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How many copies did Hogwarts Legacy sell? — 2023 statistics

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February 10, 2023
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The Harry Potter universe has long enchanted audiences with its rich tapestry of magic and lore. With the anticipation high, Hogwarts Legacy emerged, setting its sights on becoming the most notable game in this magical series. How many copies did Hogwarts Legacy sell? A deep dive into Hogwarts Legacy statistics reveals the answer and its impressive performance in 2023 and hints at its potential future influence in the gaming arena. We invite you to join us as we see what the wizarding world of Hogwarts Legacy has to offer, and if you want more of the latest gaming news, you can also see how much the gaming industry is worth!

Hogwarts Legacy key stats

This section is going to contain some of the most relevant Hogwarts Legacy statistics at the moment. Even before its release, Hogwarts Legacy managed to accumulate some controversy, as well as other accolades, but we will go in-depth and show you how well the game is doing. There are a lot of things to examine, so let’s dive in and see what kind of reputation this game has and where it is going in the future.

Hogwarts Legacy sold over 15 million copies since its release

(Source: IGN)

  • Hogwarts Legacy sold 12 million copies in its first two weeks
  • This milestone makes Hogwarts Legacy the biggest global launch for Warner Bros.
  • Hogwarts Legacy is a bright spot for Warner Bros. as the company lost $2.1 billion through the discovery series.
  • In the same period, Warner Bros. also reported $850 million in global profits, with Hogwarts Legacy reaching 1.28 million concurrent viewers on Twitch.

We’ve already talked about Hogwarts Legacy’s massive success within the first week of its launch and the second week saw even more sales, tallying up to over 12 million, which is massive as some franchises struggle to make those numbers even though they are already established. If the first two weeks have been this successful, we can only imagine how much the game will rise in sales in the coming months.

Hogwarts Legacy surpasses $1 billion in revenue, earning more than most Harry Potter movies

(Source: GAMINGbible)

  • Hogwarts Legacy, following its launch on PS4 and Xbox One, has surpassed $1 billion in revenue from its 15 million unit sales worldwide across all platforms. This makes the prospect of sequels quite likely​.
  • As a singular entity, Hogwarts Legacy has grossed more than most Harry Potter movies. The only Harry Potter movie that has made more than Hogwarts Legacy is “Harry Potter and The Deathly Hallows: Part II,” which grossed over $1.316 billion at the worldwide box office. However, when you combine the grosses of both parts of “The Deathly Hallows,” the total is a whopping $2.266 billion​.
  • Each of the remaining Harry Potter movie entries ranges from $789 million to $965 million. Although Hogwarts Legacy does not stand much chance of outearning the entire movie series unless it releases another seven or eight games, if it can amass anything near three billion with three video game releases, that would be incredibly impressive​​.
  • The release date of Hogwarts Legacy on Nintendo Switch has been delayed by four months, but the game is available now on PC, PlayStation, and Xbox​​.

Hogwarts Legacy is the best selling-game on PS5, Xbox Series X, and PC pre-launch.

(Source: Forbes)

  • It was the best-selling game on Steam based on preorders.
  • It beat Modern Warfare 2 in sales by a wide margin.
  • It was also the best-selling game on Amazon for the PS5, even ahead of the massively popular Dead Space remake.
  • Hogwarts Legacy was the #2 best-selling game on the Xbox Series X/S, trailing behind Modern Warfare 2.
  • The only platform it didn’t dominate on was the Switch, where it was the 33rd best-selling game.

It is more than apparent that long-time fans of the Harry Potter series were foaming at the mouth when the game was announced, and this was reflected in the number of preorders that the game has gotten in the last few months. The game has dominated on multiple platforms, climbing the ranks of presales and performing very well. Time will tell, but we can freely expect Hogwarts Legacy to be a bestseller in 2023. Maybe even a Game of the Year candidate?

Hogwarts Legacy’s UK first-week sales were 80% higher than Elden Ring’s.

(Source: VGC)

  • 82% of sales were for the PS5, and 18% of sales were for the Xbox Series X.
  • These numbers do not account for digital sales, only physical sales.
  • This is the best starting week for any Harry Potter game in history, with Hogwarts Legacy’s sales being 2% higher than the Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone game.

Elden Ring had a massive release and some of the most perfect reviews that you could expect from a new game, but it cannot remain at the top spot forever. Hogwarts Legacy had much more hype surrounding it than Elden Ring because Harry Potter is a global franchise and is bound to have many more followers.

Hogwarts Legacy was the best-selling non-FIFA game in a long time.

