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How many copies did sell? — 2024 statistics

Steering wheelies into wild rides!

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May 29, 2015
Vehicle simulation
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Let’s take a closer look at sales and how this game has made a name for itself. This realistic vehicle simulation game has sold over 5 million copies on Steam, a testament to its popularity and the engaging experience it offers. The game’s ability to attract players during seasonal sales events has further boosted its numbers, ensuring a steady flow of new drivers eager to test their skills.

When diving into statistics, it’s clear the game is not just about the numbers. With revenue exceeding $110 million, it’s evident that players appreciate the continuous updates and the rich modding community that keeps the game fresh and exciting. This strong financial performance, coupled with a dedicated player base, highlights as a standout title in the world of simulation games. sold over 5 million copies on Steam.

(Source: VG Insights, Game Stats)

  • has consistently ranked among the top-selling simulation games on Steam, contributing to its strong market presence and steady sales growth.
  • Seasonal sales events and discounts have significantly boosted the sales figures for, attracting new players and increasing overall revenue. has solidified its position as a leading title in the simulation genre, evidenced by its impressive sales of over 5 million copies on Steam. The game’s continuous presence among the top-selling simulation games highlights its strong market appeal and sustained growth. Seasonal sales events and discounts have played a significant role in boosting these figures, drawing in new players and driving overall revenue. This financial success reflects the game’s ability to engage a wide audience, maintaining its popularity and relevance in a competitive market. generated over $99 million in revenue on Steam.

(Source: VG Insights)

  • The development has been ongoing, with significant updates and enhancements being added over time.
  • The game’s financial success and high player engagement underscore its position as a leading title in the simulation genre.
  • has generated additional revenue through the sale of DLCs and expansions, which offer new vehicles, maps, and features, enhancing the game experience and encouraging continued player investment.
  • The game’s strong modding community has also contributed to its revenue by increasing player engagement and retention, leading to sustained purchases and in-game transactions over time.

The game has clearly made a big impact in the simulation game world, generating over $99 million in revenue on Steam. The game’s ongoing development with regular updates and new features has kept it fresh and exciting for players. This success is also thanks to the strong modding community, which adds even more content and keeps players engaged. Selling additional content like new vehicles and maps has boosted its earnings too, showing just how much players love diving into this detailed driving simulator. Overall, stands out as a top simulation game, thanks to its financial success and loyal player base. has an estimated 2.6 million players.

(Source: SteamDB, Player Tracker, Steam)

  • About 649,000 are active players.
  • reached an all-time peak of 26,844 concurrent players.
  • This is demonstrating its ability to draw in a large audience during key updates or events.
  • The game has received Overwhelmingly Positive reviews from players.
  • 97% of 232,441 reviews are positive.
  • Average playtime is around 73 hours. has successfully built a large and active player community. With an estimated 2.6 million players, the game has shown its strong appeal. The peak player count during significant updates or events illustrates its ability to attract a big audience. Players have praised the game highly, contributing to its overwhelmingly positive review score. Additionally, the average playtime of around 73 hours demonstrates how deeply engaged players are with the game. These factors highlight’s ability to keep its community active and satisfied, ensuring its place as a favorite in the simulation genre.


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