How to break the Coin Master Piggy Bank

The Coin Master Piggy Bank offers great value for wheel spins. Here's all you need to know about the Piggy Bank and how it works.

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Coin Master is all about spinning to win. Every spin is a chance for free coins, cards, pets, and even more spins; and you’ll need them to beat all the stages in Coin Master. In previous patches, you could only hold a maximum of 50 spins. Any spins you got after that would be thrown away. If you liked to hold spins to use them all at once, you had to be careful not to go over this limit, otherwise you’d lose some!

Now with the Piggy Bank feature in Coin Master, you can hold on to even more spins at once. You still only have 50 maximum spins, but now when you spin, there’s a chance to add spins to your Piggy Bank for later use. In this guide, we’ll go into detail about what the Piggy Bank is in Coin Master, how the Coin Master Piggy Bank works, and how you can break it open and get all the free spins you’ve gathered.

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What is the Piggy Bank in Coin Master?

In 2021, the Piggy Bank was added to Coin Master. This feature allows you to hold on to even more spins at once—but there’s a catch.

In Coin Master, you can only have 50 spins at a time. Any spins above 50 are automatically deleted. With the Piggy Bank, every time you spin, there’s a chance to add free spins to your Piggy Bank. When you have 1,200 free spins stored in your Piggy Bank, it’s “full” and can’t hold any more spins.

Unlike regular free spins, you can’t use the spins in your Piggy Bank whenever you want. They’re locked away until you “break” the Piggy Bank.

How to break the Coin Master Piggy Bank?

Once the Piggy Bank is full, you can break it open to get the free spins inside. Breaking it open is easy; when your bank is full, it will give you a pop-up that lets you spend some real money to break open the bank. After you’ve confirmed, the Piggy Bank will break and you’ll get 1,200 spins added to your account.

There isn’t much of a strategy to the Coin Master Piggy Bank. For maximum efficiency, break it open the moment it becomes full. Also, don’t spin the wheel when your bank is full. The wheel might land on a bank spin, but since your bank is full, it will disappear.

Now you know what the Coin Master Piggy Bank is and how it works, use it to get the most out of your play time. Yes, it costs real money, but the Piggy Bank is also the best bang for your buck you’ll get for wheel spins.