(Source: GameSpot)

  • The game’s success came at a low point for video game industry sales, which dropped by 10% around the time of its release.
  • Hogwarts Legacy is the best-selling non-FIFA game since the sales charts were formed in 2017.
  • It was the fifth-best-selling game in 2022 behind games like Elden Ring, Modern Warfare 2, GTA V, and FIFA 23.

It is quite well-known that the FIFA series has been topping the sales charts in the UK for many years, with few games managing to surpass it in sales. While Hogwarts Legacy did not outright surpass this series, its performance during its sales window was quite impressive and cemented its status as an excellent AAA game, despite all the controversy and performance issues.

Hogwarts Legacy’s active Steam player base fell by nearly 90%.

(Source: Tech 4 Gamers)

  • At the time of launch, Hogwarts Legacy had nearly 900,000 concurrent players.
  • This achievement helped it enter the top 10 Steam games based on concurrent player count.
  • Since its launch, Hogwarts Legacy has lost nearly 90% of its concurrent players.
  • At the time of writing, the game has not crossed 100,000 concurrent players, and some counts have fallen below 75,000.
  • Although this is a massive fall, it is still impressive for a single-player game to retain those types of numbers.

This was a pretty hard hit for Hogwarts Legacy since its popularity hinged on how many people played it and how much it could immerse you in the Harry Potter universe. Of course, you have to keep in mind that Hogwarts Legacy is not a multiplayer game, despite its ad campaign stating that it would be an MMO. Because of this, its concurrent player could is not that concerning, but it would have been a massive issue if the game was multiplayer.

Hogwarts Legacy was banned from being playable at Games Done Quick.

(Source: SVG)

  • Games Done Quick (GDQ) is an organization that hosts video game speedrunning events to gather money for charity.
  • The organization has banned many games from its event for a variety of reasons.
  • One of those games was Hogwarts Legacy, the newest installment of Harry Potter video games.
  • Aside from Hogwarts Legacy, GDQ has also banned all Harry Potter games from its events.
  • While the official reason has not been stated by GDQ, it is almost certainly because of J.K. Rowling and all of the controversy surrounding her political views.

The controversy surrounding this game never seems to stop, does it? J.K. Rowling has become notorious on Twitter for her takes on the trans community, which has reflected quite poorly on Hogwarts Legacy, and the Harry Potter game series as a result. This is a shame because GDQ is the biggest speedrunning organizer out there and their events pull in so much money for charity that it is exceptional.

Hogwarts Legacy players have killed 2.25 billion Dark Wizards.

(Sources: PC Gamer, Variety)

  • Since the game came out, it has seen 406 million hours played.
  • 674 million magical plants were grown.
  • 405 million potions were brewed.
  • Warner Bros. sees this as a massive success and expects Hogwarts Legacy to grow into a long-term franchise.

12 million sales in two weeks are bound to deliver some interesting community stats, and we can see that Hogwarts Legacy players are very intent on killing everything they see, already racking in over a billion Dark Wizard kills and hundreds of millions of miscellaneous achievements, from potion brewing to plant growth.

A cracker managed to remove Denuvo from Hogwarts Legacy.

(Source: Techspot)

  • The hacker has cracked dozens of games across 10 years of hacking.
  • Some of the most notable games are Doom Eternal, Deathloop, Far Cry 6, Tekken 7, and Resident Evil 8: Village.
  • Hogwarts Legacy is protected by two DRM systems, Denuvo and Steam’s own mild DRM, so cracking Hogwarts Legacy takes some serious skills.
  • Empress has been subject to some controversy for supporting J.K. Rowling.

This doesn’t bode too well for Warner Bros. as it gives people the option of downloading Hogwarts Legacy for free, but it is still important to note that this achievement means that Denuvo is not the software you can use to ensure that your games are protected from pirates. While the number of honest players is bound to exceed pirates, it’s still monumental that Empress managed to hack through two DRMs.

Hogwarts Legacy is among the top 5 games on Steam based on peak player count.

(Source: SteamDB)

  • Its all-time peak player count is 879,308.
  • The game has around 300,000 players in-game at any given time.
  • On Steam, the game has 472,526 followers.
  • It has 112,995 positive reviews, and 8,093 negative reviews, with 93.32% of the reviews being positive.

The hype surrounding Hogwarts Legacy was monumental because this was meant to be the next step in the gaming industry and a massive renewal of the Harry Potter game franchise. It is very popular on Steam and we are sure that the player counts on consoles are even higher than that, but there aren’t many ways to monitor those, so it’s just speculation.

Hogwarts Legacy has 66.3 million hours watched on Twitch.

