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How many copies did Alan Wake 2 sell? — 2024 statistics

Awakening once more in a narrative shrouded in shadow.

Release Date
27 October 2023
Survival horror
Remedy Entertainment
Epic Games

In the captivating world of Alan Wake 2, the game’s journey from anticipation to acclaim is a story worth telling. Through a detailed exploration of its performance, this article shines a light on the significant milestones that have marked its success. From an analysis of Alan Wake 2 sales that showcases the game’s remarkable popularity, to a deep dive into the various Alan Wake 2 statistics that highlight its impact within the gaming community, we aim to provide a comprehensive overview of this nocturnal adventure’s achievements.

Alan Wake 2 has sold 1.3 million copies as of February 2024, making it Remedy’s fastest selling game. 

(Source: IGN, GameRant)

  • Alan Wake 2, released in October 2023, sold over 1 million copies by end of 203.
  • CEO Tero Virtala said Alan Wake 2 has already recouped a significant part of the investments made by Epic Games Publishing after selling over one million units by the end of 2023.
  • No specific sales figures are given for Alan Wake 2 after the first 1 million units.
  • Alan Wake 2 sold over 50% more copies in its first 2 months than Control did in its first 4 months. 
  • While sales are strong, Alan Wake 2 has not turned a profit yet according to the CEO.

Alan Wake 2 has been a success for developer Remedy Entertainment. While no further sales figures were provided, CEO Tero Virtala expressed confidence in the game having strong “longtail sales” similar to Control. The financial performance of Alan Wake 2 demonstrates that high-quality story-driven games from Remedy can find an audience. Its similar budget to the upcoming Max Payne 1-2 remake shows the level of investment being made to expand Remedy’s franchises in the coming years. Overall Alan Wake 2 has been an important hit for the studio so far.

Alan Wake 2 budget is estimated to be around $75 million dollars.

(Source: 80LV)

  • Marketing costs alone accounted for over 20% of Alan Wake 2’s total budget allocation, around $20 million.
  • Remedy’s revenue dropped 22.2% in 2023.
    Alan Wake 2, released in October 2023, sold over 1.3 million copies as of early February 2024.
  • Increased investments in upcoming projects like Control 2, Max Payne 1 and 2 remakes, and Alan Wake 2 are blamed for the revenue drop. 

While Remedy experienced a 22% revenue drop in 2023 attributed to increased investments in upcoming projects, there were also some positives. Alan Wake 2 was highlighted as a critical and commercial success, selling over 1.3 million copies. Control 2 development progressed and Remedy regained full rights to the Control franchise. Looking ahead, the CEO expressed optimism for 2024 and expectations that the Max Payne remakes will be major new games. While 2023 proved challenging financially, Remedy is positioned well for future growth through its pipeline of in-development projects.

At 1.3 million sales, Alan Wake 2 had generated around $60 million in revenue.

(Source: GameRant)

  • This is still short of the estimated $75 million total costs.
  • Remedy expects Alan Wake 2 to enjoy “excellent long tail sales” and break even on costs sometime in 2024.

While Alan Wake 2 achieved the milestone of being Remedy’s fastest selling game at 1.3 million copies sold, the large estimated $75 million budget for its development and marketing meant sales revenue was still short of breaking even on costs by early 2024. This underscores the high financial bar that AAA blockbuster games must clear in order to turn a profit for their studios. Despite strong initial sales, Alan Wake 2’s sizable budget and the standard revenue share structure with digital storefronts combined to leave it with ground still to cover before it would recoup its substantial upfront investment – a situation that may only be resolved through continued long tail sales over time, as Remedy anticipates. 

Alan Wake 2 has average of 727,492 active monthly players.

(Source: ActivePlayer)

  • The average daily active players for the game over 30 day period is around 196,423.

Alan Wake 2 has maintained a sizable active player base in the months since its release. Both the monthly and daily player counts are quite substantial, showing that the game continues to attract and retain significant interest from the gaming community. While it has experienced some minor fluctuations, its popularity appears relatively stable overall. The high numbers of Twitch viewers and streamers further demonstrate the ongoing engagement Alan Wake 2 inspires among players.

Alan Wake 2 failed to attract enough active players to rank in the top 150 most active games for October 2023.

(Source: GameRant)

  • Mixed reviews and technical issues may have hurt player enjoyment and engagement. 
  • Lack of strong multiplayer component could be a factor, as most top games had heavy multiplayer focus.

While Alan Wake 2 received critical acclaim with its Game of the Year nomination, the data suggests it failed to captivate and retain enough players in its first month to break into the top 150 most active games list. Mixed reception and technical problems likely turned some players away early on. Additionally, its solely single-player focus may have put it at a disadvantage compared to competitors with robust online components. However, Remedy is working to improve the game through updates, and increased attention from its awards recognition could yet draw in new fans over time. Only continued support and patches have the potential to boost engagement levels and player counts high enough for Alan Wake 2 to ultimately live up to its award nomination.


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