How many copies did Blade & Sorcery sell? — 2024 statistics

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December 11, 2018

Blade & Sorcery sales have shown remarkable growth, establishing the game as a leading title in the VR space. Developed by WarpFrog, this immersive VR experience has captivated players with its realistic melee combat and physics-driven gameplay. The game’s success is evident from its robust player engagement and the dedicated community that continues to drive Blade & Sorcery statistics upward. With frequent updates and a strong modding scene, the game maintains high player retention and positive reviews, making it a standout in virtual reality gaming.

Blade & Sorcery sold around 1 million copies on Steam.

(Source: VG Insights, Road to VR)

  • The game has sold an estimated 830,000 units, generating around $16.6 million in revenue on the Quest platform.
  • Blade & Sorcery was found to be the 4th most downloaded VR game of all time.

Blade & Sorcery has truly carved out a niche in the VR gaming world, capturing the attention of gamers with its dynamic melee combat and immersive experience. Boasting around 1 million copies sold on Steam, the game has also made a significant impact on the Quest platform, generating impressive revenue. Its recognition as the fourth most downloaded VR game of all time speaks volumes about its widespread popularity and enduring appeal. The continuous stream of updates and robust modding community further enhance its allure, making Blade & Sorcery a standout title that continues to engage and entertain players.

Blade & Sorcery generated over $16.6 million in revenue on the Quest platform.

(Source: Road to VR, VG Insights)

  • Blade & Sorcery generated around $14 million in revenue on Steam.
  • The game has also performed well on PC, contributing significantly to its overall revenue.
  • The development team, which has grown to 21 full-time and six part-time members, prioritized a no-crunch culture, ensuring a healthy work environment while delivering quality updates.

Blade & Sorcery has achieved notable financial success, showing strong performance across various platforms. The game’s revenue figures reflect its popularity and broad appeal. With consistent updates and a growing development team, WarpFrog has managed to keep the game engaging and fresh for players. The commitment to a no-crunch culture highlights the team’s dedication to sustainable development practices while maintaining high-quality content. Blade & Sorcery continues to stand out in the VR market, driven by its realistic combat mechanics and immersive gameplay experiences.

Blade & Sorcery had an all-time peak of over 10,000 concurrent players on Steam.

(Source: Steam Charts, Steam)

  • Players have left Overwhelmingly Positive reviews on Steam.
  • 96% of 46,823 total reviews are positive.
  • Average play time is around 6 hours.

The enthusiastic reception of Blade & Sorcery is evident from its peak concurrent player count of over 10,000 on Steam. Players have left overwhelmingly positive reviews, with a remarkable 96% of the nearly 47,000 reviews being favorable. The game’s ability to engage players for an average of around 6 hours highlights its immersive and captivating gameplay. This strong player engagement and positive feedback reflect the game’s successful blend of realistic melee combat and physics-driven mechanics, making it a standout title in the VR gaming community.


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