Welcome to Farmtown — free cash, crystals and hats

With our incredible Welcome to Farmtown codes list, you'll always have some of the best selection of freebies to play with!

Welcome to Farmtown is like what you would get if you mixed Farmville with Sims. Roblox took the best parts out of both games and combined them to make this awesome game. You can enjoy the town life as well as the farming life in this one-of-a-kind title. Become rich or keep life simple, it’s up to you!

Apart from that, you can also expand your farm or grow rare crops that you can sell to make quick money. With so much happening in the game, we thought the best help to you guys would be to give you a bunch of great codes that you can redeem for freebies. We compiled them all in this Welcome to Farmtown codes guide.

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Active Welcome to Farmtown codes

  • welcometofarmtown — 100 Cash
  • masteroffarming — Alien Data Crystal
  • lightmeup — Floor Lamp
  • Wackyhead — Wacky Propeller Hat
  • feefofifum — 5 Magic Beans [only works in Classic]
  • PumpkinTime! — 5 Pumpkin Seeds [only works in Classic]
  • ebeneezer — 100 Cash [only works in Classic]
  • farmingontwitter — 100 Cash [only works in Classic]
  • testcode2019 — 50 Cash [only works in Classic]
  • 20somanyseeds20 — 10 Mixed Seeds [only works in Classic]
  • 20alltheseeds20 — 50 Mixed Seeds [only works in Classic]

Expired Welcome to Farmtown codes

There are currently no expired Welcome to Farmtown codes so you can just focus on Welcome to Farmtown codes that work!

What are Welcome to Farmtown codes?

Codes are one of the best parts of Roblox because codes can be redeemed to get some awesome freebies like cash, cosmetics or accessories. Bookmarking guides like these can be a great idea so that one is always updated with the latest code drops.

How to redeem Welcome to Farmtown codes

It’s not difficult to redeem the Welcome to Farmtown codes if you follow our steps:

  1. Launch Welcome to Farmtown
  2. Click on the main menu button on the left
  3. Press settings
  4. Select redeem codes
  5. Enter an active code there
  6. Hit confirm
  7. Enjoy all the free items!

That’s it, guys! That’s everything we could tell you about Welcome to Farmtown codes. We hope you have a great time playing the game. Also, if you would like some extra Roblox items then we have a great selection over at Roblox promo codes article. So, check it out whenever you have time.