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How many copies did Palworld sell? 2024 statistics

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January 19, 2024
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Palworld is a game that has piqued interest with its unique blend of survival, adventure, and creature-taming. In this article, we delve into the game’s performance metrics, such as Palworld sales figures, player counts, and engagement levels. The data reflects not only the game’s popularity but also its reception in the gaming community. By examining Palworld statistics, we gain insights into trends and player behaviors, providing a comprehensive view of Palworld’s impact in the competitive gaming market. This analysis aims to understand the factors behind the game’s success and areas where it resonates most with its audience.

Palworld sales reached over 7 million copies in its first 5 days.

(Source: VG Insights, Game Rant)

Thanks to its impressive player count, Palworld also hit a huge sales milestone, selling over seven million copies in five days. This impressive sales milestone was achieved thanks to the viral popularity and massive player counts the game was attracting on Steam. Within its first week on the market, Palworld had already moved seven million units across PC and Xbox platforms. While player numbers are the highest measure of a game’s concurrent audience, Palworld sales figures also demonstrate the large audience and financial returns and game has achieved in a short period of time.

Palworld revenue reached over $100 million on Steam.

(Source: VG Insights, SteamDB)

Based on the SteamDB data and charts, Palworld was able to reach over $100 million in revenue on Steam within its first week of early access launch. The game peaked at over 2 million concurrent players and maintained an active player base of over 1.2 million, demonstrating huge popularity and engagement from the Steam community.

Palworld reached over 2 million concurrent players on Steam.

(Source: VG Insights, SteamDB)

  • The peak player count on Steam was over 2 million on January 24th.
  • The highest all-time concurrent player count on Steam is 3.2 million for PUBG.
  • Palworld’s count of 2 million places it second.
  • Palworld has 93.9% positive reviews on Steam

Palworld’s peak player count has been increasing steadily since launch. The game is on Xbox Game Pass as well, so total player count across platforms is estimated to be significantly higher than the Steam numbers. However, Palworld still has a lot of distance to cover before it breaks PUBG’s all-time Steam record of 3.2 million concurrent players.


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