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If you’re older than 15, chances are that you’ve never heard of Roblox, despite it being one of the most popular massively multiplayer social game platforms of this generation. Even though the game has been around since 2004-2005 on the PC, it was only recently that the game exploded in popularity after being ported to mobile devices and Xbox. This has opened up the Roblox universe to an entirely new age group, specifically grade school and university students.

The history and development of Roblox dates back to 1989 where a company known as Knowledge Revolution was founded by David Baszucki. The company focused on creating an education software with a physics engine. A few years later, David partnered up with Erik Cassel, who would later become a key figure in the creation and success of Roblox.

Fast forward 10 years into the future, and David decided to sell Knowledge Revolution to MSC Software for a cool $20 million but stayed on the company as the acting vice-president until 2004 when he and Erik ultimately departed.

The dynamic duo paired up with Keith Lucas and decided to start a new project that used a dynamic game engine, and thus, Dynablocks was born. This would become the very first stage in the development of Roblox that let players create and play games. In 2004, it was renamed to Roblox—a combination of robot and blocks since the characters sort of looked like robots. After a full two years of alpha and beta, Roblox was officially released in 2006.

Initially, Roblox was pretty simple. It was limited by goofy physics but had a charm that created a highly supportive base community. A year after its launch, Builder’s Club, Robux, and Tix were introduced to monetize features while the game’s core remained playable for non-paying users.

In 2007, David and co. introduced a safe chat feature that allowed players of any age to play. As the years went on and the community continued to grow in numbers, more enhancements were implemented to the creative side of Roblox. This allowed creators to push the limits as to what kind of games they could develop. This includes clothing, terrain, building, and an easier-to-understand Lua programming language for new players to learn.

In 2012, Roblox became increasingly more accessible after it was released on iOS devices. At the time, mobile games weren’t a huge thing, but the cross-compatibility of PC and phones/tablets made it so mobile gamers could try out the existing games. In 2013, Erik sadly passed away after a three-year bout with cancer.

2015 saw a tremendous enhancement to the Roblox world as terrain became smoother, making the game generally more eye-pleasing than its previous blocky world. A year later, the community saw another huge upgrade as the devs introduced the R15 avatars, which gave their in-game characters more limbs, making them less clunky than before. Roblox also took their business efforts outside of the digital world by producing a toy line and all kinds of merchandise. In 2016, Tix were permanently removed from Roblox so as to simplify the game’s in-game currency and trading system.

Today, Roblox has over 40 million playable games of every genre that 164 million players can play at any time.

Key Roblox Stats

  • Roblox was officially released for the PC on September 1, 2006
  • Roblox was released for iOS devices on December 12, 2012
  • Two years later in 2014, Roblox for Android devices is released on July 16
  • Roblox is finally ported to the Xbox One on November 20, 215
  • As of July 2020, there are roughly 150 million players every month
  • Roblox valued at $4 billion after Series G funding
  • Roblox has been downloaded for mobile devices 383 million times
  • Three quarters of Roblox’s revenue from mobile devices come from Apple users
  • Roughly a quarter of all of Roblox’s income comes from Android devices
  • Roblox has surpassed the $1 billion revenue mark in 2019
  •  40% playing increase since the Coronavirus lockdown started in March 2020
  • There are roughly 4 million game creators in Roblox
  • Roblox’s staff increased to 500 from 100 in 2016
  • In 2018, users 13 years old and younger spent a total of 5 million hours playing Roblox
  • Approximately 1 billion hours is spent playing Roblox every month
  • Adopt Me is the most popular Roblox game with over 670,000 players as of July 2020
  • MeepCity is the largest Roblox game with over 5 billion plays
  • Roblox’s peak concurrent player count recorded at 7 million in March 2018
  • Roblox paid $70 million to game creators in 2018
  • Roblox paid nearly double the amount to game creators in 2019 ($110 million)
  • Projected revenue for all of 2020 is set at $250 million
  • Estimated total player spending in Roblox surpassed $1.5 billion in June 2020
  • Total revenue from the UK as of June 2020 is $1.13 billion
  • Revenue from the US as of June 2020 is $1 billion
  • A total of 552 million items have been retrieved in Roblox in 2018
  •  3 billion Roblox games were played in 2018
  • As of 2020, Roblox has over 400 human moderators—a possible decrease for 2019’s figures of 600 human moderators
  •  11 million Roblox games were created and released in 2017
  • There are a total roughly 40 million playable games in Roblox
  • Roblox had an average 8 billion monthly pageviews in 2017

