UFO Simulator codes (July 2024) — free coins, gems and pets

With our fabulous UFO Simulator codes list, you'll have so many coins, gems and pets that you're bound to do well in the game!

If you’ve ever wondered what life as an alien will be like, then Roblox gives you just the game to wonder no more. You can play as an alien abducting humans for money. How’s that for a concept? In the game, you have the opportunity to get your hands on some cool spaceships and upgrades to enhance your alien profile as well.

The more humans you abduct the more money you’ll be able to make, the more money you make the more upgrades, pets and abilities you’ll be able to accumulate, so what are you waiting for? Jump right in and use the codes mentioned in this handy UFO Simulator codes guide to help you along this journey.

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Active UFO Simulator codes

  • HOLIDAY — Holiday World Access
  • Underworld — 15 Minute Flames Boost, Coins
  • OCTOBER — Spooky World Access
  • GlobalMarket — 2,500 Coins
  • Space! — Meteors
  • gravycat — 750 Coins
  • GemShop — 500 Gems
  • FutureWeb — 250 Coins
  • UFO — 250 Coins
  • RAT — Rat Pet
  • NEW — 1,000 Coins
  • RELEASE — 500 Coins

Expired UFO Simulator codes

Fortunately, there are no currently expired UFO Simulator codes. Isn’t that great?

What are UFO Simulator codes?

UFO Simulator codes are an amazing Roblox concept whereby players and fans can get some unique, cool and totally awesome freebies to use in the game. These can range from cash to accessories or even cosmetics. So, bookmark this codes guide to always have some with you.

How to redeem UFO Simulator codes

It’s not difficult to redeem UFO Simulator codes if you follow our steps below:

  1. Launch UFO Simulator
  2. Head to the lobby
  3. Walk to the blue circle that says have a code
  4. Enter an active code in the area
  5. Press redeem
  6. Enjoy all your free items!

That’s everything, guys! All that you need to know about UFO Simulator codes. We hope you have a great time playing the game. Also, remember that if you ever need some extra Roblox freebies, then we have some awesome items over at Roblox promo codes article, so check it out when you need some.