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How many copies did Bellwright sell? — 2024 Statistics

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April 23, 2024
Donkey Crew
Donkey Crew

Bellwright, developed by Donkey Crew, is an open-world survival action RPG set in a medieval world. Players are tasked with building settlements, defending against threats, and leading a rebellion. The Bellwright reviews highlight its immersive gameplay and rich narrative. The Bellwright statistics reflect its strong market performance and growing popularity. Below are the comprehensive sales figures and player engagement details for Bellwright.

Bellwright sold over 150,000 copies in its first 12 days.

(Source: Game World Observer, VG Insights, VG247)

  • The game, which launched in Early Access on April 23, 2024, reached this milestone in less than two weeks.
  • Bellwright sold over 200,000 copies in its first month.
  • Bellwroght sold an estimated 205,000 million copies on Steam.
  • This early success helped build a strong foundation for the game’s future updates and development.

The initial sales performance of Bellwright demonstrates its immediate appeal within the gaming community. The combination of a compelling medieval setting and engaging gameplay mechanics drew players in quickly. This strong start sets a promising trajectory for the game’s continued success and player engagement.

Bellwright generated an estimated $4.7 million in revenue on Steam.

(Source: VG247, VG Insights)

  • Following its strong start, the game continued to perform well, surpassing 200,000 copies sold within the first month of its Early Access release.
  • The game also saw a significant increase in its wishlist numbers, indicating sustained interest from the gaming community.

The sustained sales momentum of Bellwright highlights its growing popularity and the effectiveness of its Early Access strategy. The developers’ commitment to regular updates and engaging with the community has been crucial in maintaining player interest and driving continued sales.

Bellwright reached an all-time peak of 15,263 concurrent players.

(Source: Steam, Steam Charts)

  • The game maintains a healthy player base, with consistent activity and engagement from the community.
  • The game has a Mostly Positive review score overall.
  • 77% of the 6,492 total reviews being positive. 
  • Bellwright’s peak concurrent players is the 5th best in Snail Games USA’s portfolio.

The impressive peak player count for Bellwright underscores its ability to attract and retain a dedicated audience. The game’s ongoing popularity is driven by Donkey Crew’s commitment to providing an engaging and dynamic gaming experience. Regular updates, expansions, and community involvement ensure that Bellwright remains relevant and beloved by its player base.

Bellwright’s strong sales, substantial revenue, and high player engagement reflect its significant impact in the gaming market and its potential for continued success.


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