Cannon Simulator codes (June 2024) — free coins and boosts

With our unique Cannon Simulator codes list, you'll be destroying everything in your path!

If you want a healthy and productive way to get out some pent-up energy, then we have an excellent destruction game for you. This sim game on Roblox has made us feel calmer since we’ve started playing it; it’s just the best output for all your worries nowadays!

Plus, not only do you get to destroy everything in your path and get paid for it, but you also get a lot of freebies to smash even more items. Isn’t that just a dream? With our Cannon Simulator codes, you’ll have enough resources to blow up each and every object you see!

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Active Cannon Simulator codes

  • 30KLIKES — Double Gem Boost

Expired Cannon Simulator codes

  • King 
  • FreeBoost 
  • Flash 
  • ThePower
  • Dream 
  • Cannon 
  • RebirthImpulse 
  • 20KLIKES 
  • 5KLIKES 
  • 1KLIKES 
  • Release 
  • Attacker

What are Cannon Simulator codes?

Cannon Simulator codes are phrases and words that give players of the game a chance to get some great freebies like boosts and coins. These can then be used in the game to further a quest or challenge. So, keep this page bookmarked to get the recent information on all the freebie drops!

How to redeem Cannon Simulator codes

It’s very easy to redeem Cannon Simulator codes if you follow these steps outlined below:

  1. Launch Cannon Simulator
  2. Click on the backpack icon at the bottom
  3. Press the thumbs up button
  4. Enter an active code into the space provided
  5. Hit redeem
  6. Enjoy all the free stuff coming your way!

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