Anime Battlegrounds X codes (July 2024) — gems, rewards and more

With our awesome Anime Battlegrounds X codes list, you'll always have some of the best in-game freebies available to you!

Anime Battlegrounds has a unique story mode whereby you try and free fighters from corruption so that they can help you in battles and skirmishes! You can choose from a variety of different fighters and collect a bunch of them on your travels. If topping the leaderboard in PVP Roblox games is your target, then this game is defo for you.

Alongside all this, there’s even an expansive map full of regions to discover and areas to conquer so make sure you check them all! Also, if you think you’ll need some extra help in doing all this then we have your back, our Anime Battlegrounds X codes guide will provide you with the codes needed to redeem a bunch of awesome freebies.

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Active Anime Battlegrounds X codes

  • ONEPEAS — Rewards
  • launch — Gems
  • plzwork — Gems
  • update1 — Gems

Expired Anime Battlegrounds X codes

Fortunately, there are no Expired Anime Battlegrounds X codes yet. Isn’t that great?

What are Anime Battlegrounds X codes?

Great question! Thanks for asking. Anime Battlegrounds X codes can be redeemed to get cash, gems, accessories or cosmetics. These can help get you out of some tight spots in the game, so bookmark this guide for more details.

How to redeem Anime Battlegrounds X codes

Thats a super easy and straightforward question. Here’s how you can redeem Anime battlegrounds X codes:

  1. Launch Anime Battlegrounds X
  2. Click the shop button on the side
  3. Go down to the shop menu
  4. Enter an active code in the space given
  5. Press redeem
  6. Enjoy your rewards!

That’s it, guys! Everything we had to tell you about Anime Battlegrounds X codes. We hope you have a great gaming experience and enjoy playing the game. Also, remember we have a great stash of freebies available over at our Roblox promo codes article, so check that out when you need some inventory fillers!