(Source: SullyGnome)

  • The game has 2.6 million broadcasting hours.
  • There were 92,172 viewers watching the game on average.
  • It has a viewer ratio of 25.6.
  • The max number of viewers watching the game was 1.2 million.
  • It is ranked 1st based on peak channels streaming the game and 2nd based on peak viewers watching the game.

It is no surprise that Hogwarts Legacy was hyped up before its release and that fact reflects how the game has been performing on Twitch. Over 60 million hours watched within a week of a game’s release is often unheard of, and the appeal of Hogwarts Legacy for Twitch viewers lies in its RPG elements and the massive world that takes dozens of hours to explore.

Hogwarts Legacy takes 35-70+ hours to complete.

(Source: Games Hub)

  • The base story should take 35 hours to complete.
  • For completionists, this number goes up to 70+ hours.
  • This is because Hogwarts Legacy is an open-world game and there is a lot to explore.
  • Players will have the option of playing Quidditch and going to fan-favorite places like Diagon Alley.

Since this is going to be an open-world game, it is no surprise that the campaign is going to be quite long, lasting for dozens of hours as you explore the entirety of the wizarding world. 35 hours is a solid amount of necessary time to complete a game, but it is not overwhelming, which must be a joy to casual gamers.

Hogwarts Legacy launched with Denuvo DRM.

(Source: Kotaku Australia)

  • Denuvo is a piece of digital rights management anti-piracy software.
  • Games that utilize it cannot be played without a stable Internet connection.
  • Denuvo has become popular for causing various performance issues in games, prompting some publishers to remove the software from the games completely.
  • This might lead to a problematic launch down the line, as The Callisto Protocol had.

This is one of the controversies surrounding Hogwarts Legacy, at least from a technical perspective. Denuvo DRM has been a hindrance on many games that have recently come out, and while it does help with piracy and avoiding having the game stolen, the eventual hits to performance are just not worth it. Many games have featured Denuvo in the last few years, and just as many of them have dropped the software in favor of performance.

Hogwarts Legacy already has controversy surrounding it.

(Source: SkyNews)

  • Some groups are boycotting Hogwarts Legacy and urging others to do the same.
  • The reason for this is that J.K. Rowling stands to gain royalties from collaborating with the developers of Hogwarts Legacy.
  • She has expressed some controversial takes and opinions concerning the trans community, leading to massive public backlash.
  • Aside from the obvious, she has also received criticism for the racial stereotypes in the Harry Potter book series.
  • This sort of negative publicity can have a negative impact on the release of Hogwarts Legacy, but as it stands, it seems like the game might actually gain more fans from the controversy.
  • Despite this, its release is still on schedule and it is showing no signs of stopping.

Controversy comes with almost every game these days, and Hogwarts Legacy did not manage to dodge negative press. It is pretty much impossible to create any sort of content concerning the Harry Potter series without it tying into J.K. Rowling in some way. The developers have been collaborating with the famous writer for creative guidance throughout the game’s development, and many people are boycotting the game to keep her from getting royalties. The reason for the boycott is the author’s negative stance on the trans community.

Murder is very prevalent in Hogwarts Legacy.

(Source: PC Gamer)

  • This game gives you the choice between being a disciple of the dark arts or being righteous.
  • Dark Arts enjoyers can cast killing curses and murder anyone they want.
  • The propensity for murder is very high in this game considering that the entire Harry Potter film franchise only has a few deaths.
  • The combat and exploration of Hogwarts Legacy have been described as something similar to The Witcher 3 or Red Dead Redemption 2.

Usually, you would expect a game like this to lean on the side of good because of the core ideas of the series, but the developers decided that players deserved to choose their own path, so they implemented branching stories depending on which path they wanted to take. Think of something similar to the InFamous series.

Hogwarts Legacy got excellent reviews before its release.

(Source: Forbes)

  • Even though Avalanche Software has never worked on such a large gaming project, Hogwarts Legacy is still getting excellent reviews.
  • Opencritic and Metacritic gave Hogwarts Legacy 86/100, which is a very high score even though it is not Game of the Year material yet.
  • Three IGN portals gave the game 9/10, 9.5/10, and 10/10.

Since the release of the game is drawing near, the pre-release reviews are starting to flood in, and everything we have seen so far points to the idea that Hogwarts Legacy is going to be one of the best games of 2023, and that is considering that we haven’t even seen everything the game has to offer. Time will tell, but we expect the reviews to remain the same after the game is released.

To sum up

Alright! That’s all we have to say about Hogwarts Legacy for now. The game has been out for a bit now and it is just starting to grow, so we’re going to update this with new information as it comes available. There is sure to be a lot to talk about because fans have been eagerly expecting its release and will play the game fervently. We hope that you have enjoyed what we have had to present so far and we invite you to check back often to learn more!


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