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How many copies did Dead Space sell? — 2024 statistics

The space horror classic is making a return.

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October 13, 2008
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Survival-horror enthusiasts have often hailed the Dead Space series for its unparalleled terror-infused gameplay. While titles like Amnesia and Alien: Isolation have their own eerie atmospheres, Dead Space’s deep-space dread offers a distinctive flavor of horror. Originally envisioned by Glen Schofield in 2008 as a “Resident Evil in space,” it has since become a horror hallmark in its own right. As we anticipate the release of the Dead Space remake in 2023, let’s delve into Dead Space statistics and Dead Space sales figures to better understand the franchise’s legacy and performance. Maybe you could find out how much money does the video game industry make? Dive in!

Dead Space key facts

The best way to examine any gaming franchise is to see what it’s about, then pick it apart and see how well it’s doing in various other fields, from income to total copies sold, everything is important when you want to have a cohesive whole. Dead Space is no different from other gaming franchises wherein it has its ups and downs, so we’re going to be taking a look at all three games as a whole, as well as all of the information regarding the remake of the first game.

The original Dead Space sold 2 million copies.

(Source: VG Chartz, EuroGamer)

  • Dead Space 2 sold 4 million copies.
  • Dead Space 3 had the worst performance out of the three games, with 26.6% lower sales compared to Dead Space 2.
  • Dead Space 3 sold 605,000 copies within its first month in North America.

From this overview of the sales, we can see that the series does not have stellar performance when it comes to the total number of sales the games have, with Dead Space 3 having no records of total sales, instead having an overview of the total number of sales within the first month of the game’s release. Despite the poor sales of the franchise, it still remained popular in the gaming industry as one of the best survival-horror franchises out there.

Dead Space 2 cost $60 million to make.

(Source: VG247)

  • Despite its high budget and good reception, Dead Space 2 was not profitable. The game ended up selling only 4 million copies.
  • This means that the studio’s revenue goals were not met as the total number of sales was not enough to cover the cost of production.
  • The game had a 9/10 rating on IGN and Steam, respectively.

This was the first sign of Dead Space slowing down its reception as well as its success. Even though the game sold over 4 million copies based on data back in 2017, it was still not enough to justify its production costs which totaled $60 million. This is a lot of money to invest in developing a game, and the fact that they advertised the game as more action-oriented did not help its reception. Despite this, Dead Space 2 is still the highest-rated out of the Dead Space games.

There are six games in the franchise, with the Dead Space remake as the seventh installment.

(Source: LEVVVEL)

  • The three main games in the Dead Space series are Dead Space, Dead Space 2, and Dead Space 3.
  • There are three more games in the series: Dead Space mobile, Dead Space Extraction, and Dead Space Ignition.
  • Aside from the mobile game, the other two games are a rail shooter and a puzzle game.
  • The spin-off games performed very poorly, with Dead Space: Extraction accumulating only 9,000 sales in its first week.

The three alternate games in the Dead Space series are not that well-known in the gaming industry since they performed fairly poorly when it comes to sales and general reception. The Dead Space mobile game is essentially the same as the first game, albeit with lower-quality graphics and some mechanics that make it easier to play on mobile. Overall, the game is solid if you’re looking for a fun story-driven game, and we don’t have much to say about Extraction and Ignition.

Dead Space 3 was the game that killed the franchise.

(Source: CBR)

  • The game was described as having an identity crisis.
  • The studio behind the game decided they would stray away from the horror atmosphere in favor of more action.
  • This detracted from the core elements of the series which did not appeal to long-time fans of the series.
  • The game was far too action-packed and it didn’t feel like a Dead Space game.
  • They introduced a unified ammo system and weapon customization mechanics that included microtransactions, which was the final nail in the coffin.

And now we come to the black sheep of the franchise — Dead Space 3. This game was released in 2013 and was supposed to provide some exposition on the origin of the Markers, but the gameplay was the real problem. The gameplay was more action-oriented which resulted in it not feeling like a Dead Space game at all, just an action game with some horror elements. Some more pitfalls of the gameplay were the unnecessary love triangle as well as the “go there, do this, go there, do that” style of side missions, as well as some general missions.

EA’s Motive Studio has made a remake of the first Dead Space.

(Source: Inverse)

  • The studio claimed that they were going to approach the remake with the intention of sticking to the original as much as possible.
  • This means that they did not want to include any microtransactions.
  • The game was remade in the Frostbyte engine.
  • They introduced new mechanics to make the game even more immersive than the original.
  • The studio also said that they would listen to the community and immediately improve the game based on feedback.
  • If this remake proves to be successful, it could spark a complete re-awakening of the franchise.

When the announcement that Dead Space would be remade back near the middle of 2022, it was major news, but it was met with understandable skepticism. After the spectacular fall of Dead Space 3, the community did not want to get its hopes up, but Motive Studio has given us enough reason to trust the process, as the remake has promised to present Dead Space in a polished, next-gen light. Of course, we still have to keep an eye on the remake to see how it is received by the community, but so far, it’s looking good.

Dead Space also has 5 books.

(Source: ThriftBooks)

  • The five books were written by four separate authors.
  • The plots of the books do not follow the plot of the games exactly but are set in the same universe.

Something you might not have expected about the Dead Space series is that there are also some pretty good published novels set within the same universe. The stories are well-paced and they explore various elements of the core ideas of the series. The books are excellent if you want a good Sci-Fi series, and another bonus is that you don’t need any background knowledge of Dead Space to enjoy it thoroughly.

Glen Schofield, the creator of Dead Space, released The Callisto Protocol, an eerily similarly game.

(Source: Inverse)

  • The name of the game is Callisto Protocol and it was released on December 2nd, 2022.
  • It was a complete mess on release as Denuvo made it have terrible performance on PCs.
  • The game has a fairly low review scale with a 3.8 general rating and a 7/10 rating on IGN.
  • However, the game was also rated a 5/10 by GameSpot.

Callisto Protocol dropped a phenomenal trailer in December 2020, and it seemed like it would be a worthy spiritual successor to Dead Space. Now that the game has been out for a while, we can see that it has just been… decent. While the gameplay is interesting and it looks fantastic, the Steam/PC edition of the game came with terrible optimization which made it borderline unplayable.

To sum up

And that would be all we have to say about the Dead Space series and the legacy it has left in the gaming industry. While not all of the games have been masterpieces, you can be sure that you can always come back to the first two games if you want an immersive experience, and Dead Space 3 is still a completely decent game if you’re just looking to shoot some aliens (just brace yourself for the cliffhanger if you choose to play the Awakened DLC). Anyway, the Dead Space series has achieved legendary status, and we are sure that the Dead Space remake is going to make even larger strides that might even breathe some much-needed life back into the series.


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