What is the Coin Master Joker Card?

The most valuable cards in Coin Master.

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Collecting cards and completing sets is one of the fastest ways to rise up the Coin Master leaderboards. Some sets are harder to complete than others, due to how rare some cards can be. There are lots of rare cards in Coin Master, but among them, none is more coveted than the Joker Card.

The Joker Card basically works like a wild card. It can be turned into whatever card you want—yes, including Gold Cards! When you’re down a card for a particularly rare card set, winning a Joker from a chest or event is the best thing that can happen.

Down below, we’ll talk about how to get the Joker Card in Coin Master. Then, we’ll walk through the steps to use the Joker Card so you can get the exact card you want.

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How to get the Joker Card in Coin Master

The Joker Card can be obtained from Chests and special events in Coin Master.

The odds of getting a Joker Card from a Chest is different depending on the type of Chest you’re opening, but it’s almost always very rare. In fact, Joker Cards are so rare that we wouldn’t recommend planning a strategy around it. Just think of getting a Joker Card as a lucky twist of fate, and don’t get hung up on trying to get one whenever you open a chest.

Here’s the full breakdown of Joker Card odds for every Chest type, sorted in descending order (from highest odds to lowest odds):

Chest TypeOdds of getting Joker Card
Black Friday Royal Chest20.00%
Cyber Crown Chest7.14%
Big Circus Chest6.60%
Foxy Chest5.00%
Dragon Chest5.00%
Carnival Chest5.00%
Labor Day Party Chest5.00%
Big Wild Chest4.00%
Spring Surprise Chest4.00%
Fireworks Chest4.00%
Galaxy Gold Chest4.00%
Golden Halloween Chest4.00%
Gold Medal Chest3.33%
Small Circus Chest3.20%
Rhino Chest3.20%
Labor Day Chest3.20%
Tiger Chest2.45%
Sunshine Chest2.45%
Wild Chest2.45%
Red Crown Chest2.40%
Small Wild Chest2.40%
Eighties Chest2.40%
Cyber Monday Chest2.40%
Fiesta Chest2.40%
4th of July Chest2.40%
Ancient Egypt Chest1.80%
Sixties Chest1.60%
Chinese New Year Chest1.50%
Surprise Chest1.50%
Halloween Spook Chest1.50%
Golden Trunk Chest1.25%
Lucky Silver Chest1.25%
Lucky Gold Chest1.00%
Purple Crystal Chest1.00%
Travel Chest1.00%
Big in Japan Chest1.00%
Magical Map Chest1.00%
Baseball Chest1.00%
Enchanted Evil Chest1.00%
Santa Stamp Chest1.00%

How to use a Joker Card in Coin Master

If you have a Joker Card in your inventory, you should see a special icon appear in the bottom-left of your screen in place of the regular Cards button. Tap on this button to bring up the Joker Card screen, which lets you choose what card you want to turn your Joker into.

This is the step-by-step breakdown of how to use a Joker Card in Coin Master:

  1. Tap on the Joker Card icon on the bottom-left corner of your screen. This will bring up a card selector listing all the cards in the game.
  2. Pick the card you want from the selection (remember: you can pick rare Gold Cards, too!).
  3. Picking a card will bring up a confirmation pop-up. Tap on the “I’ll take it” button to confirm.
  4. Your Joker Card will be consumed and you will receive your chosen card.

That’s everything you need to know about the Coin Master Joker Card. As you’ve learned, it’s a very useful card for collectors and completionists. It’s not the most reliable drop in the game, but having a Joker Card is sure to give your village a quick progress boost in Coin Master.