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How many copies did The Forest sell? — 2024 statistics

Forests, fears, and frenzies.

Release Date
April 30, 2018
Survival horror
Endnight Games
Endnight Games

The Forest has captivated players with its intense survival gameplay and immersive open-world environment. With impressive The Forest sales and a dedicated player base, this game has made a significant impact in the gaming community. In this article, we’ll explore key The Forest statistics and uncover just how many people play “The Forest,” showcasing its popularity and enduring appeal.

The Forest sold 14 million copies on Steam.

(Source: Game Developer, Video Game Insights)

  • The horror survival game “The Forest” has sold over 5.3 million copies in 4 years.
  • The game was created on an initial budget of $125,000.

The Forest has experienced remarkable success in the gaming world, rapidly becoming a favorite among survival horror enthusiasts. Its engaging gameplay, combined with a compelling storyline and immersive environment, has resonated well with players. This success is evident in the game’s impressive sales figures and the strong community it has built around its unique survival challenges. The game’s development journey, from a modest budget to significant commercial achievements, highlights its appeal and the dedication of its developers and players alike.

The Forest revenue on Steam is over $170 million.

(Source: Video Game Insights, Game World Observer)

  • By 2023, The Forest had generated substantial revenue, contributing significantly to the financial success of its developer, Endnight Games.
  • The Forest generated major part of revenue from Steam sales.

The Forest has proven to be a financial powerhouse, generating substantial revenue that underscores its widespread popularity and enduring appeal. The game’s success on Steam has significantly boosted the financial health of its developer, Endnight Games, highlighting the strong market presence and effective sales strategies. This financial success not only reflects the game’s quality and player satisfaction but also ensures continued support and development, enhancing the overall gaming experience for its community.

The Forest had all time peak of 76,107 concurrent players.

(Source: Video Game Insights, Steam Charts)

  • The game has a Overwhelmingly Positive score on Steam, with 95% positive reviews.
  • Total number of reviews is 457,874.

The Forest has built a robust and highly engaged player base, as evidenced by its peak concurrent player count. The game’s impressive ratings and substantial number of reviews on Steam indicate a strong and positive reception from the community. This high level of player engagement and satisfaction has contributed to its lasting success and popularity in the gaming world.


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