How to send Gold Cards in Coin Master

Spread the wealth and share your extra Gold Cards! Here's how...

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Do you have a lot of Gold Cards you are willing to give away? Well, look no further, we will help you help your friends and other people in need of Gold Cards. Maybe you could get some other cards you want in the process.

Coin Master features a trading mechanic that allows you to make card-to-card transactions with other players. The game also has special events where you can hand out your rare cards to others. Whether you’re a Coin Master beginner or veteran, you should know how to send Gold Cards in Coin Master to other players.

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How to send cards in Coin Master

Commonly, if want to send cards in Coin Master, you will have to login to and link your Facebook account to your Coin Master account. This gives you access to see your friends’ cards and see if they are missing some cards that you could give them. However, it’s not common to send cards without something in return, but once you are in the trading menu, you can put in a card that you want to give away in return for a low-level card instead.

Remember to make sure your Coin Master account is synced with your Facebook account. If you haven’t connected your account to a Facebook account, you won’t be able to start a trade with your friends. We will now go over the additional procedures that must be taken in order to send Gold Cards to your friends.

How to send Gold Cards on Coin Master

Now you know that you can send normal cards to your friends and others through the trading mechanic, let’s discuss how to send Gold Cards on Coin Master. Sadly, you can’t just send Gold Cards whenever you want. That rules out the practice of daily direct exchanging with friends in order to acquire new Gold Cards. But don’t let that stop you because there is a way to send Gold Cards through trading.

If you want to start sending Gold Cards to friends, you have to join the Coin Master Gold Card trade events. This event happens a few times a month, so keep an eye out for when the next Gold Card trade event occurs and be ready with your friends to discuss what Gold Cards you want to send. However, don’t expect the event to occur any time soon since according to veteran players, the event can occur two to three times a month.

If you are reading this and the Gold Card trade event has begun. Maybe you want to know more about what the best ways to send Gold Cards to other players in need.