How many people play Clash of Clans? — 2024 statistics

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August 2, 2012

In 2012, Supercell unleashed a game-changer onto the mobile gaming scene. This strategic epic wasn’t just another title—it was a revolution, shifting perceptions of what mobile games could achieve. Clash of Clans has left a lasting mark in mobile gaming. Diving into Clash of Clans statistics, one question emerges: How many people play Clash of Clans? The answer not only indicates its popularity but also its sustained success in the ever-evolving gaming arena. And for those hungering for a broader gaming perspective, our video games industry statistics beckons with even more revelations.

Clash of Clans user statistics

Clash of Clans attracts a diverse group of players, from strategy game enthusiasts to casual participants seeking daily challenges. Its accessible yet competitive PvP format and the camaraderie within alliances foster a strong community vibe. A key metric reflecting this widespread engagement is the Clash of Clans player count, demonstrating the game’s enduring appeal and active participation rates in its vibrant community.

Clash of Clans has around 150 million monthly players.

(Source: Business of Apps,

  • In 2014, Supercell announced that the game had 29 million users. A year later, this total would increase to 37 million players.
  • Clash of Clans garnered up to 55 million users in 2016.
  • In April 2021, it was recorded that Clash of Clans had almost 2 million players per day.
  • As of July 2019, the game has been downloaded more than 621 million times.
  • In 2018, Clash of Clans reached the 500-million-installs milestone on the Google Store.

Unfortunately, after 2016, Supercell stopped sharing the number of users. The company never really shared the daily or the monthly number of players, either. Information like that would come from websites such as Sensor Tower or Appmagic and that does not happen often. But from what we can see, the growth was organic

Players in Clash of Clans are predominantly male with 77%.

(Source: Newzoo)

  • Around 43% belong to the 21-35 age group, followed by the 36-50 with 15%.
  • People aged 10-20 still represent at least 16% of the player base, and the 51-65 age group does not even account for 5% of the grand total.

We can see that the player base is pretty mature, which also means that not only is the game rooted in a genre that suits more active and adult people, but their financial stability also translates into money being poured into the game whenever they need it to. A really famous player named Panda once shared how he would spend up to $7000, but that amount only accounts for 7% of his monthly income.

42% of Clash of Clans players are hardcore gamers and only 31% are casual gamers.

(Source: Newzoo)

  • 93% enjoy playing their games on a TV screen, 71% like to do it on their tablet or any handheld console and 65% play on all screens (TV, handheld devices and phones).
  • 16% of Clash of Clan also play Candy Crush, while only 6% of Candy Crush players also play the strategy game.

This poll shows that contrary to popular belief and just because the game is on mobile devices, Clash of Clans is actually a game to be taken seriously. It might not have been them, but the audience is mostly composed of people who are into games in all shapes and forms. It is also illustrated by the fact that way more Clash of Clans players are open to playing games like Candy Crush (that are on another spectrum) compared to the opposite. We can infer, based on the demographics and this profile, that there are a lot of adult men with a family, a job, and financial independence who have less time to play games as much as before but still want something that would be thrilling and test their skills. On a smaller scale, though.

Clash of Clans key statistics

With such success, everyone is a bit curious about topics focused on revenues, profits, the number of downloads, and more information around the game itself.

Clash of Clans has generated revenue over $6.4 billion in lifetime through microtransactions.

(Source: Games Industry)

  • In 2019, the game raked in $727 million in revenue, an improvement compared to 2018 when the game made a total of $527 million.
  • After the introduction of the Gold Pass in April, the month generated $66.6 million in revenue.
  • The last increase before was in 2015 when the game brought in $1.8 billion compared to 2014’s $1.6 billion.
  • Then, the game plunged again in 2016 by making $1.1 billion, followed by 2017’s $0.7 billion.
  • In 2019, Clash of Clans alone accounted for 42% of Supercell’s revenue.
  • The Chinese giant Tencent paid $8.6 billion to acquire a controlling stake of 81.4% in Supercell in 2019.

When Clash of Fire entered the stage in 2012, it took less than seven months to become the top game and the top-grossing game on iPhone in the United States. Something that was repeated when the game was finally released on Android. Looked down upon by console and PC gamers, the game was making huge waves in the mobile gaming landscape. It was possible to generate millions to billions with a simple game if you knew how to manage your formula. Because Clash of Clans did not create anything new in its gameplay: he used something that was already used and perfected it. The game counts on players’ unwillingness to wait for resources to be harvested and their willingness to spend real money on gems that would speed up the process. And when in 2019, Supercell introduced its Gold Pass, it drastically boosted the game’s revenue. Nowadays, the game is still earning money, but it is difficult to assess a monthly or yearly total.

Clash of Clans still makes a minimum of $1 million in daily player spending.

(Source: Sensor Tower)

  • In 2014, it was already generating $654,000 in daily revenue.
  • In 2015, the game was pulling in $1.56 million on average per day.
  • In 2018, the game’s daily revenue was around $1.5 million. Nothing compared to its golden year, 2015, when this number would be around $5.5 million.
  • In the first seven days after the Gold Pass was released in April 2019, $3.9 million were generated daily.

