How many copies did Portal sell? — 2024 statistics

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October 10, 2007

The Portal series has captivated gamers with its innovative gameplay and clever puzzle mechanics. Launched by Valve Corporation, this series has achieved remarkable success and widespread acclaim. Analyzing Portal sales reveals impressive numbers, with millions of copies sold across various platforms. The series’ enduring popularity is further highlighted by Portal statistics, showcasing strong player engagement and overwhelmingly positive reviews. From its peak concurrent players to its significant revenue, the Portal series stands as a testament to Valve’s ability to create timeless, engaging experiences that resonate with players around the world.

Portal series sold over 30 million copies on Steam alone.

(Source: Video Game Insights, Game Developer)

  • The original Portal game has sold over 4 million copies by 2011, excluding digital sales on Steam.
  • Portal 2 has sold over 4 million copies in a year.

The Portal series has demonstrated remarkable success, with over 30 million copies sold on Steam alone. This achievement highlights the series’ enduring appeal and strong market presence. The original Portal game laid a solid foundation, and Portal 2 built on that success, quickly becoming a favorite among gamers. The impressive sales figures underscore the quality and innovation of the games, securing their place as iconic titles in the gaming industry.

Portal 2 sold 675,000 copies on its release day.

(Source: Game Rant, PCGamesN)

  • Portal 2 reached 4 million sales more quickly than the original Portal game.
  • The Portal games were heavily discounted, with both available for under $1.50.
  • These Valve classics are considered by many one of the best games made.
  • Portal 2 recieved major update in 2021, 10 years after its release.
  • The latest update adds Vulkan support to improve Portal 2’s performance on modern hardware.
  • The user score for Portal 2 on Metacritic initially dropped to around 5.0, but loyal fans have since helped push it up to the mid-7s.

Portal 2’s strong start, selling 675,000 copies on its release day, showcases the high anticipation and excitement surrounding the game. It quickly surpassed the sales of the original Portal, reflecting its broad appeal and the success of its predecessor. The series’ affordability through heavy discounts made it accessible to a wider audience, further cementing its popularity. Portal 2’s enduring relevance is evident from major updates, like the addition of Vulkan support, enhancing its performance on modern hardware. Despite initial fluctuations in user scores, the game’s loyal fanbase has helped it achieve a solid rating, underscoring its lasting impact and the community’s dedication.

Portal revenue reached estimated $148 million on Steam.

(Source: Video Game Insights)

  • This indicates high player engagement, strong critical acclaim, and significant commercial success for Portal.
  • Portal sold an estimate of 25 million units on Steam alone.

The impressive revenue of $148 million on Steam underscores the Portal series’ massive success and strong player engagement. Selling an estimated 25 million units on Steam alone, Portal has demonstrated significant commercial achievement and widespread popularity. This level of financial success, coupled with critical acclaim, highlights the series’ enduring appeal and the dedication of its fanbase. Portal’s ability to maintain high player engagement over time reflects its quality and the effective strategies employed by Valve to keep the game relevant and beloved by players.

Portal 2 revenue reached around $232 million on Steam.

(Source: Video Game Insights)

  • Portal 2 sales reached around 28 million units on Steam alone.
  • Game has high player engagement and strong critical acclaim which contribute to its commercial success.

Portal 2 has achieved tremendous financial success, generating around $232 million on Steam. The game has sold approximately 28 million units on the platform, reflecting its widespread popularity and enduring appeal. High player engagement and strong critical acclaim have been key factors in its commercial triumph. Portal 2’s ability to captivate and retain a large audience underscores its status as a standout title in the gaming world, demonstrating Valve’s expertise in creating engaging and memorable gaming experiences.

Portal 2 all-time peak number of concurrent players is 14,984.

(Source: Steam Charts, Steam, Video Game Insights)

  • Portal 2 has Overwhelmingly Positive review score with 323,802 positive reviews and 98.7% positive score.
  • Game has strong player base and average play time is around 16 hours.

Portal 2 has an impressive peak of nearly 15,000 concurrent players, showcasing its enduring popularity. The game enjoys an overwhelmingly positive reception, with a review score of 98.7% based on over 323,800 positive reviews. Its strong player base is further highlighted by an average playtime of around 16 hours, indicating deep engagement and enjoyment. These factors collectively underscore Portal 2’s success and its ability to captivate players, maintaining a vibrant and active community years after its release.

Portal had an all time peak of 20,672 players in May 2010.

(Source: SteamDB)

  • Portal has an Overwhelmingly Positive review rating on Steam, with 97.17% positive reviews out of 154,313 total reviews.
  • Average play time is much less than Portal 2 and is around 6 hours.

The original Portal reached an all-time peak of over 20,000 concurrent players in May 2010, reflecting its strong initial impact. The game holds an overwhelmingly positive rating on Steam, with 97.17% of over 154,000 reviews being positive. Although the average playtime of around 6 hours is less than that of Portal 2, it demonstrates the game’s ability to provide a concise, yet highly engaging experience. The positive reception and high peak player numbers highlight Portal’s lasting influence and the significant enjoyment it has brought to its players.


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