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How many copies did Project Zomboid sell? — 2024 statistics

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November 8, 2013
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Let’s dive into the world of Project Zomboid sales and how this game has made its mark. Project Zomboid has built a strong following thanks to its immersive survival mechanics and gripping gameplay. Imagine navigating a zombie apocalypse, where every decision could be your last. This intense experience has captured the hearts of many, leading to impressive sales and a dedicated community.

Now, looking at Project Zomboid statistics, the numbers speak volumes about its success. The introduction of multiplayer features has sparked a surge in player interest, making it a popular choice for teaming up or competing with friends. The game’s consistent updates and strong community support have kept players engaged and coming back for more. The developers at The Indie Stone have truly created something special, maintaining the game’s appeal over the years.

Project Zomboid sold 9 million copies on Steam.

(Source:, VG Insights)

  • The game experienced a massive boost in sales, especially with the introduction of multiplayer features in Build 41, leading to a 23-fold increase in sales compared to previous periods.
  • This surge highlights the game’s strong market presence and popularity among players.

The remarkable surge in Project Zomboid’s sales confirms its growing popularity and strong market presence. This boost in sales, driven by the introduction of multiplayer features, highlights the game’s appeal and the developers’ successful efforts to enhance the gameplay experience. The increased interest and sales figures reflect the dedication of both the creators and the community, ensuring the game’s continued success and relevance in the survival horror genre.

Project Zomboid has generated over $120 million in gross revenue on Steam.

(Source: VG Insights,

  • The sustained player base and frequent updates have led to consistent revenue streams, allowing Project Zomboid to fund further development and expansions over the years.
  • Seasonal sales events, such as Steam’s holiday and summer sales, have significantly boosted the game’s revenue, attracting new players and re-engaging the existing community with discounted prices and promotional events.
  • Average play time is around 12 hours.

The impressive revenue generated by Project Zomboid is showing its lasting appeal and the effectiveness of its development strategy. The game’s consistent updates and a dedicated player base have provided a steady stream of income, allowing for continuous growth and improvement. Seasonal sales events have played a crucial role in boosting revenue, drawing in new players and re-engaging the existing community with enticing discounts and promotions. This financial success highlights the game’s strong position in the market and the enduring interest it has garnered from the gaming community.

Project Zomboid had an all-time record of 65,505 players.

(Source: SteamDB, Steam, PC Gamer)

  • The game’s popularity also led to a significant increase in Twitch viewership, with 31,000 people watching Project Zomboid streams.
  • The game has Very Positive review score on Steam.
  • 94% of 227,343 user reviews are positive.

Project Zomboid has clearly struck a chord with gamers, leading to a massive increase in its online presence. It has garnered a significant following on streaming platforms, and player feedback has been overwhelmingly positive. The game’s ability to maintain high levels of player satisfaction and engagement speaks volumes about its quality and the dedication of its development team. This strong support from the community has been a key factor in its success.


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