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How many copies did Black Desert sell?— 2024 statistics

Dune it right in a vast world!

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March 3, 2016
Pearl Abyss
Pearl Abyss

Black Desert, developed by Pearl Abyss, is a visually stunning MMORPG that has captivated millions of players worldwide. The Black Desert sales and Black Desert statistics provide a comprehensive view of its market impact and player engagement. This game offers a vast and detailed world to explore, with a wide range of activities and gameplay mechanics that keep players engaged for the long haul.

Black Desert sales have reached over 4.5 million units on Steam.

(Source: VG Insights,

  • Black Desert Online has amassed over 55 million registered players across PC, console, and mobile platforms, reflecting its broad appeal and widespread popularity​​.
  • The game has generated over €2 billion in revenue since its launch, highlighting its financial success and strong market presence​​.
  • Black Desert was one of the top revenue-generating MMOs in 2024, maintaining a significant player base and consistent sales​​.

The sales trajectory of Black Desert highlights its growing popularity and strong market presence. Its ability to maintain high download ranks and capitalize on seasonal sales events underscores the effectiveness of its marketing strategies and the game’s inherent appeal.

Black Desert has generated over $2.17 billion in revenue.

(Source: VG Insights,

  • The game has generated over 28 million in revenue on Steam.
  • Revenue generation is bolstered by its premium model and in-game purchases, which include cosmetic items and quality-of-life enhancements​.
  • Black Desert’s expansions and frequent updates have contributed significantly to its revenue stream, ensuring a steady flow of income and keeping the player base engaged​​.

Black Desert’s impressive revenue generation reflects its strong market performance and successful monetization strategies. The substantial earnings from initial sales, in-game purchases, and additional content underscore the game’s financial viability and its potential for long-term profitability.

Black Desert has seen a peak concurrent player count of 60,395 on Steam.

(Source: Metacritic,

  • Black Desert Online has amassed over 55 million registered players across PC, console, and mobile platforms, reflecting its broad appeal and widespread popularity
  • The game maintains an average of 21,847 daily active players on Steam​.
  • A significant portion of the player base is from North America and Europe, demonstrating its global appeal​​.
  • Black Desert has a “Mixed” review rating on Steam, with 56% of the reviews being positive, indicating diverse player experiences and feedback​​.

The player engagement in Black Desert is impressive, with a significant number of daily active users. The game’s ability to retain players and attract new ones underscores its appeal in the competitive gaming market. The high peak concurrent player count and the sustained daily engagement levels reflect the game’s strong community and the immersive experience it offers. Despite mixed reviews, the dedicated player base highlights the game’s strengths and potential for long-term success.


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