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How many copies did V Rising sell? — 2024 statistics

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Release Date
May 8, 2024
Stunlock Studios
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V Rising has quickly captivated gamers with its engaging vampire survival experience. The game has shown remarkable success, evidenced by impressive V Rising sales and a growing player base. According to V Rising statistics, the game has attracted a significant number of players, reflecting its widespread appeal and positive reception. This success highlights the strong market presence and dedicated community that Stunlock Studios has built around “V Rising,” making it a standout title in the survival game genre.

V Rising sold over 5.4 million copies on Steam.

(Source: PCGamesN, VG Insights, GamesRadar+)

  • V Rising sold over 1 million on Steam within the first week of its Early Access launch .
  • V Rising, a vampire survival adventure game, has sold 2 million copies in its first month on Steam Early Access.
  • The game quickly climbed to the top of Steam’s best-sellers charts, selling 500,000 copies in just three days and reaching 1 million players in the first week.
  • V Rising topped the Steam sales charts, beating out games like Elden Ring and the Steam Deck.

V Rising has made an extraordinary impact in the gaming world, demonstrating strong market demand and player enthusiasm. The game’s rapid climb to the top of the Steam charts and impressive early sales highlight its widespread appeal. This success is a clear indication of the game’s captivating gameplay and the effective engagement strategies employed by its developers.

V Rising revenue reached around $90 million on Steam.

(Source: VG Insights, SteamDB)

  • The game is developed by a small team at Stunlock Studios, which has been working to expand and enhance the game based on player feedback and ongoing development plans.
  • The game has maintained a very positive rating on Steam, with 88% of over 80,000 reviews being favorable.

The financial success of V Rising is a testament to its widespread popularity and strong market presence. Developed by a small team at Stunlock Studios, the game has managed to garner substantial revenue, thanks to its engaging gameplay and dedicated fan base. The developers have continuously worked on expanding and enhancing the game based on player feedback, which has contributed to maintaining its favorable reputation. With a very positive rating on Steam from a large number of reviews, V Rising demonstrates how effective game development and community engagement can lead to significant financial and critical success.

V Rising achieved a peak concurrent player count of 78,164 players on its launch date.

(Source: SteamDB, IGN, Rock Paper Shotgun)

  • The game tripled that number shortly thereafter.
  • 1.5 million players were reported a few months after the Early Access launch.
  • The game has strong user base with over 252,554 followers on Steam.

The launch of V Rising was marked by an impressive peak in concurrent players, showcasing the game’s strong initial reception and ongoing appeal. Following its Early Access release, the game quickly gained momentum, tripling its player count in a short period. This rapid growth highlights the game’s ability to captivate a large audience and maintain a robust player base. Additionally, with a significant number of followers on Steam, V Rising has built a solid community that continues to support and engage with the game. This level of engagement is indicative of the game’s lasting impact and popularity within the gaming community.


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