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March 28, 1986
Montreuil, France

Ubisoft stands tall as a cornerstone as the 9th biggest video game company in the world. n 1986, the Guillemot brothers shifted from software distribution to game development, establishing Ubisoft in France. With iconic titles and a global influence, many wonder, what is Ubisoft’s net worth? Through the years, the Guillemot family has maintained a significant stake in the company, preserving its independence and vision. Delve deeper with our Ubisoft statistics and facts to appreciate this gaming titan’s evolution. Additionally, our for video games industry statistics offers a comprehensive look into the broader gaming world.

Ubisoft key stats

Becoming the titan that it is today was not done in a single night for Ubisoft. With time and success, the company started to even expand into other fields, such as cinema and television, with its special division. Or with the R&D lab, La Forge, which deals with AI and prototypes in the academic field. Of course, it all started somewhere, and it was progressively done throughout those 36 years, spanning all over the globe for a “ubiquitous presence”.

Ubisoft’s net worth has been estimated at around $5.6 billion.

(Source: Bloomberg)

  • By 1986, Guillemot Informatique was raking in up to $5.8 million at that time.
  • In 2021, Ubisoft generated $2.4 billion in sales. A major increase compared to 2020. But 2020 is the weakest recent year with $1.8 billion, even when compared to 2019 and its $2 billion in sales.
  • In 2021, 141 million unique players were active on PC and consoles, which represents an increase of 20% year on year.

The data provided is based on IFRS accounting standards. However, to better represent the real achievements made by the company, Ubisoft also provides the non-IFRS numbers. The first thing we can notice is that 2020 is the weakest link from 2019 to 2021, which comes as a surprise. That year was a big momentum in the video game industry thanks to people forced to stay at home because of COVID-19. That can have to do with the controversies regarding the numerous reports of sexual harassment and discrimination in the company. Several people left, while some others were fired, and the public was not too happy with Ubisoft and its secrets. However, FY2021 showed superb growth thanks to games like Assassin’s Creed: Valhalla or Far Cry 6. And it seems like FY2022 is about to follow suit.

In fiscal year 2021-23, Ubisoft generated $1.9 billion in sales.

(Source: Statista)

  • In the previous fiscal year, approximately 85% of Ubisoft’s sales were digital, amounting to around $1.5 billion  
  • The U.S. subsidiary of Ubisoft accounts for the majority of the parent company’s sales revenues

The statistics provide insight into Ubisoft’s business model and revenue sources. The growing dominance of digital sales indicates a shift away from physical copies towards online and downloadable content delivery. This suggests Ubisoft is adapting successfully to industry trends. Notably, over 85% of sales stemming from digital highlights the company’s focus on digital platforms and business strategies. Additionally, the US subsidiary contributing the majority of overall sales demonstrates the significant market share Ubisoft holds in North America. 

As of March 2022, Ubisoft had a grand total of 22,251 employees.

(Source: LinkedIn)

  • Ubisoft has a total of 40 offices and studios spread all over the world.
  • As of March 2022, Ubisoft boasts a grand total of 22,251 employees.
  • Sony’s PlayStation 4 and 5 are the platforms where sales have been the highest throughout the years: 33% in 2021, 30% in 2020, and 36% in 2019.
  • PC is the 2nd most used platform with 23% (2021), 28% (2020), and 26% (2019).
  • Microsoft’s Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S are third with 21% (2021), 16% (2020), and 20% (2019). Nintendo’s Switch takes the fourth spot with 11% (2021), 9% (2020), and 6% (2019).
  • Mobile games round off the list with 8% (2021), 11% (2020), and 7% (2019). 

Overall, the North American subsidiary of Ubisoft is where the highest revenues are generated, even undermining the parent company (HQ) in Montreuil. That may also explain why most people think that Ubisoft actually hails from that continent and that Ubisoft Montreal is the HQ. Other than that, Sony shows its superiority in the market by leaving all the other platforms behind. As for the PC, it might come as a surprise, but it is actually ranked before the Xbox. For those in the know, it is quite obvious why: PCs offer a lot of options in terms of customization and are powerful war machines (for the high-end ones). In this age of the growing mobile gaming industry, Ubisoft seems to still be quite shy to board that ship.

To sum up

Ubisoft, a gaming giant, has successfully adapted to technological changes, securing numerous awards and commercial successes over the years. Notable achievements include the Just Dance franchise selling over 80 million copies and the vast following for Tom Clancy-inspired games like Rainbow Siege. They’ve also expanded into movies and TV through Ubisoft Movie & Television. However, in recent times, they’ve faced criticism for seemingly prioritizing profits over player experience, evident in expensive DLCs, subtle pay-to-win elements, and a pivot towards blockchain and NFTs, a controversial decision among gamers and their own developers. The shift from major AAA games to a focus on mobile and free-to-play titles, combined with their perceived greed, raises concerns about the company’s future direction.


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