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How many copies did Frostpunk sell?— 2024 statistics

Snow way out.

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April 24, 2018
11 bit studios
11 bit studios

Frostpunk, developed by 11 Bit Studios, is a city-building survival game set in a frozen, post-apocalyptic world. The Frostpunk statistics reveal the game’s impact and popularity among players. Frostpunk sales figures highlight its financial success, showcasing its appeal to a wide audience. This game challenges players to manage the last city on Earth, balancing resources, and making tough moral decisions to ensure survival. Its immersive atmosphere, strategic depth, and emotional storytelling make Frostpunk a standout in the survival genre.

Frostpunk has sold over 5 million copies across all platforms in 6 years since its launch in 2018.

(Source: Game Developer, Steam, VG Insights)

  • The game has sold over 3 million copies in 3 years.
  • Frostpunk sold 2.9 million copies on Steam.
  • Frostpunk consistently ranks among the top city-building games on Steam.
  • The game saw a significant boost in sales during major seasonal sales events and Steam promotions.

The sales trajectory of Frostpunk highlights its growing popularity and strong market presence. Its ability to maintain high download ranks and capitalize on seasonal sales events underscores the effectiveness of its marketing strategies and the game’s inherent appeal.

Frostpunk has generated approximately $50 million in revenue.


  • Ongoing in-game purchases and expansions have significantly contributed to the game’s revenue stream.
  • Frostpunk’s availability on multiple platforms, including Steam and console, has broadened its audience and boosted its financial success.

Frostpunk’s impressive revenue generation reflects its strong market performance and successful monetization strategies. The substantial earnings from initial sales, in-game purchases, and additional content underscore the game’s financial viability and its potential for long-term profitability.

Frostpunk has achieved a peak concurrent player count of 46,500 on Steam.

(Source: Steam Charts, Steam)

  • The game maintains an average of 8,000 daily active players.
  • A significant portion of the player base is located in Europe, making up 45% of the total players.
  • Frostpunk has received a Very Positive review rating on Steam, with a majority of reviews praising its challenging gameplay and immersive storytelling​.

The player engagement in Frostpunk is impressive, with a significant number of daily active users. The game’s ability to retain players and attract new ones shows its appeal in the competitive gaming market. The high peak concurrent player count and the sustained daily engagement levels reflect the game’s strong community and the immersive experience it offers. Despite its challenging nature, the dedicated player base highlights the game’s strengths and potential for long-term success.


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