How to add friends on Coin Master

Coin Master is better with friends! Here's how to add friends on Coin Master so you can earn bonuses and free spins.

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Building your village and staying on the slots isn’t the only way to play Coin Master. You can also raid other players’ villages to steal their coins or even battle your friends and compete against each other on the leaderboard. But in order to do these things, you’ll need to add friends in Coin Master first.

If a friend accepts your invitation to play Coin Master, you’ll get free spins, among other bonuses. You also get additional rewards and earn points on the leaderboard! So now that you know what you can get from having friends in-game, let’s talk about how to add friends on Coin Master!

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How to add friends in Coin Master

It’s simple to invite your friends to play Coin Master with you and doing so can improve the game’s experience for you. But first, make sure you are connected to Facebook. Here are the steps to connecting to Facebook the first time you open Coin Master:

  1. Make sure you are friends with your friend on Facebook.
  2. Open Coin Master
  3. Tap on large blue ‘Play with Friends’ box
  4. A window will pop up on your screen asking for permission to open Facebook. Tap the ‘Open’ option.
  5. The screen will change windows to Facebook requesting access to your account to ensure your friend’s list is accessible in Coin Master. Tap the large blue ‘Continue As …’ option.
  6. Now you are ready to play Coin Master.

Adding friends who don’t play Coin Master

The previous methods showed you how to add friends that already play Coin Master, but you can also add friends that don’t play Coin Master yet. First, make sure your Coin Master account is linked to your Facebook account, then follow the steps below:

  1. Open Coin Master
  2. Open the Menu button on the upper right-hand corner of main game’s screen. A sidebar should show up with multiple options.
  3. Tap the ‘Invite’ button from the sidebar.
  4. This should bring up a screen that has two invite buttons:
  5. The first option is to invite a Friend outside of using Facebook (Green ‘Invite’ button).
  6. The second option is to invite a Friend using the Facebook app but hasn’t started playing Coin Master.
  7. After selecting one of the two options, send the invite to your friend and wait for their approval.
  8. Once your friend has finished the game’s tutorial, you can now share the benefits of having a friend in Coin Master!

That wraps up our guide on how to add friends on Coin Master. Even though Coin Master can be enjoyed alone, playing with friends makes Coin Master twice as fun, thanks to all the bonuses and free spins you get. If you can convince a friend to start playing Coin Master for the first time, you’ll get even greater rewards.