How much is Sony worth? — 2024 statistics

Sony's influence on the gaming industry through statistical insights.

May 7, 1946
Tokyo, Japan
Market Cap
$104 billion

Long before becoming a gaming giant, Sony started small. Back in 1946, Masaru Ibuka set up a tiny shop fixing radios, and with Akio Morita, they began building the Sony we know today. Who would have thought they’d go from tinkering with radios to leading the gaming world, right? Now, talking about money, Sony net worth is massive, showing just how far they’ve come and how big they’ve gotten in the industry. It’s a real rags-to-riches story, from a little shop to a global powerhouse. A few years and some innovation later, Sony is now known as the world’s biggest video game company. We’re going to be listing off some Sony statistics and facts to see how the company started its video game journey and what the fruits of its labor were. Esports is another part of the gaming industry, so if you want to learn more about how big the esports industry is, feel free to take a look!

Sony key statistics

Okay, so to understand everything there is to know about Sony, we first have to talk about financials. How much is Sony worth, Sony sales and revenue statistics as miscellaneous stuff, then followed by the latest news that will give you some insights into what sorts of moves Sony is making today.

Sony has a market cap of $116.85 billion.

(Source: Google Finance, Statista, CompaniesMarketCap)

  • The company’s annual revenue for Q1 2024 was $20.3 billion.
  • Their operating expenses were $13.5 billion.
  • The net income was $6.4 billion.
  • The net profit margin was 8.2.
  • 2023 was the company’s highest revenue year for the company at $79.3 billion.
  • Sony’s total revenue from 2007 to 2022 was $1.25 trillion.

Not much to say here other than the fact that Sony tends to have a much higher value than other game development companies because they are a conglomerate, and include other modes of entertainment such as movies. With this in their arsenal, Sony will always stay ahead of the competition, with companies like Bandai Namco and Electronic Arts trailing behind.

Sony’s most popular franchises have sold over 342 million copies in total.

(Source: VG Sales)

  • Gran Turismo sold 90 million copies.
  • Uncharted sold 41.7 million copies.
  • Ratchet and Clank sold 30.8 million copies.
  • God of War sold 65 million copies.
  • Marvel’s Spider-Man sold 33 million copies.
  • Crash Bandicoot sold 40 million copies.
  • Spyro the Dragon sold 12 million copies.
  • SingStar sold 12 million copies.
  • inFAMOUS sold 10.4 million copies.
  • Everybody’s Golf sold 7.5 million copies
  • Jak and Daxter sold 7.5 million copies.
  • SOCOM sold 7 million copies.
  • EyeToy sold 6.7 million copies.
  • Buzz! sold 6 million copies.
  • Sly Cooper sold 5.43 million copies.

Now for some game sales! That’s what you’re here for, anyway. Right off the bat, we see that 342 million figure, but it does not encompass all of the sales of Sony games since their first console, but rather just some numbers for the most popular franchises. The highest one is Gran Turismo, which has been around since 1997 and is still a relevant IP, both financially and in the gaming community. God of War is a close second.

PlayStation has sold over 600 million consoles since 1994.

(Source: Tech4Gamers)

  • The PlayStation 1 sold 102.4 million units.
  • The PlayStation 2 sold 159 million units.
  • The PlayStation Portable sold 82 million units.
  • The PlayStation 3 sold 87.5 million units.
  • The PlayStation Vita sold 14 million units.
  • The PlayStation 4 sold 117.2 million units.
  • The PlayStation 5 sold 41.7 million units.

Since Sony is mostly known for its consoles that have defined entire generations, it’s a good idea to include some statistics about those as well. Sony’s hardware sales are very impressive in the sense that they have been selling millions of consoles with each new release, with hype for them only getting stronger with each passing year. The PlayStation 2 is the most successful console of all time, and no others are getting close to beating it any time soon.

PlayStation revealed that the Call of Duty franchise has generated over $800 million in the United States in 2021.

(Source: IGN)

  • The information was pulled from a letter written by Jim Ryan where figures were redacted poorly.
  • The reason for the letter being written was for the trial going on between Microsoft and the Federal Trade Commission.
  • Aside from that, the document also revealed that The Last of Us Part II had a budget of $220 million and that Horizon Forbidden West cost $212 million to make.

A Sharpie. That’s what revealed this massive revenue secret for PlayStation and the Call of Duty franchise. This isn’t the type of thing that will make or break a company, but it just serves as more insight into just how massive the Call of Duty franchise is and how well it is entangled with everything that Sony is.

1 million PlayStation users play Call of Duty exclusively.

(Source: Kotaku)

  • This data was also pulled from the Microsoft v. FTC case.
  • 6 million PlayStation gamers spend 70% of their time playing Call of Duty.
  • Sony is not worried about losing the Call of Duty franchise as the case continues.

This line of statistics is for all of you Mountain Dew gamer bros out there who prefer to just stick to your favorite game and crush people in multiplayer. Usually, when people buy a PlayStation, they are going to use it for many things, from a variety of games to entertainment, but a large number of people turn their consoles on just to play Call of Duty, and that’s okay.

Sony is intending to sell 25 million PS5 consoles in 2023.

(Source: TheGameCrater, TweakTown)

  • The total number of PS5s sold was 6.3 million in the first quarter, which equals 19.1 million for the entirety of F2022.
  • Sony claimed that they could deliver a PS5 to anyone in the world with practically no wait time as supplies were still going strong.
  • The sales of the PS5 have exceeded the PS4’s sales at the same point in its life cycle.
  • The strategy to sell more consoles also includes discounts.

The console sales carry on each year, and we all know about the eternal rivalry between Microsoft and Sony when the PlayStation and Xbox consoles are concerned. With that said, it is apparent that Xbox will have a hard time keeping up with PlayStation if Sony meets its sales expectations for the PS5. As it stands now, the PS5 is going to have equal or greater sales than the PS4, which is quite impressive.

Sony will have $13 billion to spend on mergers and acquisitions in 2023.

(Source: Twisted Voxel)

  • There are plans underway that should secure $8 billion at Sony for proactive mergers and acquisitions.
  • This figure is going to be added to the $5.1 billion previously secured for the same purposes.
  • Hiroki Totoki has stated that there has been consolidation in entertainment and that Sony has to stay relevant and not fall behind.
  • Jim Ryan has stated that the Japanese gaming market will always be one of the most important markets for Sony.

Aside from investments, we also have some statistics for the amount of money that Sony has tucked away for future endeavors. $13 billion is a huge number and we are not sure what they might acquire with it, but we can’t wait to see!

Sony has sold nearly 1.89 billion games for PS4 and PS5.

(Source: TweakTown)

  • FY20 had 338.8 million software sales.
  • FY21 had 303.2 million software sales.
  • The two consoles beat the PS2’s sales by 300 million.
  • By comparison, the PSP had 331 million software sales.
  • PS1 had 962 million software sales.
  • PS3 had 999.4 million software sales.
  • The total software sold for all consoles is 5.71 billion.

And finally, some software sales statistics. While the numbers for the two consoles are extremely impressive, it is important to note that, when divided, neither of them comes close to the sales that the PS2 managed to accumulate over its lifetime. There is still time, though.

To sum up

That’s all for this giant. We’re glad that the numbers that display exactly what Sony is and what it offers the gaming industry are so readily available and that we’re able to tell you all about it. Sony is such a massive company that it is hard to even imagine that it would slow down its growth over the years, especially considering the explosive growth of the gaming industry year after year. We sincerely hope that you have enjoyed this content and that all of your questions have been answered!


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