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How many copies did Deep Rock Galactic sell? — 2024 statistics

Digging deep, shooting high!

Release Date
May 13, 2020
First-person shooter
Ghost Ship Games
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Let’s delve into the world of Deep Rock Galactic sales and explore how this co-op shooter has achieved impressive milestones. This game has carved out a niche in the co-op shooter genre, drawing players in with its thrilling cave-diving adventures and strategic gameplay. The game’s market performance is a testament to its popularity, consistently ranking high in sales.

Focusing on Deep Rock Galactic statistics, the game boasts an active and engaged player base, with over 1 million monthly users and thousands of daily players. The community’s enthusiasm is reflected in the game’s Overwhelmingly Positive rating on Steam, with the vast majority of reviews praising its unique gameplay and continuous updates. Whether you’re mining precious resources or battling alien threats, Deep Rock Galactic delivers a thrilling experience that keeps players coming back for more.

Deep Rock Galactic has sold over 8 million copies since its launch in 2018.

(Source: Game World Observer)

  • This includes PC, PlayStation, and Xbox versions.
  • In 2023 alone, the game sold approximately 2.56 million units, indicating strong and consistent sales growth.
  • Deep Rock Galactic reached 2 million copies sold in January 2021, and then added another 1 million copies by November 2021.
  • By the end of 2022, Deep Rock Galactic had surpassed 5.5 million units sold.
  • As of September 2023, Deep Rock Galactic had sold 7 million units.

Deep Rock Galactic has shown remarkable growth since its launch, steadily increasing its player base and gaining popularity across multiple platforms. The game’s consistent sales growth reflects its strong appeal and the successful efforts of its developers to keep the content fresh and engaging. With a dedicated community and continuous updates, Deep Rock Galactic has firmly established itself as a favorite among co-op shooter fans. The game’s impressive sales trajectory highlights its enduring appeal and the enjoyment players find in its unique blend of mining and combat adventures.

Deep Rock Galactic brought in $71.8 million in revenue by September 2023.

(Source: Game World Observer)

  • Deep Rock Galactic is the 2nd highest revenue-generating title in Coffee Stain’s portfolio.
  • Its right between Valheim with over 12 million copies sold, and revenue of $152.6 million and Satisfactory with over 5 million copies sold, and revenue of $63 million.
  • Deep Rock Galactic has been a major financial success for its publisher, Coffee Stain.
  • This is evident from the game’s high revenue figures and its ranking as the 2nd highest revenue-generating title in Coffee Stain’s portfolio.

Deep Rock Galactic has proven to be a significant financial success for its publisher, Coffee Stain. By September 2023, the game had generated $71.8 million in revenue, making it one of the top revenue-generating titles in the company’s portfolio. This achievement places it right alongside other major hits like Valheim and Satisfactory. The game’s impressive revenue figures and high ranking highlight its strong market presence and the continued support from its dedicated player base. These financial results underscore the game’s enduring popularity and the effective strategies employed by its developers and publishers to maintain its success.

Deep Rock Galactic had 150.300 daily active users on Steam.

(Source: Steam, PC Games Insider)

  • The game had over 1 million monthly active users on Steam.
  • With increases of 32% and 23% respectively year-over-year.
  • Deep Rock Galactic reached 2.4 million followers on Steam.
  • It was the 5th most followed game on the Steam platform of all time!
  • It had 597.600 members on Discord, 339,000 subscribers on Reddit, and 106,000 subscribers on YouTube.
  • Deep Rock Galactic players spent an average of over 46 hours in the game, with over 800k players logging more than 100 hours.

The game has cultivated an incredibly active and engaged player community. With over a million monthly active users and a notable increase in daily active users, the game’s popularity continues to grow. The strong following on Steam, coupled with a vibrant presence on platforms like Discord, Reddit, and YouTube, showcases the game’s widespread appeal. Players are deeply invested, spending countless hours exploring and enjoying the game’s unique co-op experience. This active engagement and dedicated fanbase highlight the game’s enduring success and the strong community support that keeps it thriving.


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