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How many copies did Northgard sell? — 2024 statistics

The riches of raiding!

Release Date
March 7, 2018
Real-time strategy
Shiro Games
Shiro Games

Northgard, developed by Shiro Games, is a real-time strategy game inspired by Norse mythology where players lead Viking clans to conquer a mysterious newly discovered continent. The Northgard sales confirm its popularity in the strategy gaming community, while the Northgard statistics reveal its solid performance and steady player base growth. Here’s a detailed look at how Northgard has fared in the market.

Northgard sold an estimated 2.8 million copies since its release on Steam.

(Source: Gamepressure, VG Insights)

  • Released on June 18, 2019, Northgard quickly became a favorite among strategy game enthusiasts.
  •  Northgard has sold over 2 million copies across all platforms by 2020.

The success in sales of Northgard not only highlights the game’s initial appeal but also reflects the smart strategies used by Shiro Games to keep players interested and invested. By regularly rolling out updates and expansions, the developers have managed to keep the game fresh and exciting. This ongoing commitment to improving the game has helped sustain player engagement over time, ensuring that both new and returning players find something enticing every time they log on. These updates often bring new content, such as additional clans to play, new maps to explore, and fresh challenges to overcome, which further deepens the gameplay experience and keeps the community active and buzzing.

Northgard reached a peak of over 20,000 concurrent players.

(Source: Steam Charts, Steam)

  • The peak player count occurred shortly after the game’s release, highlighting the strong initial interest.
  • The game has a Very Positive overall review score on Steam.
  • 87% of the over 46,000 reviews being positive.
  • Ongoing updates and the release of new content have helped sustain a healthy player base over the years.

The strong peak player count right after Northgard’s launch illustrates the game’s ability to attract a large audience quickly. This initial surge in players is a clear indication of the game’s wide appeal and Shiro Games’ effective marketing. Keeping those players engaged, the developers have continuously introduced fresh challenges and meaningful expansions that add depth to the gameplay. This strategy not only keeps the existing community engaged but also makes the game appealing to new players. By regularly updating the game with new content that maintains its relevance, Northgard continues to hold a competitive position in the bustling strategy game market, ensuring it remains a popular choice among gamers looking for a rich and strategic experience.

Northgard has generated an estimated $49 million in revenue on Steam.

(Source: VGChartz, VG Insights)

  • Beyond just selling copies, Northgard has successfully monetized through DLCs and in-game purchases, contributing to its financial success.
  • Promotions and discounts during seasonal sales have effectively increased revenue streams, helping to fund future projects and updates.

Northgard’s financial success serves as a strong indicator of its high quality and the ongoing commitment of Shiro Games to craft an engaging experience. The game’s ability to generate significant revenue reflects well on its popularity and the value that players see in it. This financial stability is crucial as it ensures that Shiro Games can continue to invest in the game, supporting it with new content, gameplay improvements, and expansions. Such sustained support not only enhances the player experience but also keeps the game competitive and relevant in the rapidly evolving gaming market. The assurance of continued development is a promise to the game’s community that Northgard will remain a dynamic and evolving world, potentially increasing its lifespan and impact in the industry. This kind of long-term planning and reinvestment into the game’s ecosystem is what helps maintain a loyal player base and attracts new players, securing its place as a staple in the strategy game genre.


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