Roblox Arsenal codes – free skins & announcers

Arsenal is a video game developed by the ROLVe Community on user-generated game platform Roblox. It was launched in August 2015 and revamped in late 2018 to great success, and is based on the ‘Arms Race’ gamemode from the hit video game Counter-Strike: Global Offensive.

Arsenal is a first-person shooter that, while based pretty extensively on Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, takes a lot of inspiration from many other Valve games. For instance, the game’s sound effects, map designs and some gameplay mechanics are sourced from Valve productions like Half-Life & Team Fortress 2.

The main gameplay constitutes a pretty standard FPS ‘Gun Game’ affair. Each round, players set out on player versus player combat looking to reach the 32 kills goal (or the 16 kills if you’re playing an alternative game mode) before their opponents can. Every time a player gets a kill, their weapon is swapped with a new one. If the player is killed by knifing or committing suicide, they are ‘demoted’ – meaning that they are stepped down on the ladder. The 31st kill is to be with a golden gun and the 32nd is to be with a golden knife. So, the 32 kills aren’t really the goal of the game. Instead, it’s about running up the hierarchy of weapons.

However, ROLVe has also included a couple of other game modes that diversity the experience quite a bit. Railgun Royale, Concussion Mania and Laser Tag are non-standard modes that grant all players a specific weapon or weapons for the majority of the game. There are also other special game modes with particular gameplay objectives. Apartment sees players on a glorified shooting range with the sole objective of protecting “the cute green frogs.” Slaughter is another, where players aid the Mechanic in some good natured criminal arson.

These have been a lot of popular games made for Roblox, but few are as critically acclaimed as Arsenal. The game has won 3 Bloxy Awards (at the 7th Annual Bloxy Awards): Best Sound Design, Best Game Trailer & Game of the Year. On June 12 2020, Arsenal became the 18th game on Roblox to surpass 1 billion visits and the 1st FPS (first-person shooter) to pass that milestone.

How to redeem promo codes

It’s incredibly easy to redeem Promo Codes in Arsenal – you’ve just got to know where to look! After you’ve opened the game, look around the screen for a small Twitter icon once you’ve opened the game. Click it and you will see a pop-up with a ‘Toggle Color’ button, instructions to follow @RolveStuff on Twitter and an input box.

Click on the box that says “Enter your code here!” and type in one of the fantastic active codes featured above. Be sure to take note of when letters are capitalised and when they aren’t, these codes are case sensitive and feature both letters and numbers. Hit the enter key and enjoy the treasures these promo codes can unearth!

Active promo codes

Here are all the currently available promo codes for Arsenal. These codes don’t last forever, so be sure to activate them ASAP!

KITTENKoneko Announcer Voice
JOHNJohn Announcer Voice
CBROXPhoenix Skin
EPRIKAEprika Announcer Voice
FLAMINGOFlamingo Announcer Voice
POKEPoke Skin
PETPetrifyTV Announcer Voice
ANNAAnna Skin
BanditesBandites Announcer Voice
F00LISHJackeryz Skin
POG1,200 B$

Expired promo codes

These are all the codes that have recently become unavailable, meaning the developer has deactivated them or that they were time-sensitive and have now expired:

Soggy600 B$
JulyDays!80 B$
birth1,200 B$
Spooky-Season1,800 B$
😱nobrimdelinquent😱Delinquent with No Brim Skin
CAKEBELIEPortal Kill Effect
buckbuck4,800 B$
ROLVEFanboy Skin
BLOXY3,600 B$
TheBloxiesBloxy Delinquent Skin
Bloxy Knife
Bloxy Kill Effect
UnfairBiasHallowed Scarecrow Skin
CastlersUnusual100kAce Pilot Skin
xmas202010,000 B$
oopsL8Festive Ghastelle Skin
Festive Phantina Skin

How to use promo items

Because the whole point of Roblox Arsenal is to proceed through the kill new hierarchy and use 32 different weapons a game, Promo Codes aren’t going to help you get new weapons. Likewise, there aren’t a whole lot of gameplay benefits to Promo Codes. Instead, Roblox Arsenal Promo Codes usually provide one of three things: Money (in the form of the Arsenal currency, known as BattleBucks), Skins or Announcer Voices.

