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How many copies did Deathloop sell? — 2024 statistics

Breaking the bank, not the loop!

Release Date
September 14, 2021
First-person shooter
Arkane Lyon
Bethesda Softworks

Ever wonder how many assassins it takes to break a time loop? We’re diving into the world of Deathloop to uncover some interesting stats on player performance, sales figures, and more. But how well did the game perform in terms of Deathloop sales and player engagement? Let’s delve into some intriguing Deathloop statistics to uncover the secrets of Blackreef.

Deathloop sold an estimate of over 800,000 copies on Steam.

(Source: VG Insights)

  • Deathloop sold around 200,000 copies on Steam in the first month.
  • This is an estimate based on Steam sales figures. There are no official numbers released by studio.
  • These figures suggest a strong initial performance on Steam.
  • Estimated sales reached nearly $20 million on Steam within a year of release.
  • Analyst estimations suggest Deathloop might have sold over 5 million copies across all platforms

Shrouded in mystery, much like its time-looping narrative, Deathloop’s sales figures remain officially undisclosed. However, available data offers intriguing clues. Steam sales estimates suggest the game found a sizeable audience, translating to strong commercial performance. Analyst projections further hint at Deathloop’s reach extending beyond the PC platform, potentially reaching millions of players across all platforms. While the exact numbers remain elusive, one thing is clear: Deathloop’s commercial trajectory suggests Arkane Studios’ innovative title achieved success.pen_sparktunesharemore_vert

Deathloop generated around $37 million in revenue on Steam.

(Source: VG Insights)

  • These figures only represent Steam sales and don’t include sales on other platforms.
  • Considering Deathloop’s estimated 5 million copies sold across all platforms and assuming an average price of $60, the game could have generated over $300 million in revenue.
  • Average play time is around 12 hours.

Deathloop’s revenue performance remains commercially positive. While the image suggests Steam sales were a significant contributor, it emphasizes that these figures only account for a portion of the game’s total sales. Analyst estimates point to Deathloop reaching a much larger audience across all platforms. This suggests Deathloop’s innovative gameplay and immersive world resonated with a broad base of gamers, translating to a successful commercial outing for Arkane Studios.

Deathloop had an all time peak of over 20,000 players.

(Source: Steam Charts, Steam)

  • The game has an overall Mostly Positive review score on Steam,
  • 77% of the 18,095 user reviews being positive.
  • So the game has a generally positive reception from users, both in the long-term and more recently.

Positive review score on Steam indicates that the game received a generally favorable reception from users. This suggests that Arkane Studios’ take on the immersive sim genre resonated with players. Sales figures, while not entirely public, also point to a successful commercial performance. Steam user data showcases a healthy player base, and analyst estimates suggest that Deathloop reached a broad audience across all platforms. Overall, Deathloop appears to have been a commercial success for Arkane Studios.pen_sparktunesharemore_vert


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