Clash of Clans usage statistics

Time to take a closer look at how the game is consumed by the community. Clash of Fire was a global phenomenon during its heydays and is still played nowadays. The studio always makes sure to add new updates to bring novelty and the Gold Pass and its exclusive content that keeps changing are sure to keep the players entertained for a while.

United States plays Clash of Clans the most with 18.92% of players.

(Source: Player Counter)

  • Turkey is #2 with 6.17% and is followed by China as #3 with 4.09%.
  • The rest of the Top 5 is rounded up by Germany (3.65%) and Russia (3.57%).

Leading by far, the United States might be the biggest market for this game. I say “might” because the participation ratio does not always translate into high player spending. But knowing the United States and how they spend on video games, there is a good chance it is actually lucrative. The game was banned in Iran for promoting violence, tribal warfare, and being way too addictive for young people.

There are a total of 7.8 million clans in Clash of Clans.

(Source: Clashspot)

  • 4.2 million clans are part of the International group, meaning that there are different countries taken into account here.
  • Indonesia has the highest number of clans with 978,583, followed by India with 870,451.
  • China comes at the third position with 722,274 clans and the United States is fourth with 678,548 clans.
  • The Philippines is #5 with a total of 512,454 clans.

Clash of Clans shows its global reach with this ranking (the whole thing, not just the top 5). It is also a nice mix of everything, as no particular continent dominates over the rest. And since the game is not too demanding in terms of performance, it is open to people from all walks of life and not just individuals with deep pockets who can afford high-end phones.

The best clan in Clash of Clans is Bharat from India with a total of 56K trophies.

(Source: Clashspot)

  • The second-best clan, Team INDIA, is also Indian and has 55,603 trophies. Iran has the third-best clan, Persian Gulf, with 55,438 trophies.
  • Vietnam War, from Vietnam, is fourth and has earned 54,920 trophies. And finally, Brother in Arm from India takes the fifth spot with its 54,633 trophies.

Now, when considering the clans on an individual scale, we can see that a good chunk of the top 20 is dominated by Southeast Asian countries and the Middle East. The first western country can only be found at #20 (Great Britain). However, #12 is an international clan, meaning that it is composed of players from different countries.

Clash of Clans eSports statistics

The title actually has its own eSports scene. It is the biggest out there, nor could it be said to be part of the biggest; but it exists. It is also really active, and they have not surpassed the $1 million threshold in prize money yet, but they might steadily get there, it is still a nice sum. Clash of Clans uses a format that is actually adapted for eSports: the game is focused on multiplayer and PvP, it involves strategy, players can form alliances and the pace is fast enough that an audience would not get bored.

The biggest prize pool in a tournament reached a total of $730,000.

(Source: eSports Earnings)

  • It was the prize money for the Clash of Clans World Championship 2020.
  • The grand total of prize money awarded amounts to $2.7 million from over 40 tournaments.

Clash of Clans is not really the kind of title you would think about when saying eSports, but the community still managed to have its own slice of that cake. The circuit is still pretty professional, with something always happening and no shortage of players. The World Championship was canceled/delayed in 2021 and should happen during H1 2022 since the qualifiers are now over.

The French player Lenaide is the highest earner in the circuit with $110K.

(Source: eSports Earnings)

  • Ast from Finland is #2 with a total of $89,435. He is followed by BuMm (South Korea) and Jojo23 (Germany) with $89,435 both.
  • Rounding off the top 5 are Vale (Germany) with $86,310 and Wei (China) with $61,000.

It is true that South Korea is known for its huge presence on the eSports scene, but it is still a surprise to find them here, in a much smaller circuit. Who would have thought it could interest them? We can also find a lot of Japanese players, but French and Chinese players are ranking very well individually.

Germany dominates the circuit with its $361K earned with the highest sum of money awarded.

(Source: eSports Earnings)

  • China is second with $358,999 and France is third with $302,870.
  • South Korea ($241,085) and Japan ($229,450) managed to occupy the last two spots of that Top 5.

This list pretty much enforces what the list of individual earnings was already showing. France is actually the country with the lower number of players: less than 20 compared to the other three countries with 20-30 players.

To sum up

There is that nebulous notion lately that a dead game is one that does not make the headlines 24/7, with its numbers displayed everywhere. Clash of Clans is clearly proving that that is not what it is all about. Showing longevity in the industry, while still making a nice profit and making your player base happy, even if the numbers are lower, is far from being dead. All the opposite. Nowadays, Clash of Clans is still topping the charts as a lucrative game and has nothing to be shy about.

The player base is loyal, but a lot of players constantly return to the game to feel that ping of nostalgia and still have a good time. Plus, the demographics make it so that players will not be fickle, turning to the last trendy app or game. Clash of Clans is one of those life-changing games that appeared in the 2010s and showed that mobile devices were not that limited if you knew how to play your cards correctly and adapt. Like with Candy Crush, an astounding number of copycats saw the light of day, trying to copy the formula, but never succeeding in making it their own. From the title to the graphics and the logo, Clash of Clans is definitely part of something that changed the mobile gaming landscape.


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