Roblox Active Player Count January 2012 - July 2020

After Roblox was ported to iOS devices and Xbox one, the number of registered accounts and active players skyrocketed to more than five times in just a few short years. As of July 2020, there were a total of 164 million registered accounts.

Roblox Active Player Count
MonthActive Player Count
January 20127 million
March 201748 million
April 201990 million
August 2019100 million
February 2020115 million
July 2020164 million

Roblox Games with the Most Players

Roblox’s gaming platform allows players to create their own worlds, which they can share with other users. The Roblox minigame with the highest player count as of April 2020 is Adopt Me!

Roblox Games with the Most Players
Roblox GamePlayer Count
Adopt Me!1.6 million
Tower of Hell133,605
Royale High110,033
Murder Mystery 289,505
My Restaurant!61,648
Work at a Pizza Place32,049
Build A Boat For Treasure29,094
Flee the Facility28,505
Ninja Legends26,915
Mad City23,682
Family Paradise20,752
Ragdoll Engine19,653
Super Hero Tycoon19,443
Blox Fruits19,007
Tapping Simulator17,326
Bee Swarm Simulator16,958
Survive the Killer16,740
Epic Minigames15,386
Clicking Legends14,917
Paradise Life14,366
Theme Park Tycoon 213,714
Dungeon Quest13,407
Legends of Speed12,125

Roblox Revenue

Even though Roblox is a free-to-play game, users can purchase and even sell Robux for real-life money. The table below shows the company’s yearly revenue stream from 2017 to 2018.

Roblox Revenue
YearTotal Revenue
2017$45.7 million
2018$335 million
2019$435 million

Source: SensorTower

Roblox Player Spending for May 2019 - May 2020

Roblox Player Spending
MonthTotal Player Spending
May 2019$37.5 million
June 2019$42.4 million
July 2019$47.4 million
August 2019$50.9 million
September 2019$44.5 million
October 2019$46.8 million
November 2019$48.3 million
December 2019$79.3 million
January 2020$65.2 million
February 2020$54.6 million
March 2020$69.8 million
April 2020$93.2 million
May 2020$102.9 million

Source: Statista

Roblox Funding

Since its launch in 2006, Roblox has raised a total of over $335 million over eight funding rounds. The latest funding—Series G—was raised $150 million on February 26, 2020. Roblox is currently funded by 10 investors, of which Tencent and Tiger Global Management are the most recent. The post-money valuation of the company falls within the $1 billion to $10 billion range.

Roblox Funding
Announced DateSeriesNumber of InvestorsLead InvestorsMoney Raised
January 7, 2005AUnknownUnknown$560,000
August 2, 2006BUnknownUnknown$1.1 million
January 29, 2008C2Altos Ventures, First Round Capital$2.9 million
July 21, 2009D2Altos Ventures, First Round Capital$2.2 million
May 11, 2011D2Altos Ventures, First Round Capital$4 million
January 24, 2017E2Index Ventures, Meritech Capital Partners$25 million
July 16, 2018F6Greylock, Tiger Global Management$150 million
February 26, 2020G6Andreessen Horowitz$150 million

Bloxy Awards 2020

Roblox hosts an annual event, dubbed the Bloxy Awards, which functions as both a way to recognize game creators for their astounding accomplishments and raise funds for the company. The most recent Bloxy Awards ceremony took place on March 21, 2020, and attracted over 600,000 virtual attendees.

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