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How many copies did DayZ sell? — 2024 statistics

Stepping into DayZ's world, uncovering its statistical journey and influence.

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December 13, 2018
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In the dynamic world of survival horror games, Day Z stands out as a captivating experience that tests the limits of player strategy and endurance. This game transports players into a post-apocalyptic scenario filled with challenges and relentless threats. Over the years, it has garnered a strong following, reflected in impressive DayZ sales figures. Separate from its commercial success, a deeper dive into DayZ’s statistics reveals intriguing trends about its player base and gameplay dynamics, providing a fuller picture of its impact on the gaming community.

DayZ has reached 4 million units sold.


  • This milestone was reached one week after the game launched its PC beta update on Steam.
  • The game reached the 3 million user mark in January 2015, so it has seen significant growth over the past 3 years.
  • The game’s daily active player count has more than doubled after the PC beta launch.

Open-world survival game DayZ has seen impressive growth, reaching 4 million units sold and more than doubling its daily active players after a recent PC beta launch. The developers are optimistic about the game’s future, anticipating a full 1.0 release later this year as they continue to improve and polish the experience.

DayZ sold over 172,500 copies on Steam’s Early Access portal on its first day.

(Source: VentureBeat)

  • This generated over $5.1 million in sales for the game.
  • he game experienced connection issues and overloaded the developer’s forums on its launch day, indicating high demand.

The launch of DayZ’s standalone version was a huge success, with the game selling over 170,000 copies on its first day and generating more than $5 million in revenue. This massive initial demand caused some technical issues, as the game’s servers were overwhelmed and the developer’s forums got flooded with inquiries. Overall, the numbers show that DayZ has tapped into a huge market of players eager to experience its zombie survival gameplay, even in this early alpha stage.

DayZ has 5.2 million active players, with an average of 1.4 million daily active players.

(Source: ActivePlayer)

  • DayZ has seen a monthly player gain of up to 20.8% and a monthly loss of up to 15.8% on average.
  • DayZ has seen average of 4,669,968 total watched hours on Twitch, with a peak of 49,169 concurrent viewers.

DayZ continues to have a sizable and engaged player base, with around 40,000 people playing concurrently and over 1.4 million active daily users. While the monthly player counts can fluctuate, sometimes significantly, the game maintains a dedicated community that actively discusses and shares their experiences. DayZ also has a strong presence on Twitch, regularly drawing tens of thousands of viewers to watch streamers play the game.


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