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How many copies did People Playground sell? — 2024 statistics

Toss, smash, repeat – the ragdoll revolution!

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July 23, 2019
Studio Minus

When it comes to People Playground sales, this game has made a significant impact in the indie gaming scene. It has consistently ranked among the top sellers during major sales events. The game’s unique sandbox style, which allows for endless creative and often humorous experiments with ragdolls, has captivated a large and dedicated player base.

When we check out People Playground statistics, the game has maintained strong momentum since its release. It continues to generate substantial revenue through frequent discounts and sales, making it a financial success for Studio Minus. The overwhelmingly positive reviews from players further highlight its enduring popularity and the high level of engagement within the community.

People Playground sold over 3 million copies on Steam.

(Source: VG Insights)

  • People Playground consistently ranks among the top-selling indie games during Steam sales events.
  • The game has maintained strong sales momentum since its release, contributing significantly to Studio Minus’s revenue.

The impressive sales of over 3 million copies on Steam highlight the significant impact People Playground has had in the indie gaming scene. Its consistent performance during Steam sales events and strong sales momentum since release have solidified its position as a top-selling title. This success has not only driven substantial revenue for Studio Minus but also underscored the game’s enduring popularity and appeal. With a dedicated player base and a unique sandbox experience, People Playground continues to thrive and captivate players around the world.

People Playground generated over $20 million in revenue on Steam.

(Source: VG Insights)

  • People Playground has generated substantial revenue through frequent sales and discounts, including notable price drops during major Steam events.
  • The game’s ability to engage a dedicated player base has resulted in consistent revenue growth, making it a significant financial success for Studio Minus.
  • Average play time is around 51 hours.

The success of People Playground goes beyond just impressive sales numbers. This game has managed to draw in a large and dedicated player base thanks to its unique gameplay and frequent updates. By keeping players engaged and entertained, it has consistently brought in significant revenue for Studio Minus. The game’s ability to maintain interest and excitement among its community is a testament to its lasting appeal and creative design. With such a strong following, “People Playground” continues to be a standout title in the indie gaming market.

People Playground had an all time peak of 15,643 players.

(Source: Steam, SteamDB)

  • The game has received Overwhelmingly Positive feedback from users on Steam.
  • The game has total of 231,446 user reviews.
  • 98% of reviews are positive, which is very impressive.

With a peak of 15,643 players at one time and an impressive collection of user reviews, the game has clearly resonated with its audience. The high percentage of positive reviews highlights the game’s ability to meet player expectations and deliver a satisfying experience. This strong community approval is a key factor in the game’s ongoing success and its prominent place in the indie game market.


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