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How many copies did Hollow Knight sell? — 2024 statistics

Bugs, bravery, and brilliant battles in a world of wonders.

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February 24, 2017
Team Cherry
Team Cherry

Hollow Knight has carved out a special place in the hearts of gamers with its stunning hand-drawn art and challenging gameplay. This indie darling has seen impressive success, with Hollow Knight sales surpassing millions across various platforms. The game’s financial performance is equally noteworthy, with Hollow Knight revenue reflecting its widespread popularity and the strong support from its dedicated community. Delving into Hollow Knight statistics reveals a game that continues to captivate players, maintaining a robust player base and receiving overwhelmingly positive reviews.

Hollow Knight sold over 6 million copies on Steam.

(Source: Video Game Insights, PCGamesN,

  • The Nintendo Switch version sold 250,000 copies within the first two weeks of its launch.
  • The game has seen consistent sales and discounts, with an average price of $13.88.
  • Hollow Knight is a highly successful for an indie game.

Hollow Knight has proven to be an exceptional success story in the indie game scene. Its impressive sales figures and strong performance across platforms like the Nintendo Switch highlight its widespread appeal. Consistent sales and strategic discounts have further fueled its popularity, making it accessible to a broad audience. As a highly successful indie game, Hollow Knight’s journey reflects the potential for independent developers to create beloved, high-quality games that resonate deeply with players around the world.

Hollow Knight revenue reached an estimated $89 million across all platforms.

(Source: Video Game Insights)

  • Hollow Knight revenue on Steam alone is around $64 million.
  • Additional revenue streams from DLCs like “Godmaster” and “The Grimm Troupe,” along with merchandise sales, have significantly boosted the overall financial success of Hollow Knight.

Hollow Knight’s impressive revenue achievement underscores its success and enduring popularity. With significant earnings from Steam alone, the game has proven its strong market presence. Additional revenue from DLCs like “Godmaster” and “The Grimm Troupe,” as well as merchandise sales, have played a crucial role in boosting its financial performance. This multifaceted revenue stream highlights the game’s broad appeal and the effective strategies employed by Team Cherry to maintain its momentum and profitability in the competitive gaming industry.

Hollow Knight reached an all-time peak of 20,324 concurrent players on Steam.

(Source:, Video Game Insights)

  • Average play time is around 31 hours.
  • The game has over 356,000 followers on Steam, showcasing its strong community interest and support.
  • Hollow Knight holds an Overwhelmingly Positive rating on Steam, with over 310,000 reviews, indicating widespread player satisfaction.
  • The game has an extremely positive critical reception, with 97.1% positive reviews on Steam.

Hollow Knight’s peak of over 20,000 concurrent players on Steam is a clear testament to its immense popularity and strong community support. With an average playtime of around 31 hours, it’s evident that players are deeply engaged with the game. The large following on Steam, coupled with its overwhelmingly positive reviews, highlights the widespread satisfaction and enthusiasm among players. The game’s exceptional critical reception further underscores its quality and the successful efforts of Team Cherry in creating a beloved and enduring title. This blend of high player engagement, community interest, and critical acclaim marks Hollow Knight as a standout success in the indie gaming scene.


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