Arsenal’s in-game currency is known as B$, which is short for BattleBucks. B$ are generally obtained through gameplay and challenges, and are awarded at the end of the game. You can get multiples of ten depending on how many kills you get during the match, meaning that you’ll walk away from each match on average with either 20 or 30 B$ per match. However, skins alone in the store cost between 800 and 3000 $B, meaning that you’ll need to play quite a few matches before you are able to afford anything.

In short, this is why Promo Codes are so important to customising your character in Arsenal. You either get a Skin or Announcer Voice free of charge, or you get a bunch of BattleBucks to save you quite a bit of time working to afford them.

If you’re collecting coins, or if you get a bunch of them with one of our Promo Codes, you would be best served to look at Cases – basically Arsenal’s version of loot boxes. Each loot box costs a different amount, and has the opportunity to offer a different item depending on the Case type you chose to buy. Flair Cases (600B$) give out kill effects, announcers and taunts, but wont give out code or event-specific items. Character Cases (1200B$) give out skins, which will not refund if you get a duplicate. Melee Cases (900B$) give out melee weapons and Skin Cases (900B$) give out weapon skins. For all but the Character Cases, if you end up with a duplicate item you will have half the B$ you spent on it refunded.

Skins are the main customisation options in Arsenal, with hundreds of options for decorating your character model. The stock skins are the Delinquent and the Rabblerouser, the two options available to players as they launch the game. Common, Rare, Epic and Legendary skins are available from Promo Codes and Cases. Some skins are only available in Promotions (like some of those featured on the lists above), as well as a few that are developer or admin-exclusive, already removed or permanently archived.

Finally, Announcer Voices are another kind of customisation option which read out announcements during various in-game events. Announcement Voices will introduce the game when you deploy, announce headshots, celebrate you when you win and berate you when you are demoted. There are various different Announcer Voices available, some of which are accents, some of which are popular characters, and some of which are community figures like YouTubers or influences. However, it’s not just the voices that change: different announcers have unique phrases and narrative lines with character and pop culture references. Most Announcement Voices are available in Cases, but some voices are exclusive to Promo Codes – handed out to influencers to pass around in order to promote the game.

Roblox Arsenal strategies and tips & tricks

Sadly, you’re not going to find many gameplay boosts in this list of Promo Codes. Developer ROLVe has ensured that Arsenal isn’t some kind of pay-to-win title, so additional items are solely aesthetic. Unless you get some kind of confidence boost from your brilliant new look, here are three top tips to help you succeed in this fast-paced, blocky FPS.

Changing your crosshair colour

If you’re having trouble keeping on target, or just getting your bullets into your opponent, it may be a good idea to change your crosshair colour. It may seem like a small change (or maybe even something that wouldn’t make a difference) but having a bright crosshair that stays distinctly front-and-centre no matter who (or what) you’re shooting at will help train you to stay on target.

To do so, head over to the ‘Settings’ menu and under ‘Display’ you will find an option to change your crosshair colour. You’d be best served to choose a colour that will show up on every single map – some of which are widely varied – but I’d recommend a bright green or a bright pink.

Remember: Assists DO contribute to wins

A big mistake a lot of new players make is to minimise the importance of assists. In other FPS ‘Gun Game’ type modes, kills with more than one assailant only promote the player who gets the actual kill. This is not the case in Arsenal. So long as you land 5 damage or more to a player and your teammate finishes them off, then you will still be promoted and chance your weapon.

This is very significant, especially for new players. Don’t worry too much about high-risk encounters to get kills, take cover and just land as many shots as you can. The point of Arsenal is to cycle through weapons as fast as you can, so use assists to your advantage and don’t ditch an encounter just because you wont get the full credit.

Harness melee kills as much as possible

If the goal of the game is to cycle through the weapons before your opponents. Thus, you should focus on DEMOTING your enemies as you work to promote your way through the hierarchy. There’s only one sure-fire way to demote your enemies, and that’s to finish them off with a melee kill.

However, the flip-side is significant, too: work hard to not get yourself into any one-on-one melee confrontations. Also, while you’re looking for sitting ducks to sneak up upon, watch your back. Properly utilizing melee kills is a massively overpowered strategy that could backfire spectacularly if you’re not careful.