primary Free Fire account has played over 1,250 solo games with a win rate of 10.31%. For comparison, the statistically average Free Fire gamer has a win rate of 2%. In this game mode, he has a K/D ratio of 2.31– more than double what is considered a “good” K/D ratio.

Lokesh has played more than 1,500 duo matches and won 153 of them for a win rate of 9.98%. His K/D ratio in this game mode is 1.88 with an astounding headshot rate of 20.89%.

Lokesh Gamer performs best in Free Fire’s squad mode. In this game mode, he has a win rate of 21.23% with a K/D ratio of 2.36 and a headshot rate of 20.86%.

For comparison, Sultan Proslo, who is widely considered the best player in the world, has solo, duo, and squad win rates of 10.30%, 25.74%, and 34.92% respectively.  Lokesh’s lifetime stats put him in the same tier as such prominent players as TSG Jash and SK SABIR BOSS. In fact, he regularly and consistently competes for the top 1 badge in the Indian server. Not bad for a “noob”!