Bloodfest codes (May 2024) — lots of free crates

With our ultimate Bloodfest codes list, you'll have an insane amount of freebies at your fingertips!

If you want to survive a virtual zombie apocalypse to practice for the real one, then this Roblox game is your best bet! Bloodfest lets you take on ten challenging waves of zombies and then throws in an additional boss fight as a sweet little extra! We absolutely love it and hope you guys do too!

There’s also a hardcore mode in which things get even wilder. So, if you’re thinking of checking this game out, we want to encourage that initiative and so we’ve put together this awesome Bloodfest codes guide to help you guys get your hands on all the different freebies that drop for the game.

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Active Bloodfest codes

  • FINALLY_CODES — 5x Crates

Expired Bloodfest codes

Ooh, great news! There are currently no expired Bloodfest codes. Isn’t that awesome?

What are Bloodfest codes?

Bloodfest codes are phrases, numbers, or symbol combinations that give the player access to some fantastic in-game resources that can help move the game forward or provide players with currencies or accessories that might otherwise be hard to come by.

How to redeem Bloodfest codes

Redeeming Bloodfest codes isn’t hard. Just follow these steps:

  1. Start Bloodfest
  2. Click on the shop button on the left
  3. Head over to the twitter rewards tab
  4. Paste in or punch in an active code from our list
  5. Hit enter
  6. Enjoy the free goodies!

That’s all we have to tell you about Bloodfest codes. Have a great gaming experience and remember to check out our annual Roblox statistics and facts 2022 article that came out about the platform and its performance!