Best WW2 games to play in 2024

Step into battle in a myriad of ways with these fantastic games!


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Games that faithfully simulate all of the encounters of World War 2 are few and far between because we live in an age where microtransactions and monetization are more important than quality content. Nonetheless, we have a fair number of WWI and WWII games that we can play on a daily basis which goes to show that you can make a great game without any catches.

But what are the best WW2 games? Over the years we have had a high number of great games rooted in the theme of a World War, and some of them can even be considered masterpieces of their time. We have prepared this list for you so you can see what suits you and jump right into the action to achieve victory!

Considering you’re here would imply that you are a hardcore gamer who likes to play many different titles, so now you’ve narrowed down the list to war games. If you also like the convenience of playing games across multiple platforms, take a look at best cross-platform games to see what the options are or the best war games in general.

World of Tanks

One of the best WW2 games at the moment, World of Tanks lets you select your tank and go into battle on a huge map where other players are trying to blow you up. You can customize your loadout and strategically plan your moves across the battlefield and attack the tanks that are notably weaker than you, allowing you to climb the tank ranks and unlock better gear. While the game might seem like a breeze to play through, there are many more complex factors at play when it comes to choosing a tank, as different parts might have different tolerances from other tanks, which could spell your downfall. If you want to gain the upper hand once you start playing, take a look at World of Tanks codes for some free bonuses.

World of Warships

And now we’re back into the centralized genre of vehicle war games! World of Warships is the counterpart to World of Tanks and all of its action takes place on the open seas. You can’t have a list of the best WW2 games without mentioning alternative battle modes! You can choose any ship from a wide selection of WWII-era ships and use them to mow down your enemies with machine-gun fire, explosives, and anything else you can think of to achieve victory. Since the sea is essentially the largest battlefield you can play on, second only to the sky, there is a lot more that can go wrong here. Players must tactically make their shots across the water to hopefully hit their enemies, all while the latter is trying to do the same thing. It’s situations like these when you wish you had some extra juice in the tank. Just your luck though, as you can head on over to World of Warships codes to get some bonuses and improve your gameplay!

War Thunder

Unlike a game like World of Tanks where you need to select only one vehicle to ride into battle, War Thunder lets you select anything from a myriad of vehicles to attack others with, which is a trait that only the best WW2 games have. To completely grasp the scope of the high-scale war, War Thunder encompasses both land, sea, and air fronts in the combat, so you can start on land, and switch to a plane if you so desire. It lets you approach a battle from multiple angles so you can see what fits you the best. All of the vehicles you can use are faithful recreations of WWII vehicles, so the immersion is there along with the fun!


Enlisted has you play the part of a platoon commander taking charge of multiple soldiers in one squad. Each soldier can be equipped with different weapons and gear, so you can have a varied squad fit for all situations. You can select the soldier you want to control and the others will be controlled by artificial intelligence. This mode of gameplay is reminiscent of Dragon Age: Inquisition where you control one character and then switch between them whenever you want. It adds a multitasking element to the game that will make sure that you always have something to do, so the action is never wasted. Across the map, you can find WWII-era vehicles that are present in some of the best WW2 games and that are accurate to the time they’re placed in.

Call of Duty 2

This is one of the best WW2 games of all time. There, I said it. Call of Duty 2 is a very old game but it is still a hidden gem in all of these next-gen games today. It has a very solid campaign with features that were revolutionary at the time so you felt like you were actually on the battlefield as you visited the German, American, and Russian sides of WWII. The gameplay is still very fun and includes many different weapons to choose from. This is most applicable when it comes to multiplayer because having the choice of these simple weapons is excellent when you’re looking for a fun, simple experience.

Call of Duty: WWII

Going from the old master to one of the newer additions to the franchise, Call of Duty: WWII is a brilliant game that redefines the base that Call of Duty 2 set way back in the day. With next-gen graphics and original storytelling, this game will have you rush the beaches of Normandy like never before. The campaign has many exciting missions full of combat with excellent voice acting where you can hear the desperation and intensity of your fellow soldiers as you jump into battle. Refinement like this has made sure that this is one of the best WW2 games. Like all other games in the franchise, the game features a very sturdy multiplayer option, as well as a cooperative mode meant to be played with friends.

Battlefield 1942

This game has a very similar theme to the previous two entries except they put a little Battlefield flair in the game. You can storm the beaches of Normandy as well as go on some of the most popular historical missions in South America and Africa as well. Battlefield 1942 also puts special emphasis on vehicular combat as it gives you the option of using many different vehicles to guide your side to victory! If you’re looking to create a play streak of the best WW2 games, this is a good place to start!

