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How many people play New World? — 2024 statistics

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September 28, 2021
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Amazon’s foray into MMORPGs, New World, throws players into a 17th-century-inspired adventure, blending various play styles. It’s had its ups and downs since its 2021 debut, yet it’s carving out its place in the gaming landscape. Wondering how it’s really doing? We’re diving into New World statistics to see how many people play New World and gauge its impact in the gaming community. If you’re a fan of gaming and want to learn all you can, we can tell you exactly how big the video game industry is as well!

New World key stats

New World was released in 2021 by Amazon Games Orange County and has amassed millions of players since then, as well as hundreds of millions of Twitch views as a result. This section will contain all of the relevant information about New World and everything it has accomplished in its lifetime.

New World’s peak player count is 913,027.

(Source: Steam Charts)

  • Its lowest average concurrent player count was 13,298 in July 2022.
  • The game has experienced fluctuations in its player count, from 13,298 in July 2022 to 67,758 in November 2022.
  • Its highest average concurrent player count was 410,170 in October 2021.

The best way to gauge how good a game is is to look at its concurrent player counts, especially if it’s an MMORPG. In the case of New World, the game had a massive influx of players, so many that Amazon had to add more servers, but its counts have steadily lowered over time to just a fragment of what they once were, which we’ll touch upon further.

New World had over 1 million players on its launch.

(Source: VG Chartz)

  • The game surpassed 700,000 concurrent players during this time.
  • It also had over 900,000 viewers on Twitch.
  • Because of the large influx of players, Amazon had to double the number of servers to support everyone.

The hype surrounding the game was massive as New World’s player count crossed a milestone that some games only hope to achieve. One million players is nothing to scoff at and the numbers just kept growing and growing… until they didn’t anymore., which we’ll explain more.

New World revenue reached over $234.1 million on Steam.

(Source: VG Insights)

  • The game sold 7.6 million units on the platform.
  • 69.9% of the game’s reviews are positive.
  • The average playtime for the game is 260 hours.
  • The median play time for the game is 137 hours.

With all of the bugs and complaints from players who tried the game and did not like it, it is surprising to see that the price of the game has not dropped below the $40 mark. New World has generated a tremendous amount of profit and has sold a high number of units as the game is only available on PC.

New World had 200,000 concurrent players on Steam during its beta stage.

(Source: DotEsports)

This is just another line of stats showcasing the appeal and hype surrounding New World. Something to keep in mind is that the game’s closed beta was available for people who pre-ordered the game, as they could test it out. 200,000 players in a beta is a lot, and that was quite impressive, especially considering the popular games that were around with New World.

New World has lost 97% of its players since its release.

(Sources: MMOs, TechSpot, Forbes)

  • The game was losing 135,000 players each week in 2021.
  • That equated to 500,000 players leaving the game in that time.
  • This has been attributed to various design issues and bugs, as well as economic issues that crashed the gold market in the game.
  • Amazon has stated that New World would receive various updates over time, but that never came to fruition before the game lost its players.

New World was an immensely popular game when it first came out, true, but the various issues that plagued it throughout its first few months eventually spelled its downfall. Today, the game has a fraction of its players from launch and the numbers seem to be decreasing each month, with the exception of periods when expansions are introduced, but the player numbers never stay consistently high.

New World players clocked in 569 million in-game hours within the game’s first year.

(Source: Eurogamer)

  • The average length of a session was 110 minutes.
  • 41.6% of players chose the Syndicate faction.
  • 21% of players chose the Covenant faction.
  • 37.1% of players chose the Marauder faction.
  • 42.8 million fish were caught.
  • The game was streamed for 12.4 billion minutes on Twitch.
  • 542.7 million community goal quests were completed.
  • 17.3 billion PvE enemies were killed.
  • 6.3 billion trees were chopped down.
  • 223.5 million presents were reclaimed during the Winter Convergence.

This is just a small list of accolades that the New World community managed to accrue during the game’s first year. As we can see, New World’s appeal lies in the variety of gameplay choices you can make as well as the various activities to complete, like fishing and chopping wood, similar to Old School RuneScape in many respects.

New World had 189.6 million hours watched on Twitch in 2021.

(Source: SullyGnome)

  • The game had 5.1 million broadcasting hours.
  • It had 21,644 viewers on average.
  • 584 channels were streaming the game on average.
  • It had a viewer ratio of 37.1.
  • It had a peak viewer count of 983,406.
  • 200,949 broadcasters streamed the game.

Some massive game releases struggle to reach even 50 million hours watched within one year, but the hype surrounding New World was so huge that it managed to more than triple that number within 2021. The game is very easy and appealing to watch because of the grind-intensive gameplay.

To sum up

Alright, that’s all we have to say about New World and everything it has to offer both the layman and veteran MMO player. As you can see, the information is slightly limited, but that is because the game has slowly fallen out of relevance compared to its heyday, so it’s only natural for the news surrounding it to calm down as well. However, that does not mean that the game has not achieved some impressive feats during its lifetime, and we’re happy to be able to present you with all of this information! We sincerely hope that your questions have been answered and that you’ve learned something new!


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