How to block someone on Coin Master

Keep aggressive raiders from constantly attacking.

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Have you ever been bombarded with raid after raid and wondered how to block someone on Coin Master? Dealing with relentless raiders can be frustrating, but there’s no direct blocking feature in Coin Master. However, there are effective methods to fend off these enthusiastic attackers. In this guide, we’ll explore some of the most popular community strategies to protect your village from constant raids.

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Remove the attacker from your Facebook

When you spin the wheel and land on Attack, you will raid a random village. In most cases, you’ll wind up in the village of one of your friends, but there’s also a small chance you’ll attack a random person you don’t know.

If you were recently attacked, you can also take revenge on your attackers by clicking on the Revenge button at the top of the screen. Typically, raid spammers abuse the Revenge feature to focus attacks on a single user. If you raided a Facebook friend’s village not too long ago, you may find they’ve decided to spend their free spins trying to get back at you.

One way to reduce your odds of being attacked is by removing your most aggressive Coin Master friends from your Facebook friends list. Unfortunately, this can lead to a pretty awkward conversation if the person you’re unfriending is a real-world pal. That’s why we recommend playing Coin Master on a burner Facebook account—a shadow profile made specifically for the game.

Enter Ghost Mode in Coin Master

You can become invisible in Coin Master by disconnecting your Facebook account from your Coin Master profile. This makes it so you won’t be randomly selected as the target of raids.

  1. To enter Ghost Mode, go into your Facebook account, then click Settings.
  2. Find and click the Applications and Websites section.
  3. Find and click Coin Master.
  4. Click on Delete to unlink Coin Master from your Facebook account.

Now your Coin Master account is no linked to your Facebook profile. Keep in mind that, while this does make you invisible to raiders, you also won’t be able to enjoy certain features. For instance, you won’t be able to receive free spins and gifts from friends, and your name won’t show up in the Coin Master leaderboards.

Use the Rhino and Shields

Shields are defensive items in Coin Master that block attacks from other players. As you can imagine, they’re very important for keeping your village up and protected!

The only way to get shields is by winning them from wheel spins. You also can’t stockpile shields. The higher your village level, the more shields you can hold at once, though. So, you’ll have a potentially better defense the further you get in Coin Master.

The Rhino pet is also the best defensive pet in Coin Master. He works almost exactly like a shield, deflecting enemy attacks.

Unlike shields, the Rhino isn’t guaranteed to block raids. When you first hatch a Rhino, there’s only a 10% chance he will stop an attacker. The higher his level, the higher the odds of blocking attacks, up to a maximum of 70%.

When used together, the Rhino and shields make your village’s defense virtually impenetrable.

Now you know how to deal with super-aggressive raiders. Put these tips to good use and your village will be safe for a long, long time!

How do I block someone in Coin Master?

You can “block” someone in Coin Master by unfriending them in Facebook.

Why would I want to block someone in Coin Master?

You might want to block someone in Coin Master if they are harassing you, sending inappropriate messages, or if you simply do not want to interact with them.

What happens when I block someone in Coin Master?

When you block someone in Coin Master, they will no longer be able to send you messages or interact with you in any way. You will also not see their profile or activities in the game.

Can I unblock someone in Coin Master?

Yes, you can “unblock” someone by adding them back into your Friends List.

Will the person I blocked know that I blocked them in Coin Master?

No, the person you blocked in Coin Master will not be notified that you blocked them.

Can the person I blocked still see my profile in Coin Master?

No, the person you blocked in Coin Master will not be able to see your profile or interact with you in any way. They will also not see your activities in the game.