IL Sturmovik 1946

One of the oldest and best WW2 games on this list IL Sturmovik 1946 is an excellent battle simulation game. While the graphics are dated and there can be much to improve on, the sheer amount of content you can get out of this game is enough to make you a veteran of strategy games. The game features many different expansions that include a variety of battles and combat simulations, mostly involving the most-used warplanes of the time. There is a number of ways you can approach combat as you can choose to use any of the maneuvers old-school veterans would use during the height of the war, so the variety is there.

Commandos 2: Men of Courage

Not all war games need to be these extreme, intense fights where you’re fighting to keep your head. Some can be more focused on the tactical side of things like Commandos 2: Men of Courage. When you execute all of the nuances of battle properly, it is sure to land your game into the hall of fame for the best WW2 games. This game has you in a top-down perspective most of the time, where your ultimate goal is to lead a platoon of soldiers through a simulation scenario. One move can make or break your situation and lead to defeat, so you need to plan ahead and keep many different factors in mind while traversing the map. This is a very old game, but it is still relevant with today’s games and just proves that you don’t need flashy graphics or a billion features to create something breathtaking.

Steel Division 2

Another strategy-oriented WWII game, Steel Division 2 is centered on the realism of battle and the battles of World War II. You have the option of representing any side of the war exactly as they are, faults and all. The entire game is built on a gigantic map so you can get a feel for the harsh reality of war and what it does to your soldiers. They can get their enthusiasm lowered the longer they spend marching in cold weather, so that is another thing you need to keep in mind. When it comes to your offensive potential, you can use any matter of war machine, from tanks to planes to boats, anything you consider vital for seizing victory. This is a wonderful representation of realism and all of its other features make it one of the best WW2 games.

Silent Hunter 3

Silent Hunter 3, much like the name implies, is a game that is more focused on the stealthy side of WWII where you need to control a submarine in the Atlantic ocean. Your goal here is to traverse the deep, open waters and look for enemy ships. Upon identifying one, you need to strategically aid your torpedoes so as to sink them, weakening the seafront of the enemy. This is not the only objective of the game as you have many different missions, all with a different goal. They require considerable navigation skills so you are going to need to practice to get the hang of it! Some of the best WW2 games have a strategic element to them as well.

Red Orchestra 2: Heroes of Stalingrad

Another strategic game, Red Orchestra 2: Heroes of Stalingrad offers a realistic experience of what war can look like and how everything can go wrong when even one factor of your assault is off. For years, this has been one of the best WW2 games because of its execution of combat. You control a platoon of soldiers and some vehicles as you recreate the battles of WWII to full completion. While it might not seem like much at first glance, there is actually a lot of complexity involved with this game. Firstly, there is no HUD, so you have to assume and guesstimate how much ammo you have and what all of your other stats look like. If you are careless when you’re on the offensive, then you can expect your gear to fail, your guns to overheat, and for the enemy to get the drop on you when you least expect it.

Hell Let Loose

A newer release, Hell Let Loose is the epitome of everything related to teamwork and has already been called one of the best WW2 games on the market. The game is based around 100 players divided into two teams of 50, with the goal of eliminating the opposing team. You are assigned a squad to cooperate with via voice chat and you all move in formation until you reach another team. As you traverse the map, you’ll notice the eventual vehicle pop up, free to use. You can take advantage of these vehicles to cover more ground or use them to dispatch enemy teams quicker. In any case, Hell Let Loose is a fantastic game that is best enjoyed in the company of friends.

Order of Battle: U.S. Pacific

Order of Battle: U.S. Pacific is a very detailed and complex strategy game where you have to take control of land, air, and naval units to plot a course for victory. Every move you make must be decisive, and precise, and you have to take many factors into consideration when even thinking about making a move. This is a charming game that takes a bit to master but when you do, you’ll be cruising across the battlefield like the best war general! The reason this game is so popular and well-received is that it handles all modes of combat so well. Usually, naval combat is slow and annoying to manage, but this game makes it more enjoyable and actually fun in certain cases. When it comes to the best WW2 games, you can’t go wrong with this one.

World of Warplanes

World of Warplanes is intense. Here, you can strap yourself into a fighter plane from the best age of aviation and engage in aggressive fights that grow in intensity the more they go on. To make it to the end alive, you need to coordinate with your teammates carefully and decide on the best course of action all while the enemy is shooting at you relentlessly. You can take your pick between 5 different plane types and if that sounds like it isn’t enough, wait, there’s more. Each plane you select can be customized down to the smallest parts, allowing you to create the ideal plane to suit your play style and goals when it comes to aviation. This is a free game, and one of the best WW2 games, so you might as well jump into the action!

And now our list concludes. These have been some of the best WWII games from all eras of gaming. From the 2000s to the newest releases, we get to see just how gaming has evolved over the years and how the perspective of war and the approach taken to gameplay have changed in favor of the player. If you’re dying for more content that is on the lighter side, consider taking a look at best gacha games for a more lighthearted experience!

Purchases through our links may earn us a commission.